Johnson County to not require weekly tests for unvaccinated employees

At a Feb. 3 Johnson County Board of Supervisors meeting, board members unanimously voted to implement amended COVID-19 policies which were passed in December.


Jack McGuire

Chairperson Royceann Porter listens to guest speakers. The Board of Supervisors discussed the impact of Black History Month at the meeting that took place at 9 A.M., Feb. 3, 2022. (Jack McGuire/The Daily Iowan)

Alliyah Lipsit, News Reporter

Johnson County will not test unvaccinated county employees on a weekly basis, following a unanimous vote to revise COVID-19 protocols at the Johnson County Board of Supervisors meeting on Thursday.

The original county vaccination, mask, and testing policies put in place in early December were revisited because of a Jan. 13 Supreme Court ruling that blocked President Joe Biden’s partial vaccine mandate for employers with more than 100 employees.

The new county policies do not provide any testing for unvaccinated county employees or vaccine mandates.

With the mandate no longer in place, the county will use incentives to motivate the less than 10 percent of unvaccinated county employees to receive the vaccine and motivate employees with their primary vaccine series to receive a booster.

Sick leave will also be offered for employees if they experience side effects from any of the vaccine doses.

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In compliance with the mask mandate inside county buildings, which was passed in early January, all visitors and employees of Johnson County are required to wear proper face coverings while working indoors.

The previously required routine COVID-19 testing, which took place weekly, has been ended, but employees are still being encouraged to get tested when appropriate. This may include coming into close contact with a COVID-19 positive person or presenting symptoms of COVID-19.

If an employee does test positive for COVID-19, they will only be given paid COVID-19 recovery leave with proof of full vaccination.

“In order for employees to be eligible for COVID-19 recovery leave, employees must provide documentation verifying proof of vaccination to Human Resources,” the drafted amendment stated.

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