Online Tarot Readings: Top 5 Best Tarot Card Reading Platforms/Websites of 2021


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When it comes to our futurity, we can’t help but be excited. Will we engage the love of our life? Will we become rich and popular or even start our own business? No one can know for sure, except perhaps tarot cards.

Tarot cards have the mythical power to help us see where our life is headed on our current path. They can show us insights into our love life, career, challenges, and achievements. But to be honest, not everyone can read their cards or find a psychic reading shop near them. And that’s where an online tarot reading appears. However, many seem to be skeptical at the thought of this, and with reason, as they are not all trustworthy and accurate.

To help, below, we list the five best online tarot readings sites so you can get the most precise reading of your future.

Our Top Picks For The Best Online Tarot Reading Sites

When it comes to getting the best online tarot reading sites, where should you turn? With so many websites offering online tarot, both free and paid services, how do you know which ones are legitimate and ideal for your needs?

If you’re willing to get an amazing one-on-one tarot reading experience, here are our top recommendations:

  • Kasamba: Best Online Tarot Card Reading, Editor’s Choice
  • Keen Psychics: Online Tarot Card Readings By Experienced Psychics
  • Asknow: Best Tarot Reading Online Site For Love & Career
  • Oranum: Most Accurate Predictions
  • Mystic Sense: Best for Love readings

#1. Kasamba: Best Online Tarot Card Reading, Editor’s Choice

Kasamba is a tarot reading website that has been running since 1999. Since its beginnings, Kasamba has gained over three million customers, making it one of the most successful tarot card reading sites on the web.

Kasamba provides tarot readings through instant online chat and by email. If you simply have a few minutes to spare, you can send an email message to one of the advisors and receive a response within 24 hours. Some of Kasamba’s specialties incorporate tarot readings, astrology, fortune-telling, and numerology readings.

This company works with hundreds of accurate advisors, and at any given time, you can find at least 50 advisors online and ready to chat. In addition, Kasamba makes it easy to find the proper advisor for your needs—you can use the website’s search bar to enter keywords and narrow down your search.


Kasamba has several specialties that separate it from other psychic services.

Kasamba is also unique in its introductory offer. First, it is one of the only significant sites that provide email readings, which can be crucial for busy or introverted people to connect with psychics. You have no cost for the first three minutes, which is not uncommon. The good thing is that you get three free minutes for each new psychic you decide to try.

Kasamba’s website also has in-depth articles. The articles include a daily horoscope as well as other Kasamba horoscopes and insights into various psychic areas.

Finally, unlike some other sites, Kasamba gives around-the-clock client service and a satisfaction guarantee for the first client’s reading.


  • Quickly access to psychic advisors who speak English & Spanish
  • The aspect of tarot advisors provides a thorough summary
  • Their zodiac signs are provided upfront
  • You can choose phone or chat options, depending on your preference
  • New purchasers connect with three free minutes


  • Website experience could use an update

Why do we recommend this site?

We profoundly recommend this psychic service because of its specialties in entirely online readings. Though Kasamba offers phone readings, the company is known for exceptional readings via online chat and email in various things, including tarot reading, angel card reading, numerology, astrology, and many more. With over 20 years of experience and 3 million satisfied customers, Kasamba is an excellent service for spiritual guidance in any subject.

Each psychic on Kasamba has a complete profile listing their specialties, client ratings, and reviews, as well as a personalized biography to help you to identify them from their perspective. Kasamba features over 100 tarot experts with extremely high ranks and many satisfied customers, so you can stay sure that your psychic reader will be experienced and skilled.

#2. Keen Psychics: Online tarot card readings by experienced psychics

Keen is one of the most appreciated and most successful online psychic networks in the United States. This company offers many different psychic services, including astrology, dream interpretation, aura cleansing, cartomancy, numerology, tarot, etc. Keen actively worked for 20 years and has a reputation for having some of the best tarot card readings in the industry.

