10 Top Places to Buy Discord Members

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Figuring out a way to safely and legitimately purchase your Discord members is a nice idea, but when you try to apply this in reality, it can be pretty difficult.

This is because the industry is fraught with fraud and companies that are trying to take you for a ride for the small budget that you have.

The good news is that you can read articles like these and discover legit sites that actually want to take care of you, and not rip you off in any way.

Best Places to Buy Discord Server Members

Let’s review what we believe to be the best places to buy Discord members in the industry currently.

Media Mister

Media Mister has a great way of being able to adapt to what their clients need, and offer them packages that include Discord members without changing things like pricing, or quality.

These guys might not have the biggest amount of experience in the industry of Discord, for what they lack in experience they certainly make up for in expertise. If you are looking for a company that is going to keep you safe, and help you prioritize quality over quantity, then this is a great choice.


This company understands that it takes a lot of time and effort to buy Discord members that are legit, because there are so many more other brands in the ether that are just trying to take advantage of you.

We love that this company fights for the underdog and isn’t prepared to work with big brands that are just going to override anyone that has a smaller budget. Another thing is that everything about these guys is targeted, so you don’t have to worry about where your Discord members are coming from.


Playerup is a company that can of course assist you with being able to buy Discord members, but they can also help you with other aspects of your brand being on Discord, and they are completely devoted to helping their clients protect play to play account transactions. These guys are easily one of the best out there to purchase Discord members, because they don’t contain any middleman services. This means that all of your transactions are completely secure and safe. You can get started with them from just $13, so we think that they accommodate for every budget.

Galaxy Marketing

Galaxy Marketing is excellent if you are hoping to buy Discord members from a social media growth agency that can help you with experience and expertise. We say experience because they have been in this business since 2017, and they actually can assist you not just with Discord, but with YouTube, Twitter, and more. If you are trying to increase your ranking on Discord in general, then these guys are going to be a good choice. Their pricing begins at just $10, so we think that they are going to be well suited to most people.

Baddhi Shop

Baddhi Shop helps its clients buy Discord members in a way that can not only help you sustain your Discord server for a long time, but can help you be part of a community that is going to support your venture, and help you get feedback from others. Another thing that we like about these guys is that they can help you target the right community within Discord, making them one of the best places to help you with your social media sites in general.


The next company on our list that can help you buy Discord members has a wide range of services, and their pricing starts at $10, and goes up to 100. If you are someone who doesn’t have a huge amount in the budget to spare for your Discord followers currently, they have regular discounts, and they also ensure that they encrypt every aspect of the sign up and purchase process. They are also dedicated to providing their clients with really quick delivery, so you’re never going to be left hanging when it comes to receiving your Discord members in a timely fashion.

Buy Views Likes

Buy Views Likes is another website that is great for helping you buy Discord members, and we love that they have a range of different packages for you to choose from, that can be bought based on a variety of different budgets, and you can source your Discord members from all around the world. This means that it doesn’t matter what background you’ve got, or what your financial picture looks like right now, these guys are going to make your life a whole lot easier. If you just want to stick with members in the USA, this is also a possibility.

Zenith SMM

Zenith SMM is a great choice if you want the possibility of being able to buy Discord members and benefit from some of the best social media services in the market today. One of the things that we love about this company is that they don’t compromise on the quality of the service that they’re providing. They also focus on other aspects, like affordability, and a few other features that easily make them one of the best places to source your Discord members from. These include 24/7 customer support, as well as a customized dashboard, that you can easily access.


AutoCode helps its clients buy Discord members, and we think that these guys are one of them most user-friendly sites that we’ve come across. They don’t want to make it complicated or drawn out when you sign up with them, they simply want you to be able to connect with the right community on Discord and grow your server to where you think it needs to be. They understand that at some point you might want to scale your Discord server as well, and they have features that can accommodate this.


Graanade is another great choice should you choose to get your Discord members from them, and you’re hoping to get assistance throughout the entire process. Most companies will just send your engagement and be on their way, but there are some companies like these guys that are going to hold your hand throughout and help you until you feel confident that you are at a place where you can do everything by yourself again. They offer sustainable pricing and sustainable features, and we think in general, they are a well-rounded company.


Being able to get your Discord members safely and securely from a company that cares about the future of your Discord server is harder than you think. This is because the industry is packed full of companies that are only trying to get ahead themselves and aren’t really thinking about what their customers need. Of course, the good news is that we have found a list of companies on EarthWeb that you can trust with your Discord members, so as long as you stick with these guys, we think that you’re going to have a good time on Discord, and be able to grow the community that you’ve always wanted. Good luck!