Brace yourself: Winter (Depression) is Coming


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Winter is coming – with all that we attribute to this change of season. Soon enough, we will be wrapped in warm blankets on the couch, watching our favorite show with a cup of hot chocolate loaded with tiny marshmallows warming our hands, with candles lit in every corner, offering an added sense of warmth to your homespace.

This is the ideal outcome of winter. Sadly, for many people, winter is not exactly ‘the happiest time of year’; in fact, to many, it is quite the contrary. As the days become shorter, with darkness slowly eating away at the beginning and end of each day, and with the shivering cold encroaching on every city, some people fall victim to winter’s cool grip.

While mental health struggles are very real and present in society overall, certain other factors (such as the weather and seasonal changes) sometimes play in and affect us. The coming of winter often brings with it a disorder known as ‘SAD’, short for Seasonal Affective Disorder or ‘winter depression’ as it is known colloquially.

Certain groups have a higher risk

As we reported earlier this year, during Suicide Awareness and Prevention Month in September, certain individuals and groups of people are more likely to end up struggling with mental issues long term due to challenges they face in the medical field and society at large.

Even though mental health is spoken more of in today’s society, and thus is less stigmatized than it used to be, many people still struggle with feelings of guilt and shame. If you believe someone close to you might not be asking for help even if it is needed, reach out and get them help as quickly as possible.

Care for those who are struggling

Loneliness is often one of the major components to worsening certain mental health issues (whether they be seasonal or otherwise) – and today, we are never guaranteed the luxury of being able to physically visit one another at all times. Certain things might help out a bit such as showing that you care about, and are thinking of the person who is struggling.

One idea could be to send a care package – a package full of their favorite things. Sending packages can be cumbersome which leads to many not bothering to do so, and with so many companies offering parcel services, it can be difficult to figure out which one to choose.

By using and its services, the hard work is done for you – you won’t have to scrutinize each and every delivery service yourself, Coolparcel has already done all of this. This leaves more time for you to pick out the perfect items for your care package.

Take care of yourself this winter

While taking care of others is a great symbol of empathy and sympathy, you cannot properly take care of others if you, yourself, are not taken care of, too.

Listen to yourself; your mind and body, as the weather grows colder – if you feel certain changes such as a persistent low mood, loss of pleasure from normal activities (and overall apathy), as well as feeling lethargic and worthless, these could be telltale signs of SAD.

Make sure to reach out to your general practitioner (or friends and family) if winter is hitting you extra hard this year.