In this Keen review, we’ll break down how Keen operates.


The best thing about Keen is their mobile app, which permits you to connect to your favorite online tarot reader anywhere and anytime, from any device. Keen uses a crowd-sourced service that provides every client to rate and review each online psychic after a reading. This makes it easy to find the best psychic with the highest reviews and avoid the poorly rated advisors.

With respect to online tarot readings, some readers on Keen use unique methods such as a celtic cross spread, three-card spread, relationship spread, and astrological spread. The type of service will depend on your questions and whatever issues you’re experiencing in life.

Keen is definitely the cheapest online tarot reading site. For only $1.99, you can get a 10-minute session with an experienced and trustworthy card reader.


  • A diverse range of services and pricing points are available
  • Three minutes of free time as an introductory gift
  • 24/7 Customer Assistance Availability
  • Great filtering options to help you find the best tarot reader for your needs
  • Easy to navigate website interface


  • Not every psychic’s style is appropriate for everyone
  • Popular psychics might be expensive
  • The company doesn’t offer video readings

Why do we recommend this site?

Keen is well-known in the psychic industry with numerous positive client reviews that speak for themselves. Their loyal advisors have talked with millions of clients, and they are a source of guidance and support for those who believe in psychic abilities. We highly recommend Keen for English speakers and people happy to talk over the phone or chat via online messages.

Do you have an urgent question and you need an answer? Are you facing life issues? No worries. A psychic network like Keen gives you quick access to any psychics that can help you find the right answers for you. This service is especially true during times when visiting an in-person reader isn’t possible.

In comparison to an in-person method, Keen and other websites provide a variety of psychic opportunities. You can select an advisor based on his skills, categories, specialties, tools, and other criteria.

#3. AskNow: Best Tarot Reading Online Site For Love & Career

Asknow is a newer company than other online tarot reading sites, offering psychic readings via phone and online chat to thousands of clients worldwide. Asknow has 51 different tarot readers to choose from, and each one of them is thoroughly screened for skill and accuracy. Some of their tarot card readers have as many as 25 years of expertise and knowledge. They have built a dedicated and loyal client base by giving a spectrum of astrology, tarot, and other services.


● Ask a Free Question

This is the service provider’s most attractive feature. This feature indicates that the technology operates by requiring you to type a psychic inquiry. This is a free service. Well, this is also a terrific technique to clear your doubts and verify the integrity of this service provider.

● Intuitive Website

The homepage of this company appears to be highly interactive, even though the entire website is responsive. This is because it is the center that tends to meet your psychic requirements.

The highly-ranked masters, along with their reviews and images, are included in the next appealing segment. You can immediately examine their profiles, check their availability, and call them straight away if you find the appropriate reader. It is not incorrect to mention that looking at a psychic’s physical features recounts a tale about them.


  • The cheapest psychic platform, with rates as little as $1 per minute
  • Psychics with qualifications are featured
  • You can talk 24 hours a day via phone call, or you can chat


  • No psychic sorting feature

Why do we recommend this site?

If you use AskNow, then you can be sure that your information will be kept confidential at all times. You can get all the answers you want while keeping your identity private. Readings are offered through many options from online chat, email, phone, and video calls. Every advisor profile has a button that turns green to jump into a session immediately when they’re available.

#4. Oranum: Most Accurate Predictions

Oranum is amongst the most popular online spiritual readings sites, allowing clients and psychics to connect via a webcam. Even though Oranum is famous because of the trusted live psychics, they also have other spiritual advisers that provide dream interpretations and analysis, chakra healing, twin flame readings, tarot card readings, horoscopes, and much more.


● Extensive Filtering Options

The vast filter choices on Oranum are tremendous assistance when finding the appropriate professional, whether you’re not sure what you’re looking for. There are as many alternatives as possible, depending on the type of reading in mind.

● Top 100

The Top 100 list on Oranum allows you to instantly search and examine the biographies of the platform’s most famous psychics. You can go to the top of the screen and choose the “Top 100” option to see a list of some of the most reputable psychics available online.


