Letter to the Editor | COGS fully supports the actions carried out by the United Auto Workers

The Campaign of Undergraduate Students at the University of Iowa stands in solidarity with the United Auto Workers.


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United Auto Workers picket outside of John Deere Des October 14, 2021: Moines Works in Ankeny, Iowa. The Deere workers’ strike began at midnight. Ap Aptopix Deere Contract A Usa Ia

We, the members of UE Local 896 / COGS, graduate workers at the University of Iowa, are in solidarity with the brave and necessary actions being carried out by United Auto Workers Locals on strike against John Deere and Company. While John Deere brought in record profits this year, they have offered workers inadequate wage increases and an end to pension for all new hires. This comes after years of John Deere rolling back benefits and restructuring so-called incentive plans to exploit workers further. The two-tier contract system at John Deere divides workers and creates an unjust working environment. We admire strikers’ unity despite John Deere corporate’s efforts to undermine worker solidarity.

We see the power they are building. It gives us hope that together we can create real change in our workplaces and communities. Through their strike, we see that workers have strength in numbers.

COGS fully endorses and supports their actions. Their bold and brave choice to withhold labor is necessary to show their employer that they refuse to work without fair compensation and representation. We hope to see more actions like this building worker power in the Midwest.

-The members of UE Local 896 / COGS

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