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Most people these days suffer from issues like hair fall. Every individual going through these issues has tried multiple ways to cure baldness and hair fall, but nothing seems to work. People experience extensive hair fall, and their hair fails to grow back. It is a common myth that issues like hair fall are age-dependent, and only older people face these issues. However, that is not true. Hair fall is visible in people of multiple ages. For instance, a 20-year-old could also experience hair fall and even a fifty-year-old. Hair is not dependent on age. The phenomenon occurs when one’s body fails to acquire the essential vitamins and minerals and gets flooded with chemicals and toxins.

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To overcome this problem in thousands of individuals, a notable brand like Folital has emerged in the market. The company is a leading manufacturer of hair growth supplements that promotes hair growth, ultimately preventing heavy hair loss and balding. The official site suggests the supplement is a balanced formulation of nutritional elements combined to provide a hair loss solution. It lets people enjoy their original hair growth by tackling balding and hair loss. The supplement is also known to improve hair health.

This supplement is distinct from its competitors. It offers a permanent solution to hair loss issues. Moreover, it focuses on the prime reason for hair loss and promotes healthy growth, and induces shine and life in the hair.

Multiple user reviews also state that this supplement is a significant introduction to hair growth supplements, and supports natural hair growth. No other medication or supplement for hair growth on the market offers results like Folital. Users witness quick results in just a few weeks, making it a top product on the market.

Users do not have to witness any rebound risks, ensuring their hair stays healthy forever. The hair growth supplement is a natural plant-derived formulation that helps the body to grow healthy and shiny hair. The product continuously stimulates the users’ scalp producing a permanent and steady hair growth regimen. Moreover, the supplement also deals with gray hair. It offers an extensive shine to the hair, along with boosting skin and nail health as well.

The following review explains the benefits and working of this unique supplement. Keep reading the article to know more.

About Folital

Folital is a hair growth supplement- a unique formulation by Dr. Robert Cyrus. The medical expert is a physician involved in hair growth research, and this supplement is his most notable breakthrough. It has helped multiple people around the globe to overcome hair loss and stop early balding while enjoying other health benefits.

The medication is available only on the company’s official site. According to the makers, the supplement can regrow one’s hair and stop balding with its unique formulation. It is a notable product in the hair growth supplement industry. The medication promises hair growth in a few weeks without any hair loss.

Folital Benefits 

There are multiple benefits of this hair growth supplement. As every person is different, distinct individuals will witness distinct benefits. Following are some notable benefits of using the hair growth supplement.

  • Hair growth: A person will witness faster and improved hair growth. They will also see their hair follicles get healthy.
  • Say bye to baldness: The hair loss prevention supplement helps cover bald spots due to hair loss.
  • Ultimate hair strengthening: It is essential to regrow hair and strengthen the hair, ensuring hair strands do not face any damage.
  • Beautiful and healthy hair: The supplement makes the hair beautiful and shiny. Users who use Folital witness healthy and beautiful hair.
  • Supplies essential nutrients: It supplies essential nutrients to the hair scalp and follicles. The supplement ensures the hair receives these elements keeping the hair strong and thick.
  • Eradicates Toxins: It is a potent mix of essential antioxidants as it flushes toxins from the body that damage the hair.

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Folital Ingredients 

The supplement consists of 29 effective elements sourced from Europe, Brazil, Asia, and Africa. The potent mix has an easy absorption facility during its first step. The supplement is known to flush out thallium and harmful toxins from one’s body and enhance immunity. The mix is also known to nourish the user’s body with the right quantities of essential vitamins and minerals to improve their overall health. The formulation ultimately kickstarts hair growth in users and rejuvenates the skin and hair. Following are the prime ingredients in the supplement.

  • Psyllium Husk: It is a potent ingredient in the supplement that activates during the third stage. It facilitates new and strong hair growth by working on the follicles. The element enhances metabolism, improves nutrient and mineral absorption, and keeps the body flooded with these nutrients, ultimately helping the scalp and body to remain healthy.
  • Vitamin B: The hair growth supplement facilitates hair growth by offering a range of vitamin B derivatives-
  • Vitamin B1: It is an element essential for body functioning. Lack of this vitamin can lead to various health issues like hair fall. It is a potent source of antioxidants that aid the body eliminate impurities. Vitamin B1 also helps reduce mental issues like stress and anxiety.
  • Vitamin B2: This variable of vitamin B is a prominent ingredient in the hair growth formula. The elements boost immunity by making the body toxin resistant. It helps the users avoid infections and illnesses and keeps hair follicles nourished.
  • Vitamin B6: It has various health benefits, like keeping the body protected from multiple damages. The vitamin strengthens the hair and makes it firm. IT also cures hair greying and thinning.
  • Extracts of Flaxseeds: These seeds offer multiple health benefits and form part of many medicines. The element is supported by scientific evidence, and it is also a rich vitamin source. Consuming flax seeds keeps the hair and heart fit and healthy.
  • Bentonite Clay: It offers multiple benefits to the user. The clay forms part of various hair care supplements and medications for ages. It helps to keep the hair hydrated and moist.
  • Biotin: It is one more ingredient in the supplement. The elements are known as a potent remedy for hair fall. It is effective in regrowing and repairing hair.

The supplement contains 20 additional elements, with these potent ingredients contributing to hair growth.

Side Effects

It consists of all-natural elements that help hair growth. The supplement makers have extensive knowledge to improve hair growth and accelerate the process. Hence, one can conclude the supplement does not have any adverse effects.

However, it is still essential to use it with care. Users must not overuse the supplement and must consult their physician if they suffer from any health issues or allergies. The supplement is not suitable for women who are pregnant and lactating. People under 18 years must not use this medication and read the ingredients before use.


It is a natural hair growth supplement available as capsules. One 

The container consists of 60 capsules that will last 2 months. Users have to take one pill before lunch or dinner with water. One must not consume the pills with carbonated water.

How does it work?

The supplement’s ingredients eliminate toxins and waste from the user’s body, hindering hair growth. 

As toxins lead to hair loss and restrict hair growth, flushing them restores these issues and supports the body with other benefits.

Moreover, the formula supplies necessary elements that eliminate heavy metals and flood the body with essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that support hair growth. The mix targets thallium, a metal toxin that poisons the blood. The supplement claims 100 percent elimination of thallium and aids hair growth.

As per the makers, the supplement works on a three-stage process as follows-

  • Stage 1: It eliminates metal toxins like thallium that affect hair growth. The toxin suppresses hair growth capacity and can leave one’s scalp unhealthy and poisoned.
  • Stage 2: The supplement provides essential nutrients in the body directly through blood. The elements in the supplement encourage hair growth. As these elements reach the blood, it helps one get their hair back faster.
  • Stage 3: After the body uses these essential nutrients, the extra nutrients enter the blood under one’s scalp and help the hair regrow immediately.

After these 3 stages, the scalp receives essential nutrients that help grow hair from inside.

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Purchase and Price of Folital

The supplement is available on the official website with lucrative discounts. The company offers the following packages to its customers.

  • 6 containers cost $294 + free shipping in the US
  • 3 containers cost $177 + free shipping in the US
  • 1 container costs $69 + shipping charge

Moneyback and refund policy

The company offers a 60-day refund policy.


  • It is legit
  • It supports hair growth
  • It is 100 percent natural
  • It does not have severe side effects
  • It has positive reviews


  • Only available online
  • Not for pregnant or lactating women


Folital is a hair growth supplement offering multiple health benefits to the hair, nail, and skin. It consists of organic ingredients and does not cause any side effects. Moreover, many customers verify its results, making it a budget remedy for preventing hair loss.