Letter to the Editor | Vote for Janice Weiner in the June 7 primary

Janice Weiner’s engagement with the community is why a Coralville resident will vote for her on June 7 in the primary.


Braden Ernst

Janice Weiner, democratic candidate running for Iowa Senate District 45, speaks during the University of Iowa Faculty Staff Legislative Forum at the Iowa Memorial Union on Monday, April 18, 2022.

I have known Janice Weiner since we both ran for the Iowa City Community School District School Board in 2016. She had recently moved back to town after a long career serving her country with the Foreign Service and was looking to throw her hat in the ring to serve her local community.

Since then, I have seen Janice continue to serve in various capacities. Janice has been an extremely capable and dedicated Iowa City council member and is constantly engaged and involved in the community in numerous ways.

She has always impressed me with her deep intelligence and immense concern for people. Janice is one of those exceptional people that goes above and beyond for others.

These reasons, along with her passionate engagement on any number of issues I find important (common sense gun laws, climate change, racial and economic justice, public education, and mental health advocacy just to name a few) are why I believe Janice will serve our area well in the State Senate. I encourage folks to vote for Janice Weiner in the primary on June 7.

– J.P. Claussen, Iowa City Community School District School Board member and Coralville resident






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