10 Best YouTube Bots for Boosting Views, Likes & Subscribers


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Opening a YouTube channel is easy. Creating quality content and getting people to notice and get involved is a real hassle. It may take years with minimal success meaning your good consent may lose value over time. Do you really want that to happen? You’ve put in too much work for that. The best way to get around this is to use YouTube views bots.

There are many different types of YouTube bots out there, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Some of the bots are created to help with views, likes, and subscribers while others focus on more general things such as leaving comments or managing your channel.

This is where most YouTubers get confused. It’s hard to understand what each YouTube bot does and how it can help your channel grow.  A good bot can be the difference between growing your YouTube channel and getting lost in the YouTube abyss.

The online market has hundreds of YouTube bots available, but which ones are the best? In this article, we’ll be discussing the 10 best YouTube bots that can help boost your views, likes, and subscribers so you don’t have to worry about your content losing value over time.

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Best YouTube Bots


ViralHq is one of the YouTube views bots to trust longer thanks to the years of delivering quality services to its customers. ViralHq is one of the few YouTube subscriber bots that follow YouTube’s rules to ensure your content remains safe and stays within the YouTube guidelines.

Acquiring your YouTube views through ViralHq bots is an easy way to accomplish your online presence goals of boosting your likes, subscribers, and views. The best part is that you get YouTube interaction in just three days, which beats competitors who offer one week wait by far.

We can’t stop here as ViralHq still offers you affordable prices cutting across all their packages.


Bulkoid bots are simple and easy to understand. It meets the demands of YouTubers who are thirsting for views, subscribers, and likes. If you’re unsure where to start with YouTube likes bots Bulkoid is a sure platform to begin.

Bulkoid has been around for a long time with a beautiful history as seen from the reviewers. With the bots, you are certain that all your content will get engagement as you grow your channel. This will help you get more subscribers to your YouTube channel, get more high-quality views, and handle comments like a pro.

They use a well-connected network of influencers and popularity boosters with a broad reach.


If you are looking for the best YouTube views bots on the market, FastPromo bots are reliable.  It’s one of the platforms that offer you YouTube subscribers bot services at the lowest price. This means that you won’t break the bank trying to boost your channel.

A lot of people already use them to improve YouTube channels. All you must do is paste the link of your YouTube video to get started. Once you submit your YouTube link, FastPromo gets you the best deal possible so that you can improve your channel fast.

The best part is that you can pay for your order with PayPal and other methods and get the bots quicker.


Jarvee is one of the YouTube views bots designed to help you get more views and subscribers on YouTube. They may not be as fast as the others we’ve mentioned but still play a role in giving you subscribers and views.

With Jarvee, you can download bots for Windows and change them to meet your social networking needs. After subscribing, you are certain to see results. Although we aren’t sure of the timings, you can still be patient to see the system work for you. They have a 5-day free trial to allow you to experiment and see the results before you invest in them.


Sonuker is another effortless bot if you want to grow your YouTube channel. The platform is created simple to allow everyone to use the services with ease. It is “free” to use for the first 20 likes and ten subscribers which some people find not a good offer. Sonuker claims to offer safety so that you don’t get penalized using their services.

Other than the free offers you get from the platform; they also offer premium services if you are set to dig deeper into your pockets. You also get friendly support within 24-78 hours after you submit a request. This may be long for someone who wants instant responses.


If you choose Viewtrader YouTube subscribers bot, you’ll like the versatility that comes with it as it is not limited to YouTube only. The platform assists you on Twitch and Vimeo meaning you’ll gain more from your subscription. Upon signing, you’ll receive 50 bonus points for you to examine how their features work and decide if it is worth your investment.

The site promises that your YouTube marketing campaign would be secure in their hands and that they could assist you in creating the most effective campaign possible for your niche. Although they may not have many reviews, we advise you to trade carefully so you don’t lose your investment.

Overall, Viewtrader has a subscriber’s package where you choose the one that suits the view or likes the campaign.

Media Mister

Media Mister YouTube likes bot helps you get views, likes, and subscribers depending on the package you take. The site comes with categories where you can choose the type of likes for you including normal, high retention, google ads, and YouTube shorts among others.  The site claims to have a working knowledge of your YouTube channel and how to make it successful.

