Lawsuit Loans in Iowa Allow Plaintiffs to Fight Corporate Defendant


Lawsuit Loan form on a wooden desk.

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Filing a lawsuit isn’t easy. Paying your legal fees may be difficult, especially if you do not have a lot of financial resources. For this reason, some lawsuits may be dropped because the plaintiff just doesn’t have the money they need to see their case go to trial.

Baker Street Funding helps with this problem. To qualify, you should have a lawsuit that is in progress. You are also required to have a lawyer. This program is limited to residents of Iowa.

This program is intended for plaintiffs who may be going through a rough financial time. You may have been hurt in a store or a car accident, you may have been injured after someone assaulted you. You may have filed a civil lawsuit or an employment lawsuit. Whatever has happened to you, you have the right to sue the person or business responsible for your losses.

If you were hurt, you might not be able to work. You can’t bring money into your household–this hurts your family’s finances. If you were fired, you still need to pay monthly bills.

The financial assistance from Baker Street Funding is easy to get. Just apply and provide any documents the lender needs. Your lawyer should also be helping out by sending your case file. After the company has obtained everything it needs, your application will be evaluated.

If your application gets approved, you and your lawyer will get copies of the loan contract. Once the money has been sent to you, you will be able to pay your bills. For example, if you filed a personal injury lawsuit or a civil suit, you could receive the funding to cover your medical bills.

Private individuals like you might not have the same money as a giant corporation. Those corporations may also have high level attorneys who help them with lawsuits like yours. You might feel like you can’t win against a corporation with so many resources.

Baker Street Funding charges fixed low-interest rates, making it easier to repay your advance. In addition, the company provides “non-recourse funding” which does not have to be paid back if you don’t win your lawsuit.

If you and your lawyer got a settlement from the defendant, you know you will eventually receive the money. If your award is delayed, you can also apply for “post-settlement” funding. If your application is approved, you may receive up to 50 percent of your settlement’s value. This means that if you still have bills you have to pay, you won’t be financially harmed by the delay in getting your award to you.

Banks and loan companies run credit and employment checks on everyone who applies for a loan. This protects them. Baker Street Funding doesn’t do this. This company knows that you may not be able to work if you have been hurt. So it won’t use your credit history or employment status against you.

Baker Street Funding also offers help to people who have filed general lawsuits or employment lawsuits. You make that decision. You can apply for as little as $1,500, or you can go as high as $750,000, depending on your case and your financial needs. You can receive monthly payments or just one lump sum if you prefer.

The number of people requesting non-recourse funding from Baker Street Loans is only increasing. This shows the need for the financial help the company provides.