  • There are tarot readers from all around the world
  • It’s simple to identify readers that understand what you’re saying
  • The online platform that is easy to navigate
  • There is a video call option for reading
  • The top 100 psychics worldwide can be found here


  • You can only buy credit blocks
  • Uncertainty about the screening procedure

Why do we recommend this site?

Believe us when we say that Oranum is one of the best online networks for accurate and cheap psychic readings. Tens of thousands of individuals have also used it for tarot readings, twin flame readings, dream interpretations, horoscopes, etc. Their website does a fantastic job of producing a community setting between the psychics and users giving reading services. With $9.99 in free credits and no registration cost, stressful Oranum is a top choice for accurate and genuine live spiritual readings.

#5. Mystic Sense: Best for Love readings

At first glance, Mystic Sense seems to be just another online tarot reading site, but it differs from other tarot sites in many things. It has a huge number of psychic readers with various specialties. The majority of their readers have left multiple positive reviews.

Mystic Sense claims to provide experienced and trustworthy advisors that are very well-versed in daily horoscopes, tarot cards, mental readings, and a rigorous evaluation method and quality standards to assure the protection of their customers.

Mystic Sense provides all of the features you require at a reduced cost. Finding the ideal reader for you is a breeze because you can filter results based on one or several gifts or expertise, price, ratings, and more. There are several user reviews to read, and you can even examine your psychic’s calendar in your local time zone, and you can plan a reading at a convenient time. Services can be done over the phone, via chat, or via video.


You are immediately greeted with many profiles on the Mystic Sense platform, including photos, reviews, specialties, and per-minute rates. You can easily browse by status, things, tools, reading style, and more. Each of the tarot card readers can designate their availability, whether it be by phone, chat, or video call. Tarot card readers on this website have per-minute rates that range between $1.00 and $4.00. Also, you will note that per-minute rates change depending on the method of communication. Generally, chat is most acceptable, while video calls are more expensive.

Once you click on a reader’s profile, you can learn more about each of them. They list their main specialty right at the top and have an opportunity to list more services just beneath that. They also include their reading style, which is uber useful when looking for someone with a specific method. For example, suppose you’re dealing with a complicated and sensitive issue. In that case, you will probably want to ensure your chosen tarot reader has a compassionate style versus a more direct approach, which can feel aggressive when you’re already in a vulnerable state.


  • Connection with a tarot advisor through video
  • Simple, easy to navigate website interface
  • Filtering options are very useful to narrow down your preference
  • Primary specialties are listed underneath each photo
  • Read your daily horoscope and enjoy informative articles right on their platform
  • New customers can enjoy their first five minutes at no cost


  • Individual profiles don’t list any promotions or discounts to attract more clients

Why do we recommend this site?

We mostly recommend MysticSense for their vetting process, which is helpful because you know each reader with a profile on their website has gone through a strict checking process that confirms their expertise and service offerings. With so many different websites and offerings online, this process is necessary for any reputable organization, and MysticSense makes it easy to trust their psychic advisors. In that way, new customers feel comfortable, as you can trust the people you’re connecting with.

Another thing we point out is that MysticSense offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So, if something goes wrong or you’re unsatisfied with their service, you only need to contact customer support, and then you will receive a full refund.

Steps Taken to Make This List

Tarot card reading sites appear in all shapes and sizes. Some websites provide informative, accurate readings from advisors you can believe. Unfortunately, other psychic reading sites hire advisors with no natural intuition or expertise, making them a waste of money.

We’ve reviewed the best online tarot reading sites (both free and paid services) to see which ones have the most accurate readers, the cheapest rates, and the best reviews.

As a result, we recommend looking for tarot sites that include the following qualities:

Free minutes

Several psychic websites allow a few free minutes at the beginning of each session. These free minutes are invaluable in helping you determine if the advisor you matched with is appropriate for your needs.

