On the Line: Daily Iowan football staff picks Week 10 games

DI staff members picked the No. 22 Iowa vs. Northwestern game, as well as four other contests from the 10th week of the season.


Jerod Ringwald

Iowa defensive back Matt Hankins gets set before a play during a football game between No. 10 Iowa and No. 9 Iowa State at Jack Trice Stadium in Ames on Saturday, Sept. 11, 2021. The Hawkeyes defeated the Cyclones 27-17.

DI Staff

The Daily Iowan football staff picks five football games every week as part of our Pregame edition. Read how the staff picked the Iowa-Northwestern matchup — as well as four other contests — below.

No. 22 Iowa vs. Northwestern

Robert Read, Pregame Editor (22-18): Iowa — This game deserves to be on at 11 a.m. on ESPN2.

Austin Hanson, Sports Editor (27-13): Iowa — If this was at 11 a.m., I’d pick Northwestern,

Chloe Peterson, Assistant Sports Editor (22-18): Northwestern — Iowa’s midseason tail-spin is in full swing.

Chris Werner, Football Reporter (22-18): Iowa — Northwestern might be the only B1G team Iowa can beat right now.

Destinee Cook, DITV Sports Director (21-19): Iowa — No comment.

John Bohnenkamp, Sports Writing Coach (24-16): Iowa — I mean, they have to get it together at some point.

Jason Brummond, Publisher (26-14): Iowa —  Northing heals an ailing offense like a trip to Evanston.

No. 12 Auburn vs. No. 13 Texas A&M

Read: Texas A&M — The Aggies’ win over Alabama doesn’t count in the CFP rankings.

Hanson: Texas A&M — We love Italian food. Zach Calzone.

Peterson: Auburn — I was right about the Tigers last week.

Werner: Auburn — What exactly is an Aggie?

Cook: Texas A&M — Well-rested Aggies.

Bohnenkamp: Texas A&M — Big game in the SEC West.

Brummond: Texas A&M — The race for the SEC’s third-best team is highly contested.

Texas vs. Iowa State

 Read: Iowa State — Wasn’t a great end to Brocktober for the Cyclones.

Hanson: Texas — I still don’t quite understand the monkey business.

Peterson: Iowa State — Horns down.

Werner: Texas — Both of these teams are really good at disappointing people.

Cook: Iowa State — I have zero faith in Texas, but watch them actually win.

Bohnenkamp: Iowa State — Not Brocktober, but the Cyclones should win.

Brummond: Iowa State  — Ames is similar to Austin alphabetically, at least.

Virginia Tech vs. Boston College

Read: Virginia Tech — Neither would compete with ACC power Wake Forest.

Hanson: Virginia Tech — I don’t know how to do the Hokie Pokey.

Peterson: Virginia Tech — I feel like neither of these teams should be in the ACC.

Werner: Virginia Tech — The Hokie Pokies are going to run themselves around.

Cook: Virginia Tech — Idk what to say.

Bohnenkamp: Boston College — ACC football is … something.

Brummond: Virginia Tech — Its old nickname, Fighting Gobblers, should make a comeback.\

USC vs. Arizona State

Read: Arizona State — Mike Tomlin will not be returning USC’s calls.

Hanson: Arizona State — “Hello, you play to win the game.”

Peterson: Arizona State — Same colors? They should wear the same uniforms — for chaos.

Werner: Arizona State — Hey, my friend goes there!

Cook: Arizona State — USC is down bad.

Bohnenkamp: USC — Sun Devils have given up.

Brummond: Arizona State — We’d all appreciate USC hiring a Big Ten coach.