‌Johnson County Board of Supervisors finalizes American Rescue Plan projects ahead of approval

The Johnson County Board of Supervisors made adjustments to the list of American Rescue Plan projects for the 2022-23 fiscal year budget. The projects will be up for approval on Nov. 18.


Cecilia Shearon

Pat Heiden calls the session to order during the Johnson County Board of Supervisors Work Session on Wednesday, Sept. 15, 2021.

Cooper Worth, News Reporter

The Johnson County Board of Supervisors is continuing to whittle down the proposed American Rescue Plan projects for the fiscal 2022-2023 county budget.

The supervisors, along with county staff and department heads, discussed whether projects should be financed by American Rescue Plan funding or the county’s annual budget.

Some supervisors said they did not want to approve the project partially because it included money for a Dodge Charger as part of the program, and the full proposal was taken off the 2022 budget.

A project for GPS Monitoring for domestic violence, sexual assault, and forcible felony offenders totaling around $1.5 million was removed from consideration for both the American Rescue Plan and the budget.

Another proposed project, which would enhance operational support to the GuideLink Center and promote access to substance misuse treatment and prevention, has a budget of $3.7 million and will be divided up between American Rescue Plan funds and the county’s budget. 

The American Rescue Plan Act’s funds were largely determined based on the population of each U.S. county. With a population of roughly 150,000, Johnson County received $29.3 million from the federal government. 

During its Wednesday work session, the supervisors made changes to several of the nearly 60 proposed projects listed on the budget.

Two other projects concerning elections in Johnson County were removed from the list for further supervisor approval. The first project would have provided software for poll worker training and management, and the second would have purchased two additional sheds and a tent for drive-through voting. 

The board will vote to approve American Rescue Plan proposed projects for fiscal year 2022 budget on Nov. 18. 

Editor’s note: This article previously said the supervisors approved a plan to track domestic violence, sexual assault, and forcible felony offenders using GPS technology. That program was removed from the proposed projects during the meeting and is not under consideration. The DI regrets this error.