Some websites include a 100% guarantee for every online tarot reading session. If you are not satisfied with the reading for any reason, you can let the company know, and it will give you a voucher for a complimentary session.

Companies that offer free online tarot card readings and guarantees tend to be more credible than ones that do not. You can assume that these companies are trusting in their services, advisors, and customers’ satisfaction. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t risk losing money with these opportunities.

A Variety of Specialties from Which to Choose

The best online tarot card sites offer a wide range of specialties, allowing you to choose a reader with experience and training in a specific area appropriate to your needs.

Some of the best specialties that these websites offer include:

  • Angel card reading
  • Dream analysis
  • Relationship readings
  • Aura reading

If a psychic service offers at least five different specialties, that is a sign for working with experienced readers who provide accurate readings to their clients.

Positive Reviews

Customer reviews offer appropriate information about a website’s quality and integrity. You can read reviews of each psychic reader on most psychic sites, but you should also pay attention to reviews of the website as a whole.

Searching for the company on the Better Business Bureau website is a great way to find client reviews and complaints. Additionally, you can search on Google with the keyword “reviews” to read other company online reviews.

Discounts for New Customers

Many psychic sites offer discounts for new clients. These discounts allow customers to try out a website’s online services for the first time without any higher costs. Typically, if a website offers this deal, you can assume high quality and integrity.

Screened and Vetted Psychic Readers

One of the most important aspects of a psychic reading site is choosing its psychic readers. The best companies utilize a thorough screening and vetting process to ensure that their readers are legitimate and honest.

If a site does not advertise that it screens its advisors before employing them, you will have no way of knowing whether you can trust the predictions and insight your psychic reader presents you. Therefore, we highly recommend using websites that are transparent about their reader-screening process.

Beginner’s Guide: Factors To Consider Before Getting The Deals On Tarot Sites

Connecting with a psychic advisor online has never been so easy. It’s an incredible gift to be able to connect with an intuitive tarot card reader from the comfort of your own home while using your chosen communication method.

Whether you’re more introverted and prefer an online chat or you enjoy face-to-face communication through a video call, there is a psychic advisor who is ready to connect with you and give you the guidance you seek.

There are some things we point out when you first visit an online tarot reading platform.


Although it can sometimes be difficult to trust an online source of information, especially when you are facing issues. The good thing is that you’re connecting with a human being experienced with tarot card readings. You will notice that the people who list their services on platforms like these are generally kind, caring people who have a sincere desire to use their intuitive abilities to help the people they work with.

When you connect with the right tarot advisor for your needs, you end up having the kind of experience that instantly reduces your stress and makes you feel happy. Plus, online psychics are vetted and have to go through a rigorous checking process to confirm their integrity and experience. Also, all the mentioned sites have a guarantee, so if you’re not completely satisfied, you can get your credits back and work with a different card reader for a new experience.

Well Preparation for a Tarot Card Reading

Before attempting an online tarot reading, we advise you to first consider the subject you’re having an issue with. Then you should focus on asking open-ended questions to the advisor instead of close-ended ones.

Be open and communicative with the reader so that they have a better chance of assessing your cards. As a result, you give the reader and the cards the opportunity to show you your ideal path forward to prosperity.

Don’t rely on someone else’s questions. Create your own, as the cards will be there to describe your story. Take ownership of what the cards describe and ask questions about yourself. Just follow that, and you will gain a greater insight into your subconscious.

A more in-depth reading will help you gain your subconscious the best. However, there’s nothing wrong with ending a session if you feel nervous or find unhelpful responses.

Understanding a Tarot Card Deck

A regular tarot card deck consists of 78 cards, but every card has its unique imagery, symbolism, and tale. Twenty-two of the cards are known as Major Arcana cards. These cards are designed to provide you with spiritual insights. The remaining fifty-six cards are known as Minor Arcana cards, which represent and express the struggles of daily life. In the Minor Arcana cards, there are sixteen dedicated to the various personalities of a person.

