Letter to the Editor | Reynolds and Iowa Republican’s tax policy hurts Iowans

The flat-tax proposal gives tax breaks for corporations and the wealthy and burdens everyone else.


Grace Smith

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds delivers the Condition of the State Address at the Iowa State Capitol in Des Moines, Iowa, on Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2022. During the State Address, Reynolds spoke about childcare, Iowa teachers, material taught in schools, unemployment, tax cuts, and more.

Iowans are hardworking people who take pride in their jobs. But fewer Iowans are working today than when Gov. Kim Reynolds took office. There aren’t enough workers to keep schools, hospitals, and small businesses open.

Now, Reynolds is doubling down on the policies that created her workforce crisis, those that give the wealthy and big businesses tax breaks, and take money away from our public schools, public safety, and health care services.

The flat tax offered by Reynolds and Iowa Republicans isn’t fair at all. Their tax plan will provide massive tax breaks for corporations and the ultra-wealthy, while actually raising taxes on everybody else.

Flat isn’t fair. We need a tax code that supports Iowa families, not her wealthy donors. We need a plan that strengthens everyone’s pocketbooks, not just the wealthy few. We need a new direction to solve the Reynolds workforce crisis. Let’s make Iowa a better place where folks want to live, work, and raise a family before it’s too late.

-Pat Bowen, Iowa City Resident

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