QQTube Review

Promoted Post

When I first created my channel I had no idea how to get YouTube subscribers. I assumed that if I made a YouTube video that I would start receiving viewers and subscribers automatically over time. It took me months of effort and wasted content to realize that something wasn’t working. I found out a few months in that other YouTubers have had the same problem. No matter how much work we put into our videos, YouTube’s algorithm makes it almost impossible to receive organic traffic as a new content creator. Luckily, just by chance, a friend of mine who is also a YouTuber recommended that I buy YouTube subscribers as a way to help my channel grow organically. I did some research and found QQTube, and my channel is thriving like it never was before.

Free Youtube Subscribers

I have to admit that I was skeptical at first. I didn’t think that it would help my channel to buy youtube views or subscribers but when I tried QQTube’s free subscribers for YouTube I was convinced. Not only did they deliver what they promised, but I started seeing results fast because the more subscribers my channel had the more organic subscribers I received since people were viewing my content as popular now. I still buy subscribers from QQTube regularly because it keeps my channel growing, which in turn helps my videos perform better. After that first free subscribers order, I started trying out their other YouTube services and I love them all. They release new services regularly, so for example they’ll have Youtube views with a certain delivery speed depending on how many you want and how fast you want them, they even have YouTube custom comments where you can input the comment you want posted on your video which I love because it helps me keep my comments section active so more people will post there over time. You can submit comments in different languages which makes everything look a lot more natural and encourages more people that speak the language to comment on your videos. Ever since I started buying custom comments for my videos, I noticed that engagement has increased. My subscribers are scrambling now to be the first to comment, so I vary my order times to let that happen occasionally while still keeping the comments section active with my ordered comments.

Non Drop Subscribers

One thing I know a lot of people are nervous about when they invest in YouTube marketing is how trustworthy the website or provider is. I know because that’s what I was concerned about the most when I was researching buying views on YouTube. A lot of sites aren’t clear about their policies, so you can’t be sure if the services are high quality. The QQTube order page has a service description for each of their services that shows their refill policies, and they actually honor them. They have a bunch of services with a lifetime refill guarantee if a few subscribers or views drop over time (which can happen when YouTube makes huge algorithm changes, but most view providers don’t refill when that happens, they consider it your problem which is unfair since you paid for a certain amount of views). They also have services that will automatically refill themselves if there’s a drop, which is super convenient since it means I don’t have to worry or alert anyone to the issue. Some of the services even overdeliver just in case there are any drops, which is great especially if you want more for your money. Not all of them overdeliver though, but then again drops aren’t a frequent occurrence for me so I haven’t had to worry about it.

QQTube Customer Service

Another thing I love about them is that they don’t ghost you. I’ve seen some horror stories about views providers that take your money and run, but I didn’t experience that at all with QQTube. They communicated with me at every step, when I placed my free subscribers order, when I deposited money, and then when I had questions about some services before order they answered every question I had and were super friendly. The team is really helpful and they make sure that your order runs smoothly and don’t just brush you off.

I also want to point out that they have a blog where they give tips on how to succeed on YouTube and any updates that YouTube has that might affect creators, which just goes to show that they actually care about their customers succeeding on YouTube. So long story short, QQTube is amazing and I’m so glad I found them, they really helped me take my channel to the next level and I wouldn’t be where I am today (getting brand sponsorships and growing my following on Instagram and TikTok) without them.