Many online tarot card readers have used different decks before finding the one that works best for them. A tarot card deck is more than just pretty images or symbols. It is a reflection of the soul. Complete understanding of a deck is essential for the readers, so they might spend years searching for the right one.

Types of Tarot Spreads

Below is the list of the six most commonly used types of tarot spreads used for readings:

  • The ‘LOVE’ spread
  • The ‘SUCCESS’ spread
  • The ‘CELTIC CROSS’ spread
  • The ‘SPIRITUAL’ spread
  • The ‘CAREER PATH’ spread
  • The ‘THREE-CARD’ spread

All the models of spreads have their own essential and particular focal point. Your psychic will know exactly how to incorporate and read them accordingly.

Online V.S. Offline Card Reading Services

One of the most prominent misconceptions individuals have about tarot readings is that they have to occur face-to-face to work. That’s not true. A genuine tarot reader will sense your energy regardless of the communication medium used, so yes, you can have an accurate online tarot reading via phone call, online chat, or live video.

The techniques used are pretty much the same, except you won’t be in the same room as the reader. Instead, you’ll talk online, either via video or audio-only, depending on what makes you comfortable.

Online tarot readings are often more affordable, and you can always find amazing deals and discounts on platforms such as Psychic Source, Keen, and AskNow.

An online tarot reading platform is very easy to check if a reader is legit. On the websites mentioned above, you can read customer reviews and testimonials. Not only does it help you check their reliability and integrity, but also to get an idea of their technique.

Online tarot reading sites are more suitable than offline card services. When using online services, you’ll talk to the reader from the comfort of your home. The more relaxed you feel during the session, the easier it will be for you to open up. Also, if the idea of getting a psychic reading makes you nervous, we recommend you try the online version first.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tarot Reading

Q. How Should I Prepare for a Great Tarot Reading?

If you plan to invest in reading with Tarot cards, you likely have many questions going through your brain. The first question which is obvious is, “Will this be worth the money, or simply am I wasting everyone’s time?”

You may have an awkward situation or matter in your life, or maybe you have several. Which of those should you bring to the table? What if you don’t mention any of them, will your chosen tarot reader “figure you out” anyway?

If you know how to go into your reading, you will nevermore wonder again if it will be worth your time. Believe it or not, the best way to get the most out of the Tarot is to know precisely what you will ask going in.

Q. What Should I Tell My Tarot Reader About Myself?

Tarot card readers gather information about your life and present a spiritual and enlightened viewpoint to the issues you face. You don’t want to share everything about yourself with them. Informing them too much before they begin reading can have a detrimental impact on the reading.

It’s normal that you want the reading to be unique and unaffected by your ideas. After sharing their information with you, you can go into greater detail regarding your concerns and what the reader thinks or feels about your predicament.

Q. Why Do Some Tarot Readers Interpret the Same Card Differently?

This is primarily defined by how and from whom they acquired online tarot card reading. Every religion has its interpretations of these cards. There are also different decks, which might change the point of the cards. You can even interpret each of the cards and come up with your interpretation. Because tarot card readings are primarily based on intuition, you may trust what your intuition tells you.


In essence, tarot card reading is about exploration. First, you explore different decks and online tarot card readers until you find the ideal one you can connect with. You feel them speak to you on a more profound level. With that connection established, you dive into your own life and subconscious in a glorious exploration of the self. This journey will teach you things you didn’t know about yourself but once taught, feel fundamentally true.

Finding the best online tarot reading site for you might take some experimentation. You may have been grappling with an issue or problem for some time, so rushing for answers is a natural reaction. But it would be best if you took this journey of the self with patience because forging a connection and deeper understanding of who you are working on its schedule. Remember this fact and be open to what is shown to you.

We believe that the information we’ve provided will assist you in choosing authentic Tarot reading websites and gaining a better understanding of how readings function.