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Opinion | Social media is Biden’s key to Gen Z

Biden’s social media strategies and youth engagement could potentially improve his poll numbers.


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President Joe Biden delivers remarks on the national economy in the State Dining Room at the White House in Washington, D.C., on Feb. 5, 2021.

Elise Cagnard, Opinions Columnist

I think it is safe to say that being left out of a conversation is a universal experience we all unfortunately endure. Whether it’s your friends discussing plans or your parents talking about you as if you weren’t sitting right next to them, this exclusion has a way of making us feel unimportant or neglectable.

The government can elicit a similar reaction from the younger generation, albeit on a much larger scale. From proposals to policies, the language used is seemingly gibberish and nobody seems interested in explaining it to us.

However, the way President Joe Biden conducts himself on social media has been impactful and helps break down the barrier between the youth and policymakers. Ever since he came into office in January 2021, the executive branch has made a perceivable effort to further engage Gen Z.

Over the years, Biden has amassed an impressive internet following. With 17.6 million Instagram followers and 32.3 million Twitter followers, it is no leap to say that he has a strong social media presence.

Through social media, Biden has made himself personable to the American population. While scrolling through Biden’s social media, you might forget you’re stalking the president of the U.S and instead think you’re on a normal person’s account with the typical funny pet pictures and casual photo dumps.

Additionally, some notable celebrities have been featured on his social media, or vice versa. Having an artist that you look up to and admire post funny content with the POTUS can change your perspective of them and possibly make you feel more confident in engaging in politics.

Among these celebrities, some of the most notable outreach include Olivia Rodrigo, a famous singer and actress, who came to the White House to shoot a promotional video to encourage young people to get vaccinations. Biden also appeared in a TikTok with the Jonas Brothers with the same goal of spreading vaccine awareness.

Having superstars that are often put on a pedestal associate themselves with Biden has to have some positive effect on his popularity.

It is no secret that over the past year, Biden has not done well in public polls. Due to many legal roadblocks, Biden has not been able to live up to all the promises he made while running for president, such as student-loan forgiveness and vaccine mandates. This is not a partisan trend, as both Democrats and Republicans have lost confidence in the Biden Administration.

When asked if they were confident about Joe Biden’s capability of handling COVID-19, poll percentages have dropped to 44 percent. Only about one in every five Americans now believe that Joe Biden will be a successful president. Among democrats, that fraction increases to about one in every three, but that is still considerably lower than a year ago today.

With these pessimistic outlooks on the Biden administration, it is more important now than ever before to foster that sense of community throughout all age groups. Biden’s attempts to accomplish this through social media is an admirable goal, and it has the potential to work.

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