Letter to the Editor | Mixed emotions surrounding Mother’s Day

A North Liberty resident writes about her mixed feelings surrounding Mother’s Day


I have two healthy children, and great relationships with my mom and my mother-in law. A family member selflessly volunteered to be the gestational carrier for one of our children. So why does a part of me slightly dread Mother’s Day?

Over 10 years ago, I delivered our stillborn baby.  We then experienced other pregnancy losses. I injected countless vials of who knows what during multiple rounds of IVF. I’ve cried myself to sleep thinking I was never going to become a mother. I am adopted. And, I am also extremely grateful to be more aware about what the journey of being a mother can involve because of these experiences.

Mother’s Day can be difficult for many people because of the reasons I’ve experienced, as well as many others. People are grieving their own mothers and children through death, complex relationships, pregnancy and infant loss, adoption, and for many other reasons rarely discussed.

On Mother’s Day this year, think about the people in your life who may experience mixed emotions. Send a text or make a quick call with “I’m thinking about you and I know today can be complex. Can we catch up this week?” That will mean so much to validate the difficulty of this day for those that don’t equate the celebration with only feelings of happiness.

-Amy A’Hearn, North Liberty Resident

520 Lockmoor Ave

North Liberty, IA 52317