ABBA is back with their new album, ‘Voyage’

For the first time in 40 years the Swedish pop sensation ABBA has released new music. Here is a quick analysis of the tracks you can’t miss.


Ariana Lessard, Arts Reporter

ABBA’s ability to produce classic pop songs is unparalleled. It put them at the top of the charts back in the 70s, and now, nearly 40 years since their last album, the Kings and Queens of Swedish pop have returned. From funky fun to tearjerkers, their new album Voyage has it all.

The album begins with the track “I Still Have Faith In You,” a bittersweet melody which will be playing at graduations and weddings across the world in no time. The song reflects on the highs and lows of a romantic relationship, and how, despite all the challenges, they still have faith in one another. It’s a beautiful testimony to the power of love, friendship, and courage, and kicks off the album the way only ABBA can: with an unapologetically cheesy power ballad that will remain stuck in my head for the foreseeable future.

“Just A Notion” could be right out of Voulez-Vous, and should have a third Mamma Mia! production in no time. A fun and funky accusation, ABBA once again combines emotional lyrics and upbeat instrumentals in a way only they can. As far as content, “Just A Notion” describes a girl who has ‘just a notion’ that she cannot prove, and that notion changes lyric to lyric.

The third song in the album, “Little Things,” immediately brought tears to my eyes. It describes a parent recounting the little things that made their life with their children so unforgettable, specifically around Christmas time. A perfect balance of childhood innocence, Christmas magic, and a parents’ foresight, this song comes together to be a perfect storm of emotions for those of us who are prone to nostalgia.

“I Can Be That Woman” is a raw portrayal of a dysfunctional couple in the midst of a fight. The songs namesake, the lyric “I Can Be That Woman” is a wife’s heartbreaking plea to continue trying to work on the relationship despite past mistakes. This song explores the idea of a couple growing apart, and this combined with the remorseful cries littering the lyrics come together to paint a heart-wrenching picture of a family in peril

“Keep An Eye On Dan” may be easily overlooked, but it should not be. The song describes a mom who is rushing to drop off her son Dan at his dad’s house so she can have a mental breakdown about her divorce without her son seeing. The beginning of the song, where the narrator is teetering on the brink of an anxiety attack, perfectly paints the parental stress of not wanting your young child to see you at your lows. The desperation in the lyric “Keep An Eye on Dan” becomes more and more evident the more the line is repeated, and the urgency of the song is one of its most effective qualities.

Although I only touched on a few of the tracks featured in this album, all of the songs are worth at least one listen. Overall, the album explores themes of love, growth, and parenthood. ABBA’s music and themes have grown with them, and though this is a more domestic album in regards to theme; the sound is classic ABBA. I have no doubt that each listen will bring light to a new lyric, and that throughout the years, each song will grow more and more meaningful to me, the same way as all other ABBA songs have. To end on a quote from a dear friend of mine:

“There is an ABBA song for every feeling and circumstance.”

With their new album Voyage, ABBA has once again proven this to be true.

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