What is the Best Resume Writing Service?

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Competitor for jobs is stiffer today compared to a few years ago due to high volumes of new job seekers and stricter hiring procedures set by employers. When thousands of people rush to try their luck in one job, a well-written resume can make a big difference.

Traditionally, job seekers were used to drafting their resumes but as competition increases, the services of a professional resume writer have become important. Although many resume writing services claim to offer good services, ResumesPlanet.com has managed to rise above the rest to become the best resume writing service.

In the world of resume writing service, ResumesPlanet has proved to be the most unique with highly unique products. Since 2008, Resumes Planet has offered its customers various top-notch resume services and has to date served more than 10 thousand satisfied customers.

The company has a very simple ordering process where customers open an account, give details of their order, and a qualified writer starts the writing process. Once a customer places their order, a manager verifies it to understand exactly what the customer needs.

Based on need, they assign the most qualified writer who can write based on that need. Within the agreed time, the customer gets their resume ready for posting on job platforms or to employers.

Services offered by ResumesPlanet

ResumesPlanet is the top best resume writing service due to its wide range of services to customers at very affordable costs. They offer fast service while maintaining the high-quality standards needed for winning resumes. Their range of services are as follows:

  • Resume writing services
  • Cover letter writing services
  • CV writing
  • Editing services

At their request, ResumesPlanet distributes high-quality resumes written by their qualified writers to employment agencies. The company is the best cv writing service leader in the world of resume writing and they understand exactly what employers need in a resume. They have studied each career industry and know how to design resumes that fit in each industry.

Resumes Planet reviews: online reputation

From a long list of professional resume writer’s reviews, ResumesPlanet has received some of the highest numbers of positive reviews. On average, the company has a review rating of 3.8 stars. Most reviews pinpoint high-quality service, value for money, and attractive resumes. Most customers say they received a job after ResumesPlanet created a resume for them.

Other reviews say they received the best charges they could ever imagine while others say the delivery time was fast. The reasons behind these positive resume writer service reviews are their many years of experience and because they only hire the best-experienced writers.

Due to its best quality service, Resumes Planet has been recognized by various media organizations. Some of the media companies are Recruiter.com, TheWashingtonPost, TheJub, The LA Times, CareerAddict, HuffPost, and Time.com. Based on these many ratings, reviews, and many years of reputation, ResumesPlanet is rightfully considered the best resume writing service.

A brief service overview

ResumesPlanet not only offers professional resume services but also other types of services such as cover letter writing, resumes, and cover letter editing, writing LinkedIn profiles, CV writing, and other additional services.

To get started, customers choose a service and then complete some questionnaires. They then give instructions to the resume writers and wait to receive their documents at the agreed time. ResumesPlanet gives guaranteed quality services at every level of resume help.

How much do resume writers charge?

On average, most resume writers charge anything between $100 to as high as $2,000. Resume writers at ResumesPlanet resume services charge depending on the type of service and urgency. When placing an order, a client must select the type of resume they want which could be a professional resume, military resume, career change, federal, or executive.

The customer then states how soon they need their resume. A customer is also free to combine several services and order as a package at discounted cost. For example, they can order a resume+ cover letter at $135 for a waiting period of 5 days, $149 for 3 days, or $185 for 2 days.

A resume alone will cost $109 for 5 days waiting period. The other packages are resume+ LinkedIn profile+ cover letter at $189 and resume+ cover letter+ thankyou and follow-up letters at $165. From the list of services, each service has its unique cost.

What is the best resume writing service?

The best resume writing service has several qualifications to look out for. The first is a resume writer with the right professional qualification. If a writer is not qualified, they cannot provide you with the most competitive resume.

Next, the resume writing service charges should be within your budget. If the cost is too high, it might be beyond what you can afford. Certification is another important point. The best resume writing service follows every certification process and gets the right certificates.

Its ordering process is transparent and it does not have hidden costs. They have simple communication procedures and their communication channels remain open all the time. They finish and submit high-quality work within the agreed time and they have some of the best online reviews.

How to find a resume writer?

When you need resume help from a list of several resume writing services, you might feel confused about the best company to choose. If you are not sure how to find the best, these points will help.

When reading about the company services, ensure it is a resume writing service and not a typing, academic, or other type writing service, provider. Check the company website for samples and read them to be sure they are high quality.

If you are still not certain, you may ask around from people who have used a resume writing service before. Ensure the resume writer service will give you what you are looking for and be sure they are certified.

How much do LinkedIn resume writers cost?

LinkedIn was launched about 19 years ago and has today become an important platform for connecting professionals and seeking professional jobs. With almost 800 million users globally, having a professional LinkedIn profile is more important today.

As a result, many LinkedIn users are outsourcing for professional LinkedIn profile writers to create for them the best LinkedIn profiles. Due to high competition, the average cost for creating a LinkedIn profile is shooting all the time. Currently, a well-written LinkedIn profile cost between $200 to $500 but you get even better quality at ResumesPlanet at a minimum rate of $79.

Is a resume writing service worth it?

It is worth hiring a professional resume writer because you get more than what you asked for. The professional resume writer creates the best valuable resume that will sell in any career field.

The resume helps you get more employment opportunities and you could receive more interview invitations. If you land yourself a high-paying job, you will live a good life the rest of your life.

Should you pay someone to write your resume?

Professional resume writers offer the best quality services and their resumes give you better chances to get hired. It is okay to hire a professional resume writer if you are looking for the best resume. Before you hire one, ensure the service is credible. Check its online reviews and confirm if it has the right certificates. Make sure its writers are highly qualified and it is an established company.