Photos: “March for Life” and counter protest

Grace Smith, Photo Editor

A march and counter protest between pro-life and pro-choice individuals took place at Emma Goldman Clinic for reproductive health care in Iowa City on Saturday, Jan. 22, 2022. 

The Johnson County Right to Life organization organized the “March for Life” from St. Wenceslaus Church on Fairchild Street to Emma Goldman Clinic on Dubuque Street. Counter protesters met at the clinic in attempts to block the protesters from standing outside of the clinic. The clinic is closed on Saturdays. 

Both pro-choice and pro-life attendees spoke on why they attended the march. 

“I hope to express to others the importance of life,”pro-life marcher Jeannie Haight said. 

“All these assholes over there don’t want anyone to have abortions,” said pro-choice protester Kaius who attended to defend someone’s right to have an abortion.

According to an individual who attended this same protest last year, over 100 protesters attended. This year, about 70 pro-life individuals and 30 pro-choice individuals attended. 


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