A Parent’s Guide to Helping Students Improve Their Grades


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Having good grades is essential for getting into college and graduating on time. But, school comes much easier to some than others. As a parent, there are many ways you can help improve your child’s grades and get them back on track.

To help you, this is a parent’s guide to improving grades and helping your kid get into a good college.

Help Your Child Adopt a Positive Attitude About School

One of the first things you should do is encourage your kid to develop a positive attitude about school. Nobody enjoys homework and studying for tests, but it helps to have a positive attitude.

It can help if you include rewards for them after studying and earning a good grade. Don’t let them become discouraged, and remind them of the importance of good grades and how they can help them get into college.

Encourage Your Kid to Ask Questions in Class

People are often afraid to ask questions because they fear it will make them look dumb in front of others. The truth is that if one person has a question, chances are others have the same question.

One of the best ways to improve grades in high school is to make sure your child listens and asks questions in class. Emphasize asking for clarification if they don’t understand something.

It’s the teacher’s job to explain the lessons in a way that everyone can understand.

If they still aren’t understanding, you can also check out the SEL curriculum high school for additional tips.

Help Them Improve Their Note-Taking Skills

Another tip to improve grades is to get better at note-taking. Note-taking isn’t a natural skill that everyone has. Be sure your child writes their notes legibly and highlights the important parts.

This is especially critical for items a teacher notes as appearing on a test.

Handwritten notes are also better for retaining information.

Assist Them With Time Management

One of the main reasons your kid could be falling behind is that they aren’t managing their time appropriately. Try helping your kid make a schedule for studying and doing homework.

Be sure to pay attention to the schedule and encourage them to stick with it.

Procrastination is a terrible habit. By allocating specific time blocks for schoolwork, your child can break this habit.

Now You Know How You Can Help Your Child With Improving Grades

These are all simple ways you can help your child in improving their grades. Though it takes time and a lot of hard work, there’s no reason that your child can’t bring their grades up.

Most of the time, when kids aren’t doing well in school, it’s because they aren’t managing their time appropriately and asking questions when they don’t understand. By taking the right notes and developing a positive attitude about school, they will be on their way to getting their best grades ever!

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