What Are the Advantages to Being In Honor Societies?


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Are you considering joining an honor society? If you have the chance to sign on the dotted line with a prestigious group, you might just want to take it. From membership perks to resume-boosting internships, honor societies have a lot to offer.

The benefits don’t end there, either. Read on to learn about the advantages of being in honor societies!

Campus Honor Societies Offer Social Activities

When the air crisps up during fall, it will be time for tailgates and football games on campus. This means that your college may be hosting get-togethers for current honor society members and alums. If you’re a member, you have an invitation!

Even if you’d rather sleep in on a Saturday morning, don’t do it. You’ll be better off in the long run if you get out of bed and join in the fun.

Tailgates and other honor society festivities are informal chances to network. Think of them as fun spaces — usually involving barbecue — where you can interact with current honor society members and alums. Plus you can grab a free hotdog and drink at the same time!

Take advantage of chances to serve your community, too. Most honor societies are big on community service. There’s a good chance there will be structured opportunities to give back.

You’ll start to establish a mindset of giving back that you can carry with you no matter where you live. And aside from the positive feeling that will come with helping the underserved, you’ll get even more. You’ll expand your social circle and improve your time management skills.

Volunteer at a soup kitchen, hospital, or event for children. Rake leaves for senior citizens or help put together a fundraiser for a good cause. Ask a senior member of your honor society for a list of good places to serve, or start by volunteering alongside other members of your honor society.

If you’re new to campus or feel like your social circle is small, you’ll find like-minded and motivated people in an honor society. Especially if you’re not interested in joining Greek life, campus honor societies provide a good alternative. Joining as a freshman means you’ll find a quick network of friends before you even hit your first break from classes.

Honor Society Membership Benefits Can Pay Off

Joining campus honor societies entitles you to some pretty impressive perks. Yes, you may need to pay a membership fee. But if you dig into the menu of opportunities, you can get your money’s worth.

When you join honor societies, you might even score good deals in unexpected places. Some places, like a campus bookstore, could offer discounts on merchandise or books. Get the latest campus swag without paying full price!

You might even gain discounted access to off-campus restaurants, as well. And you could pay cheaper cover fees at venues that respect your honor society’s contributions. Ask around and read up on these benefits.

To go a step further, some honor societies will knock a percentage off of vision or dental coverage. For alums with jobs, this can save some serious money on the cost of benefits. And if you land in a city with an active honor society chapter, you could get discounts on anything from concert tickets to flowers.

Additionally, some honor societies will provide ongoing access to job or personnel databases. You can add your name and contact information and search for members by industry or location. This could be handy if you ever want to switch careers.

For some established honor societies, international travel is another perk. You may gain access to discounted trips across Italy or bike rides through Holland. Sign up for your honor society’s email list to stay in the loop about the potential to travel abroad.

Many honor societies will offer membership options that can range from one year to a lifetime. Take the time to read the fine print and see if the lifetime membership is worth it. If you anticipate moving or switching careers, the benefits might make lifetime membership a strong value.

Find Scholarships through Honor Societies

Between classes and living accommodations, college can be expensive. Government and private loans can help to offset those expenses. But it’s even better when you can get scholarships or grants to pay your way through college.

Honor societies tend to be good places to find funding. Some honor societies maintain their own databases. You’ll be able to track down scholarships you wouldn’t be able to access elsewhere.

In some instances, successful alums from your honor society will create scholarships that are only open to current students. These are worth applying to for several reasons. Of course, securing some extra money to pay for your education is a big one!

Beyond that, you’ll find yourself on the radar of someone who’s found success in their industry. Whether or not you’re hoping to land in that same industry isn’t critical. If they’re impressed by your academic record, they’ll be an asset when you’re looking for jobs and internships.

Additionally, being in an honor society can help you win scholarships from other organizations. Name recognition can go a long way. Be sure to mention your affiliation in your applications to other scholarships.

Learn to Be a Leader

Are you hoping to develop your speaking skills and project more confidence? How you present yourself to others can score you major points during job interviews.

This is another great reason to join honor societies. You’ll score a wide selection of events where you can develop your leadership skills.

When you’re attending mixers and other events, you’ll become a more confident speaker. And if you want to accelerate the process, honor societies often will hold professional development activities. You can attend seminars or workshops designed to improve your job readiness and people skills.

