Swifties gather at Gabe’s for Taylor Swift Night

Taylor Swift Night, hosted at Gabe’s in downtown Iowa City, brought together Taylor Swift fans to celebrate an artist that they enjoy with the wide variety of Swift’s music.


Grace Kerber

Party attendees take a selfie at Gabe’s during The Taylor Party: Taylor Swift Night on Friday, May 6th, 2022.

Jami Martin-Trainor, Arts Reporter

Throughout the years, Taylor Swift has gone through a great deal of transformations. From albums like Fearless to Reputation to Lover, the musician’s work varies in mood and energy. 

After spending years in the limelight, Taylor Swift has garnered plenty of fans. On May 6, Gabe’s in downtown Iowa City hosted Taylor Swift Night to bring together fans of music to enjoy a night of joy and emotion bundled into one. 

As the night began, kicking off with a song from Reputation, the audience went absolutely wild. Screaming and singing along with the song, the attendees were thoroughly enjoying themselves as they listened and danced to some of Swift’s most popular songs.

The space was crammed, with Taylor Swift Night being entirely sold-out several days in advance of the event. Patrons formed groups and circled around themselves, singing Taylor Swift. Phones and camera flashes frequently went off, with members of the audience wanting to record and digitally cement the moments of joy. 

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A photo area allowed for attendees to take pictures with adequate lighting, as a ring light was stationed in front of the red backdrop that repeated “Taylor Swift Night” in capitalized, bold letters.

Attendees went all-out when it came to outfits for the night. Some came in Taylor Swift merchandise from her variety of albums, whereas others went a little more complicated with their looks. Several patrons had on outfits that were akin to specific music videos, while others dressed to match albums more generally. Scattered cowboy hats and heart-shaped sunglasses littered the crowd. From her first to her most recent albums, all sides of her music career were represented. 

Overall lighting was dim, with rainbow LED lights twinkling and flashing on the ceiling of the bar. Smiling faces were illuminated by the colorful lights sporadically, changing color in tune with the beat of the music. 

There were certainly fan-favorite pieces where the audience cheered especially loud. ‘Fearless’ and “Love Story” from Taylor Swift’s Fearless album fell into that category, as the audience screamed as soon as they recognized the song playing. “Cruel Summer” from the Lover album was also a popular one, with the ground quite literally shaking as the audience sang and danced along. 

Slower songs were incorporated as well, showing the intense variety that Taylor Swift has. Audience members slow-danced to the song “Lover” and a general feeling of catharsis resonated throughout the room as the song “Champagne Problems” played. 

Throughout the entire cramped second level of the bar, patrons were enjoying themselves with the music. DJ B. Swift, the host of the event, was dancing along from their booth, hyping up the audience and creating a positive atmosphere. 

As an artist with several albums and released songs, Taylor Swift’s discography is extensive. The DJ informed the audience that not every piece could be played, but they did offer patrons a chance to direct message her on Instagram to send in requests starting at 11 p.m. The rules for sending in requests were fairly straightforward, as the DJ told the crowd to simply be kind when sending in songs. 

Positive energy permeated through the crowd, and whether a heartbreaking or upbeat song was playing, the excitement was continuous. Above all, Taylor Swift Night provided an opportunity for music enjoyers to come together and celebrate an artist that they enjoy.

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