Kibo Eclipse Reviews and Bonus – Must Know This Before You Buy

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Kibo Eclipse is an advanced training guide to e-commerce business establishment. According to the official website, it is a platform that allows people from all educational backgrounds, professional lives, and age groups to learn how to make money from home. And this money is not limited to a few hundred dollars; you can make as much as seven-figure profits from only one store too.

Stepping into e-commerce is not a piece of cake, and just because it is online does not mean everyone can start earning from it. This is a lot more than just purchasing and selling some products. When you pick the right products and use the right strategy to market them, there are high chances of earning a lot of money. Many ordinary people have become billionaires from e-commerce and digital marketing. So there are many reasons to step into this field well prepared. 

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Kibo Eclipse is a training program that prepares ordinary people to start a career in e-commerce. It offers many practical tools, features, and direct assistance that no other program offers. Coming from two leading names in this industry, Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton, the chances of this program to help every student are relatively high. Let’s find out more details in this Kibo Eclipse review. 

Kibo Eclipse Reviews 

Ecommerce has made it all easy to connect with the world without boundaries. But so many people trying their luck in it has made it very competitive. And one has to start working with full preparation, knowledge, and information on how it all works. There are already hundreds of stores, and if you are to launch yours, there are many things that you should know.

Kibo Eclipse aims to educate and train people to keep the new dynamics and trends in the eCommerce world. It was created on the Kibo business model, which turned out to be a huge hit with the last product, Kibo Code Quantum. This new program is an advanced and upgraded version of the previous one, with more benefits and offerings. 

There are two people behind its creation; Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. They are already popular for their successful ventures, training, and mentorship that have made hundreds of people ready to start their careers in marketing. The internet is full of success stories under the guidance of these two gurus. With more information, better tools, and accurate knowledge of marketing trends, Kibo Eclipse is something that has never been launched before. 

It is suitable for people from all backgrounds or expertise levels. It is not just for a person with a business degree or experience in marketing. Anyone who wants to earn extra money, with or without the main job, can be a part of the Kibo community. 

Kibo Eclipse Creators 

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton are both successful digital marketers and entrepreneurs who joined hands in 2013. This duo has worked on various business ventures and training programs together, sharing their collective professional knowledge with the world. 

Aidan is an entrepreneur with more than twenty years in this field. He started from one website and then hired a team to manage new websites. On the other side, Steve belongs to the corporate world and has worked as the executive head of one of the Fortune 500 companies too.

As a team, these two have worked on Kibo Code Quantum, a best-selling training guide that helped people earn more than $7000 per month. After the warm response and success of the first session, Aidan and Steve have launched this new program, Kibo Eclipse, with new information and tricks based on the current standards and trends of the online world. 

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How Does Kibo Eclipse Help?

This program is designed on the Kibo Core Model, using the technology to generate sales of a unique product of interest. This business does not need inventory, stock, or actually purchasing any item. All the orders are made online but are delivered from the manufacturer with no contact needed with the customer. Here is how this works. 

Step one 

The first thing to do is choose a domain name, which should be generic, easy to find, and catchy for the customers. This domain name is then registered and may need a small fee. 

Step two

Next is to set up an online store using a pre-loaded theme offered by Kibo Eclipse. The program will provide tools and assistance to all the students in making this happen. 

Step three

After the store is established, the next step is to find the right product. It is done by going through a database of millions of products with a high-profit rate. There is no need to choose products from a certain category; you can pick any product that seems like a good option. 

Step four 

After choosing the products, add them to the store. You will find images and pre-written product descriptions to be used in your store. There is no need to put in any additional effort as Kibo Eclipse is here to help you. 

Step five 

Moving towards the final step, you will learn how to bring traffic to your store. Many people are able to establish their store but never earn a single dollar because of no traffic to their webpage. Kibo Eclipse will tell various paid and non-paid methods to bring traffic, leading to confirmed orders. 

Step six 

Once the visitors start coming to your webpage and see the products you are selling, they can choose to make a purchase. If a purchase request comes from a buyer, the supplier sends his order to the buyer’s address directly, without involving the seller. 

Step seven 

The last thing that Kibo Eclipse teaches is store optimization to maintain a balance between products with high-profit margins and those with little to no profit margin. This way, the sales can be maximized, and you may add more products to your store or open new stores to expand the business. 

Sneak Peek Inside Kibo Eclipse Program

The Kibo Eclipse program has seven modules inside that will be covered in two weeks’ time. Here is a list of these modules. 

Module 1: Central Intelligence (basics understanding and guide) 

Module 2: Storestorm (establishing the online store)

Module 3: Handpicked Products (product selection guide)

Module 4: Profit Vault (product evaluation)

Module 5: Traffic Black Box (traffic generation)

Module 6: Oracle X (logos, tools, software access)

 Module 7: Kibo Academy (direct interaction with the Kibo community) 

In addition to that, all students will get some bonus items. Visit the official website today to learn more about module information and the bonus guide. 

Difference Between Kibo Code, Kibo Quantum, and Kibo Eclipse

All three are products of Aidan and Steve, and similar names can easily confuse anyone who is new to this. All these programs are of the same nature because they focus on one same thing and have the same creators. However, they differ based on marketing trends and strategies popular at the time of their launch. 

Kibo Eclipse is the latest version of these three. It comes with new ways and strategies that can improve the chances of success in digital trade. These new methods can bring more traffic, with high chances of orders and returning clients. It is also easier to pick a product by going through all other options with low or high-profit margins. In short, it has made it all easier to work in the eCommerce industry without losing any money, effort, or time. 

Kibo Eclipse Bonus, Price and Where to Buy?

The Kibo Eclipse program is exclusively available online. You can be a part of it by signing up through the official website. There are only limited seats available, so hurry up and decide on it. 

The price of this training is $3,497, which can be paid at one time or in four installments. This price may seem too much for some people, which is true, but this price is justified compared to the contents of this course. Also, you can always earn this money back in no time with the training provided by the Kibo Eclipse program. 

Do not let this high price become a wall between you and your successful career in eCommerce. It is certainly not a low price, but there are high chances to make this money useful if you dedicate yourself to learning. So it is more like a personal investment that you can win back within a few weeks. 

All students will get a 30-day money-back offer. During this time, they can start the training and see how it goes. If they are not happy with the content or find difficulties understanding the program, they can get their money back. The company asks no questions and returns the money right away. 

All students may have to pay some additional cost for buying web domain and hosting services. Keep a little extra budget to yourself if you want to start Kibo training. 

Pros and Cons of Kibo Eclipse Training Program 

Here is a list of the pros and cons of the brand new Kibo Eclipse program.


  • Easy to understand, follow and use
  • Requires no education and experience in business
  • No need to have an inventory
  • Higher sales with no additional capital


  • Expensive program
  • Limited seats

Kibo Eclipse Reviews – The Final Word

To sum up, Kibo Eclipse is a platform that gives opportunities to the common people to start a career online with eCommerce. No degree, marketing, or sales experience is needed to become a digital marketer and entrepreneur. It comes for a hefty price, but the benefits are 100% worth this training fee. To save the students from a financial loss, the company also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. Visit the official website today to book your seats before it becomes fully booked. 

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