Iowa City teens arrested on armed robbery charges

Two Iowa City teens, Laron Gadlen, 16, and Tavarion Herron, 17, were arrested for an alleged armed robbery at a GreenState Credit Union.


Meg Doster, News Reporter

Two Iowa City teens have been arrested for a reported armed robbery at a GreenState Credit Union on 825 Mormon Trek Blvd.

Laron Gadlen Jr., 16, and Tavarion Herron, 17, were arrested Monday by Iowa City Police and both charged with first-degree robbery.

The alleged robbery took place on Dec. 21. at 10:48 p.m. in the drive through lane of the GreenState Credit Union, police said. The victim reported they were using the drive-through ATM lane when they were approached by a person with a gun, but they were able to drive away safely from the person. 

Gadlen and Herron were both captured on video surveillance, according to criminal complaints. Gadlen was identified by people familiar with him and was seen on a social media account with the same clothing and gun described in the alleged robbery, the criminal complaint said.

Gadlen’s and Herron’s residences were searched as part of the police investigation and a firearm that resembled the description given by the victim was recovered at one of the residences.

For the arrest, the Sheriff’s Office of Linn County loaned a civilian armored vehicle to the Iowa City police.

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