Go to conferences or summits where you can hear polished speakers at the microphone. Not only will you benefit from learning about whatever subject they present, but you’ll also learn from how they speak.

Take notes on how they structure their speeches and pace themselves. Look at how they use visuals and humor to engage their audience. You’ll start to internalize their strengths so that you can apply them to your speeches or conversations in the future.

If you’re hoping to ascend the ranks in your professional life, dive into these opportunities. You’ll get better at maintaining eye contact, speaking smoothly, and navigating awkward situations. These are critical skills that will pay off when you’re giving a pitch or meeting with a boss.

Pay it forward, too. Once you graduate, reciprocate the mentorship that your honor society gave you as a college student. Connect with a local branch and add your name to the list of professionals. Then share that you are willing to speak at events or offer mentorship.

Gain Access to Employment Networking Opportunities

Whether you’re prepping for an interview or just looking for a job, connecting with an honor society can be helpful. You’ll tap into a network of current members and alums all geared toward advancement. And if you’re eager and enthusiastic, they’ll be willing to help you.

Some honor societies have established programs where you can do job shadowing or intern with someone connected to the group. In other instances, there might be mixers where you can talk with people informally about your career aspirations.

Happy alums will be interested in supporting an honor society’s legacy. On top of that, they will trust that you’re well-intentioned and prepared.

Consider joining honor societies with a large membership. This often translates to more chapters in cities across the county — and sometimes internationally. Unless you plan on staying put in your college town, a bigger size can work to your advantage.

If you relocate, you’ll have an instant pathway into social and networking opportunities. Connect with the local chapter officer to find out about the schedule of events. Offer to volunteer so you can get established in the new community.

From holiday mixers to fundraisers, you’ll find easy access to potential friends and networking assets. Just remember to dress your best and approach every conversation with warmth. Bring your business card and be prepared to follow up with any promising connections.

You may be able to apply or create profiles through online networking sites. Then you can identify yourself as connected to a particular honor society. This enables you to attract more interest from people sharing the affiliation.

Build a Better Resume for Jobs and Internships

What is one of the biggest member benefits of joining campus honor societies? You’ll enhance your resume! Better yet, you’ll communicate to recruiters that you’re ready to join a winning team.

When you start sending off resumes to potential employers, you want yours to be impressive. Joining an honors society foundation adds clout to your resume. This is particularly true if you join an established society with a national reputation.

It’s not uncommon to stumble academically at times when you’re in high school or college. When you hit a semester where your grades dip a little, don’t be too hard on yourself. Recruiters will look at more than just grade point average.

After all, an impressive list of extracurriculars — including membership in an honor society — can do a lot. In fact, this is an excellent way to offset a grade point average that isn’t as high as you want it to be.

While your resume is an easy place to list your membership, your cover letter is an even better place to elaborate. Highlight your involvement, especially if you’re served as an officer or on a committee. Emphasize the soft skills that make you ready to take on responsibilities in a job or internship.

Don’t be afraid to share your resume with other members of your society for feedback. They can help you choose the best verbs and descriptions to sell your skills. And if they have an artful eye, that can refresh your formating to make it easier to read.

Find Academic Motivation

There may be times when you feel like the only one interested in studying. With the temptation to socialize always present, hunkering down for a study session isn’t always easy. That’s where honor societies can enter the picture and keep you on the straight and narrow.

Typically, you’ll need a certain grade point average to gain entry to an honor society. And if you want to stay in good standing, you’ll need to maintain it. Fortunately, you’ll be surrounded by people with high academic standards who can provide motivation — and maybe even a study group.

Ask about study groups or reserved spaces on campus where you can join fellow honor society members to hit the books. Even if you’re sharing a table or study room with members studying different subjects, that’s okay. You’ll get moral support and an excuse to plan a study break!

Besides, you deserve recognition for high academic achievement. With so much focus on sports in the high school and college landscape, why not honor your diligence as a student? Joining an honor society does just that.

Attend award ceremonies and banquets honoring strong academic performance. Show support to your fellow members knowing that they will do the same for you when you’re in the academic limelight.

Consider Joining Campus Honor Societies

As you take on more extracurriculars, consider adding campus honor societies to the mix. You’ll refine your speaking skills by participating in social gatherings and events. And you’ll get a line on your resume that will you help you stand out from the pack.

To find more tips to make the most of your academic career, check back for new and informative articles.