If you are not concerned about quality, you can purchase up to 100000 YouTube views as a group on this platform. However, this may not be cheap like the other bots so, be ready to break the bank with your purchase. Finally, Media Mister offers targeted services, personal touch, and a money-back guarantee. You may even submit questions and get responses quickly.


Hootsuite is limited to those who are tech savvies. If you lack knowledge of software and customizing features to meet your specific needs, you may encounter difficulties in using this bot. However, you’ll be OK once you’ve overcome this initial hurdle. But do you have the time?

Hootsuite offers a free 30-day trial when you first sign up so you can learn through the process. There is also a demo option for the higher packages. Simply request to see how it works. They also offer four plans including professional, team, business, and enterprise. Depending on your budget, you can choose what works for you.


Can bots increase YouTube views?

Yes, bots have proven to be very effective at increasing YouTube views. The bots work in a way that they automatically generate views for your videos by refreshing the page or simulating multiple users. This, in turn, helps to increase your video ranking and also gets you more organic traffic. Bots are also effective in other ways like they can help promote your videos on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. When you have enough interested viewers, they may end up subscribing to you and sharing your videos with their friends as well.

It is important to choose reliable and trusted bots in order to maximize the benefits that they can bring you. If you pick on any bot, you may harm your channel or get banned from YouTube. Alternatively, bad bots can even lower your YouTube views leading to low ranking and fewer organic traffic. Never forget that the increase in your YouTube views has an impact on how people perceive your videos and channel as a whole.

If you are starting out and not sure about the bots that work, we recommend the top three from our list to help increase your YouTube views. This will see your channel grow and give you an edge over your competitors.

Are There Risks to Using A YouTube View Bot?

If you are clueless about bots, then you may be wondering if they can help increase your views on YouTube. Well, there are many people out there who use bots to artificially inflate the number of views their videos receive. While this may seem like an easy way to get more exposure for your channel and make it seem as though you’re popular among viewers, there are risks involved especially if your bit providers are not genuine.

Before you sign up for a bots system, check the provider and make sure they are legit and that their services are not going to get your YouTube account banned. Also, check the comments section on their website to see what other people have to say about their experience with the service.

While bots can help increase your views, there are some risks involved. So, be sure to do your research before signing up for any bot service. If you are not certain about the bots to choose from, do a little research online to compare and contrast them before making your final decision. You can still save time by trying out our top three recommended bots to keep safe and get real views.

What do bots do on your account?

We may debate YouTube subscriber bots for boosting views and likes because they fit under various bot and idea categories. And we can determine which parts of YouTube a bot may access to perform each specific feature, including; View bots. The term “view bots” refers to bots that artificially increase the number of people who see them. You can use this bot since YouTube earns revenue on video views. Producers get compensated, depending on the amount of attention they receive.

Because the “view count” of a video does not increase when the “refresh” button is pressed, this bot assists users in artificially increasing their views. YouTube’s algorithm attempts to determine the quality of each show. Additionally, bots can write comments. We’re confident you’ve encountered bot comments on YouTube during your time on the platform. Typically, these comments contain poor grammar and a link to another website. However, they occasionally connect to another YouTube user or video.

Subscriber bots are programs that automatically subscribe to your channel and increase your subscriber count. If you have many subscribers, you gain more influence and position over other creators.


Having an online presence is critical in today’s world of social media. There are numerous ways to determine the success of a business, a cause, or a pastime. The number of people who follow you is one indicator.  We’ve tried all these bots and highly recommend ViralHq, Bulkoid, and FastPromo. These are the top 3 platforms that offer everything you want to boost your online presence. You are sure of good support and excellent returns on your investments.

Before settling down to the top 10 sites provided, we researched extensively and tried out some of the bots and we can assure you of their legitimacy. The top YouTube views bots on this list have the potential to elevate your status as a celebrity in a short period. Some are expensive while others are affordable so you can choose what meets your demands.

When using bots, always be cautious to use only legit sites. Legit sites abide by YouTube’s rules to ensure your channels remain active with more subscribers loving your content.

If you are looking for a way to increase your likes, views, and subscriptions, then bots are the way to go.  Make sure you do an extensive assessment of a site before you get bots views.