Are Diet Pills for Women Safe for Weight Loss


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Diet pills are as old as tele-ads. However, it’s a product that has been able to sustain its presence in the market owing to its successful play with the sentiments of excessively body-conscious people. Products: for example, the fat-burning belt has been marketed on pop-ups and tele-ads in a manner where they prescribe these products to be used together to get the desired result much faster. 

Many pop-up ads for diet pills are primarily aimed at women: the use of keywords like “these pills aid in getting a zero figure” are all part of the trap these companies set for women to fall for and end up spending bucks to buy them. However, once these pills are consumed, the real horrors begin.

The Effect of Diet Pills on Body

What these pills do is that they cause a laxative effect on the body, which leads to increased instances of diarrhea in the consumer. The result is that the consumer loses more calories rapidly than they consume. Hence, weight loss is achieved using forcing weakness in the consumers.

These diet pills are stimulants in nature, meaning that they increase heart rate artificially: this has severe adverse effects on the body because it leads to an irregular heartbeat. Resulting in a huge problem for women: the women, because of consumption of diet pills like Modere Trim Pills, continue to experience irregular heartbeat when they are off these pills: for instance, if during pregnancy women continue to experience irregular heartbeat, then that tends to make the entire pregnancy experience a nightmare for women. 

Some women tend to put on weight during puberty and post-puberty due to hormonal changes. And this weight gain ought to be reversed organically: by means of workouts and a healthy lifestyle; using artificial means to get rid of this weight is far too dangerous than women can comprehend. 

Types of Diet Pills that are Identified to be Harmful

Certain kinds of diet pills are nothing but coated tablets containing Chitosan (a type of sugar): long term use of which results in an inability to benefit from important vitamins like vitamin D. This, again, has a harsher impact on women: in the US, more than 40% of women suffer from vitamin D deficiency. Hence, the use of diet pills will contribute to increasing this percentage worldwide. Also, it was demonstrated by means of research that women who used Chitosan didn’t experience any weight loss. 

Another former FDA-approved diet pill, Belviq, was very hyped up when it first came out in 2012. Initially, it was only reported to carry the same side effects as other diet pills: fatigue and constipation. When, in the following years, further research was carried out, a possible correlation was indicated between consumption of this drug and the appearance of the tumor. 

Over-the-counter diet pills are very harmful to the body: a pill, called PPA, initiates the weight loss process by means of reducing appetite. Prolonged use of this will result in great changes in the blood pressure: this attaches the risk of all the blood-pressure-related implications to this pill. 

Over the years, FDA has been highly critical of most diet pills. Some of these pills are being sold on the market by using the name of countries, indicating that the “magic weight loss formula” of this drug originates from those particular countries: for example, the Japanese weight loss pills and the Brazilian weight loss pills. FDA has asked the users of the formerly mentioned pills to dispose of the pills with immediate effect owing to the great harmful effects they carry. 

Effect of Diet Pills on Women

The most undesirable effect of diet pills on women is uncertain changes in the menstrual cycle. Also, for normal menstrual functioning, women need at least a 17% body-fat ratio. Meaning that a weight loss pill that successfully demonstrates weight loss will be disastrous for women who already have a very low body-fat ratio. 

There’s another possibility that women who use diet pills will gain more weight: this is because of the way these pills are marketed: some companies advertise diet pills with claims that people can eat whatever they like while consuming these pills, and if someone, under the delusion of this false claim, goes on to live their life in the same unhealthy way as before then it will only increase their weight. 

According to IPSnews, women tend to experience more negative emotions when they see themselves in bad shape. For this reason, tele-ads and pop-ups target women more than men: if a gender tends to catch negative emotions earlier than another one, then it is easier for these purely profit-motivated firms to target that particular gender. When women fall for these ads and order the pills, they attach their hopes to these scam products: especially because they fake-promise visible results in a short period. When women see these products as a disappointment, which is the case with most diet pills, they are more likely to experience greater negative emotions: having a toll on their mental health, and can result in a relapse which might make women fall into unhealthy habits: defeating the original purpose of achieving weight loss. 

Diet pills are commonly branded to be frauds. For women, their hard-earned money is the only thing they lose when they fall for these pills: what women get from these pills is agitation, mood changes, irregular heartbeat, pale skin, vitamin deficiency, and might as well develop incontinence. To gain all the undesirable effects from using these pills is nothing but a toxic relationship that a woman forms with these pills. Especially when some of these pills are so dangerous that they cause addiction and discontinuation of their use induces fatigue and constipation: because their body becomes dependent on these pills to increase their pulse to supply energy and cause a rush in metabolism to cause bowel movements. 

The Ideal Route to Losing Weight

Now for the women, who have gotten out of the delusion of the diet pills, looking for some authentic ways to lose weight, the following can be used as a guide to starting a journey of weight loss. The foremost tool to accommodate in life is exercising. Women doing corporate jobs can make use of the lifestyle facilities provided by their employer on worksite such as a gym; women who are working in low-paid jobs are already doing a lot of physical labor, and for them working out at home can be more than enough; women who are studying can make use of gymnasium facilities, available at their place of study, to exercise. Once someone gets hooked on to exercising regularly, there’s no turning back from it.

Next, a balanced diet is very important to ensure that the body weight remains in check. Reducing excess portions of meat and substituting those with portions of fruits and vegetables will only help the excess calories to cut down automatically: because certain fruits and vegetables naturally induce a fulfilling feeling after consumption that acts like brakes for the appetite. 

Lastly, using the above-mentioned organic means to manage weight has the biggest advantage that they can be tailored to suit you and your schedule. One can make their diet chart and exercise routine that fits their professional life or academic life. And one can always reach an ideal chart and routine by trial and error.