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Genital herpes is a highly transmissible disease caused by a virus spread. It comes in two variants, HSV-1 and HSV-2. These two diseases present themselves with different symptoms. HSV-1 presents itself through cold sores that can later develop into genital herpes, while HSV-2 develops directly into genital herpes and exhibits cold sore symptoms. The World Health Organization carries alarming statistics with up to 3.8 billion people under 50 suffering from HSV-1 as of 2016 and 491 million people suffering from HSV-2. Anyone suffering from this incurable disease knows how much embarrassment it carries. Herpesyl comes into the market promising to give people with herpes a way out.

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What is Herpesyl?

Herpesyl is a supplement made from natural ingredients designed to help the body fight off the herpes virus and permanently remove it from the body. The manufacturer states they sourced ingredients across three continents to find the purest and safest products in their supplement. They also say that the final product got tested by independent labs in two continents across 3,200 individuals who suffered from the disease, and it bore positive results in all of them.


The supplement has 26 ingredients sourced from different parts of the world to combine nutrients that can conquer the herpes virus and expel it from the body. These ingredients come from Africa, Asia, the Amazon, and Northern Europe. They include Graviola leaf, Shitake, Burdock, red raspberry, quercetin seeds, pomegranate, grape seed, and turmeric.

  • Graviola leaf is a wonder herb full of antioxidants that help rid the body of toxins and the herpes virus. The manufacturer states that independent research has shown this herb can fight off herpes as it has antiviral properties. It also has antibacterial and antiparasitic properties to give an overall cleanse to the body.
  • Shitake is a potent mushroom that can boost cognitive function by nourishing the brain and protecting it from degeneration. It also works to promote the immune system, helping it to fight off infections that have come on board the body. Strengthening the immune system enables it to fight and win over the herpes virus.
  • Burdock is a root that targets the immune system and boosts it with continual use. It works to nourish the brain and cleanse the body through its anti-inflammatory properties. These three serve as the main ingredients to the supplement. The others support the work these three provide while boosting the body’s immune system, elevating energy levels, and increasing cognitive ability.

How Does Herpesyl Work?

Herpes can cloak itself in a protein cover called ICP 47 that prevents a person’s immune system from detecting it and getting rid of it. It then attacks the body and hides again, leaving its victim in either cold sores or genital outbreaks that itch and hurt. Conventional medicine can only suppress its effects but has not found a way to attack and eliminate it.

The manufacturer states that research has found out that the herpes virus lodges itself in the brain, keeping itself alive in the brain cells. This location prevents many tests from detecting its presence and helps keep medication at bay. And since the body cannot attack brain cells and eliminate them, the virus remains safe inside the brain.

This supplement works by pushing the herpes virus out of the brain into the open. Pushing out the virus from the neurological pathways prevents it from communicating with its cells and helping them stay cloaked in the ICP 47 protein. Once the virus gets exposed in the open, it can get eliminated using potent antibodies.

The supplement strengthens the neuron pathways using its all-natural ingredients, enabling the body to defend itself and eliminate all herpes instances found within it. The body goes into overdrive and rids itself of the virus to no longer protect itself from detection. 

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Using Herpesyl

The manufacturer has created the supplement in an easy-to-swallow pill package in a plastic bottle for easy dispensation. They assure the user that the supplement does not have any contraindications with other medication and can safely get used with prescribed medication. However, they advise that the user who has underlying conditions and has prescribed medication consult with their healthcare provider before embarking on this product.

This supplement improves the user’s life by supplying nutrients they do not have in a specific combination. Whatever else the user ought to do to improve their lifestyle should continue. These activities include eating a healthy diet, resting adequately, and keeping fit. Such exercises improve a person’s outlook and help them live healthier lives. The supplement helps eradicate the virus that has lodged itself in their bodies to give them lives free of worry and embarrassment while letting them live out their romantic lives without any barriers.


Yahoo.com recommends taking two pills a day for at least 90 days to ensure the virus has wholly gotten eradicated from the body. They, however, suggest that users who can afford to take the supplement for six months should do so as it puts the virus permanently to sleep. Users should always follow the recommended dosage and not overdose on the pills as it can cause unprecedented results.

Safety Standards

The manufacturer uses the highest production standards as the supplement gets produced in the US. They use FDA-approved ingredients free of genetically modified parts. They ensure the product meets the highest quality in the market and does not adversely affect the human body. Having worked in pharma most of their lives, the producers of this supplement understand how to maintain high and acceptable standards.

Herpesyl Benefits

Herpesyl can improve the lives of those suffering from herpes by first supplying their bodies with nutrients that flush out the virus from the brain, where it stays protected from detection. It then boosts the person’s immune system to destroy the herpes cells exposed to the person’s body. The supplement goes on to rid the body of toxins that have affected it over time through the antioxidants it carries.

These actions help people feel confident as their sores heal and get eliminated. They start to experience a surge of new energy as their bodies get restored to good health. They can think clearly and recall matters faster and more efficiently. Users also experience a life free of the sores that had previously affected them. They can walk free of the cold sores on their faces and the itching, pain, and irritation that came with genital herpes.


The manufacturer states they do not desire an exorbitant price tag and have delivered a month container at $69. They give discounts if the user chooses to purchase the three-month or six-month bundle, with the three-month bundle coming in at just $59 per bottle and the six-month bundle coming at $49 per bottle. The two bundled packages get delivered for free, while the single bottle costs the user a small shipping fee. The product gets delivered to the client’s doorstep within seven working days.


The manufacturer extends a 60-day refund for any amount that a user buys. If they have not gotten the desired results after 60 days, they can email either of the manufacturers and get a full refund of their investment.

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How often should someone take the supplement?

A person should take the supplement once a day. They should take two pills every day and no more. Users get advised to take the supplement for at least three months or comfortably for six months.

Can a user use the supplement with other medication?

This supplement carries nutrients that put the herpes virus to sleep. They do not have any known contraindications. Users can seek the advice of their healthcare providers to ascertain they can use it with their prescribed medication. Users can use the supplement with other supplements without any worry of interactions.

How fast can a user expect results?

The manufacturer states that a user should expect results within the first few weeks. They encourage users to take the product for a minimum of three months and comfortably for six months to reap the most benefits out of it. The product takes the virus from the brain and triggers the immunity to fight off the infection, permanently putting it to sleep. It also eliminates toxins and restores a user’s energy levels within those first few weeks of use.

Who can use this supplement?

This supplement works well for both men and women suffering from HSV-1 and HSV-2 herpes variants. 


People suffering from herpes should find a permanent solution to this disease so they can live a life free of discomfort, worry, and embarrassment. Herpesyl desires to give them that life. Anyone can have this life as long as they make the effort to get the supplement and religiously use it for a few months.