The List of Card Game Books for Anyone Who Struggles With Card Games

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Card games are very popular and they vary greatly. Some people like games like solitaire and carte blanche and others games with decks. But most card game fans dedicate their talents to poker. Card games are not just luck. They are more than that. There have been many techniques invented and they work. Unfortunately, not everyone understands how to deal with card games. That’s why this article was created, explaining about 10 books about the most popular card games. They contain popular casino games and casino reviews from expertise site in one place.

Playing cards without a guide is like exploring the jungle alone. You may be attacked by tigers, attacked by robbers, bitten by dangerous insects, and much more. There’s a lot of people after you and even if you’re pretty confident, it’s not going to help much. Playing cards with a guide will give you the capital for you to understand just what you are dealing with. Of course these books will not guarantee victory but at least you will understand how you should act, and what you should play according to your capacity.

These books contain various rules and techniques for mastering certain card games. If you don’t want to miss your chance, keep reading!

1. Mental Game Poker

Mental play is one of the important factors in one’s success in playing poker. Poker is one of the card games that emphasizes mental control the most. Now hundreds of players have turned to what Jared Tendler calls a revolutionary method of mental game training. In this book, you will understand how you solve psychological problems that can affect your chances. You’ll also learn about variance management and some motivations you shouldn’t miss. 

2. Texas Hold’em Poker, The Power of Strategy

This book will explain to you how to read your opponent’s gestures, including expressions, words, and gestures. Written by Mike Caro, a poker genius, this book is now considered the leading authority for guiding the use of poker strategy and the regulation of player psychology. To note, Mike Caro is a major contributor to the “Doyle Brunson Super System” which is often considered the bible for poker players. This book teaches you how to play poker games for free and learn the rules here.

3. Harrington in Holden Volume 2

This is a book that will teach you what strategies you will need to win prizes and set your own record. There are many strategies described and each of them is explained with interesting illustrations, making it easy to understand even for the layman.

4. The Penguin Book of Card Games 

This is an authoritative book that describes a variety of card games, from simple games like cross-ruffing, lurching, to games that require a high level of skill like Bridge. There are also high chance games like Whist, Newmarket, and Pontoon. This is a book by David Parlett, a specialist in card games so you shouldn’t doubt it.

5. Bridge for Dummies

It is a true guide for bridge players. This book will guide you in detail, giving you all the strategies and possibilities that you can make the most of to your victory. Not only discussing professional contract bridges, but this book also “deals” with other variations such as Duplicate Bridges, ACOL, Rubber, and so on. After reading this you will know when you should bid and how high it is.

6. Card Games: Games for All Ages (Collins Little Books)

This is a complete book covering no less than 40 popular card games. More general than the books that have been discussed previously, this book is more suitable for reading by those who have just set foot in the world of card games. All the explanations are beautifully presented and as long as you’re not too demanding, this book is more than adequate.

7. Official Rules of Card Games

This book contains detailed rules for the 300 most popular card games including the new international law covering contract bridges. This great book also provides guides for teaching children card games, technical terms, and how to choose games for certain occasions.

8. The Ultimate Book of Card Games: A Comprehensive Guide to Over 350 Games

This is a classic book that guides over 350 games and is suitable for all ages. You can read descriptions of Solitaireto Hearts, Bridge to Poker, and other games. This is an authoritative book with the Ultimate Bar Book design. This book covers the basic rules of card games and while it may sound simple enough, The Ultimate Book of Card Games: A Comprehensive Guide to Over 350 Games will be of great help to both beginners and experienced players who forget important details. 

9. Hoyle’s Modern Encyclopedia of Card Games: Rules of All Basic Games and Popular Variations

This is an authoritative guide on how to play all card games correctly. This book focuses more on the principles of card games along with the basic techniques that every player must understand. If you feel that you have been lost in false assumptions, then this book will help refresh your mind.

10. Collins Little Books – Card Games: Games for all ages

There are 40 card games to explain, complete with various instructions and guides to understand and win each game. This beautiful edition lets anyone understand what the basic essence of playing cards is, no matter how diverse they are. The attractive illustrations will compel you to read this book from start to finish.


Card games are not just a game of luck. This involves many things; emotions, strategies, observations of opponents, experiences, and so on. If you want to invest in card games, you can read the 10 books above as your capital to understand them as a whole. Better understanding will lead you to better results. Hopefully what is explained in this article is really useful to help you win in the next games. Thanks for reading and have a great day!