Letter to the Editor | Jason Glass is getting my vote for Iowa City City Council

Jason Glass’ experience deems him worthy to serve as a City Councilor.


Jason Glass will get my one and only vote for the Iowa City City Council, and here is why.

In November 2009, I was elected to the Iowa City Council. I’ll step down in December having worked with a variety of colleagues over those 12 years and having a good perspective on what works.

Through the majority of those years, the city has had councilors with a diverse set of views. We worked well together, challenging each other, and stretching each other’s views in the process of making good policy. Those debates, sometimes spirited, were healthy and helpful.

Recently the Council has lacked more independent voices and views, moving closer to a “group-think” mentality. My more moderate stance on some issues has been viewed by some as conservative (only in Johnson County).

Jason Glass is a smart, thoughtful, and caring individual. He has more and broader experience than any other candidate. He is currently vice-chair of the Iowa City Human Rights Commission. He has served on the Iowa Human Rights Board. Jason has worked in the for-profit and nonprofit world, as well as in the private and public sectors.

Jason has spent much of that time in human resources and working on issues of diversity, discrimination, and harassment; all to improve the workplace and the greater community. Jason will add reasoned, thoughtful input to Council discussions.

Please join me in casting your one and only vote for Jason to increase our chance of being able to call him our City Councilor.

-Susan Mims, Iowa City City Councilor

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