How To Improve Your Memory: Simple Guidelines

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We were wondering how to improve memory? The modern world does not standstill. It is constantly developing and improving. When humanity entered the information age, we faced a new problem: our brain cannot process and store as much information as needed. But actually, it is not valid. The problem is that we have shifted a lot of responsibilities to computer technology, and our consciousness began to work differently.

Why Do People Remember Less Information Today?

Many, remembering their great-grandparents, say that they knew a lot of housekeeping secrets. Still, they could also recite massive poems by heart and were well oriented on the terrain even without maps. Today such abilities seem impossible to many descendants. So the question arises, how to improve your memory to this level?

So, before the advent of the computer, the Internet, and television, a person could only receive information from other people’s lips or printed sources. There was little information, but their life and health depended on how well they could master it. So, for example, ignorance of folk signs could lead to mistakes in agriculture and the loss of the entire crop.

Also, knowledge of the area played a huge role since people often had to travel long distances on foot or horseback without a navigator, GPS, or other pointers.

With the advent of the Internet, we no longer need to store a lot of information: we can look at everything we need here at any convenient moment. As a result, we lost our super ability – instant recall. We no longer wait for consciousness to find the cell where it stores the memory but take out our smartphone and enter a query into a search engine.

How to improve short-term memory? Another moment our brain encounters is information noise. We get an incredible amount of information – not only statistics at work, radio or television broadcasting, watching videos on the Internet, talking with people, reading news, and much more. When consciousness receives so much information, it cannot always understand which data is worth remembering and which is better to delete. As a result, many people do not have structured memory because they cannot distinguish between important information and unnecessary information.

Not sure how to improve memory? If you understand what processes led to the fact that the state of your memory began to deteriorate, it becomes possible to decide how to fix the situation.

Mobile Application To Improve Memory

Memory game app is a good solution for those who notice that memory does not suit them and want to create ample information storage.

The popular memory app from two-time memory champion Jonas von Essen has a vast number of advantages:

  • Effectiveness – people can achieve successes within a week of classes;
  • Available for everyone;
  • Joyful learning;
  • Workouts take only half an hour a day.

How to improve memory in a few weeks? Studies show that exercising 30-40 minutes every day has excellent results. So, many people notice an improvement in memorization by almost 60% after a few months. It is a fantastic result that is difficult to achieve using simple folk methods.

Memory game app can be downloaded to your smartphone and practiced anytime, anywhere. So, if you have free time at lunch or home in front of the TV, then why not use it to improve your memory? The main thing is that pieces of training bring only positive emotions and a good mood, then they will give more significant results.
How to improve short-term memory? You must train regularly. If you miss at least one day, you will notice that the result for the week will be much worse than the last time.


How to improve your memory? Many techniques can improve your memorization ability, create ample storage for information and instant recall. Their effectiveness depends not only on the creator but also on your perseverance, discipline, and focus on results.