5 Best Psychic Readings Online: Get A Psychic Reading From Top Psychics

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Do you find yourself stuck in a particular situation or a period in your life? Or maybe there is an actual tough situation lingering for a long period from which you can’t get out? You are looking for valuable advice and different perceptions you could rely on, so you can more easily resolve your current life issues. Even if you just want to better yourself, psychic reading online sites can provide you with the encouragement you need to improve your life quality.

Thinking of finding an online psychics reader doesn’t always mean you are having trouble living your life the right way. Sometimes people are in search of new, better, and more exciting ways of just experiencing the whole journey. Part of the psychic’s job is to present to you new perspectives and attitudes that can be explored and implemented in life. Every person is unique and has individual needs and reasons why they should work on themselves. If you are reading this, then you must have good enough motives and purposes to get in touch and consult an online psychic reader.

Our picks of the Best Online Psychic Reading Websites of 2021:

  • Kasamba: Overall best & editor’s choice
  • Keen: Best online psychic reading platform for love & relational life
  • AskNow: Holds the best online psychic sessions

#1. Kasamba – Overall best & editor’s choice

If there is no specific reason why you are looking for an online psychic reading session, but you want to generally improve your living quality, Kasamba might be the perfect choice for you. Here, with the assistance of your chosen psychic reader, you can cover a wide spectrum of topics concerning your own life. Different best psychic readers with different specialties are available, so you can choose someone matching your requirements. You should take into consideration that those psychic readers with longer working experience charge more than the others with less. Kasamba psychic readers provide clients with the certainty, mentorship, and guidance they are looking for.


  • More than 20 years of experience
  • Options to get a psychic reading by phone, online chat, or email
  • You get 3 free minutes of your reading
  • The price varies from $1.99-$20 per minute


  • Kasamba guarantees to meet your level of satisfaction only in the first psychic reading

Customers experience

With its many years of experience and proficiency, Kasamba offers clients the unique experience of predicting the future. A variety of gifted psychic readers are available so the customers have the options to choose what best suits them. Packages for different budgets are available to clients so that anyone can be able to afford it.

#2. Keen – Best online psychic reading platform for love & relational life

Is your main concern your love life? Are you interested in knowing if you’ve already found your perfect match? Then this is the right place for you! Keen specializes in love readings and can help you bring your love life to fruition. You’re having trouble finding your soulmate and you’d like to explore your options? A qualified psychic reader will make your path brighter and show you the right direction to look at. Keen provides you with the best psychic reading online services using astrology and has readers who specialize in Chinese, Mayan, and Vedic astrology.


  • More than 20 years of experience
  • Keen Psychics start at a low price point of $1.99 up to $20 and higher
  • Three Free minutes
  • Psychic readings by phone, email, or chat


  • Offers introduction for one session only

Customers experience

There are many reasons why Keen is the real deal for you. Doing psychic readings in the love field is what Keen psychics are famous for. Reading’s accuracy is kept on a high level and doesn’t leave anyone indifferent.

#3. AskNow – Holds the best online psychic sessions

Do you want to have all your sessions using only your phone? Asknow offers you the possibility to connect and discuss your needs with a psychic reader on your smartphone. This online psychic reading site offers a variety of psychic reading services from which you can choose, depending on the goals you have set. If you are having trouble finding closure on a particular matter or having a hard time coping with the loss of a loved one, then you’ve come to the right place. Their specialty is to satisfy your needs to connect with the spiritual world and allows you to reconnect with those no longer present.


  • More than 15 years of experience
  • Psychic Readings by chat or phone
  • $1 per minute package option
  • 5 free minutes
  • $3.99-$13+ per minute


  • There is no option for video sessions or readings by email

Customers experience

AskNow is perfect for Customers who prefer having their sessions in a more discreet manner. Offering psychic readings by phone and chat makes this site the best solution for them. Cheap options are available which clients consider a big advantage.

#4. MysticSense – Accurate & trusted psychic readings

Everyone is facing different difficulties in life and is dealing with a different battle. Some are trying to sort their finances out, some are impatient to meet their soulmate and start building a relationship. On this site, you can find psychics specializing in several different fields like toxic relationships, financial crisis and career matters, divorces and breakups, and many more.


  • Available service 24/7
  • Readings by phone, webchat, SMS, and video
  • 5 free minutes


  • Instead of a full refund, you get credit to try another psychic online tarot card readings

Customers experience

Many years of experience largely contribute to the efficiency and accuracy these psychics maintain. What’s catching clients’ attention most is the variety of topics these psychics cover. As soon as the client solves one particular issue, they can move to another field and continue the work and consultations. Offering video call psychic readings is viewed as a big plus for clients. Different psychics have different psychic reading styles so they can keep every client satisfied.

#5. Oranum – Best psychic reading site for video chats

It is of big importance for you to connect with your psychic on a deep and meaningful level? Oranum offers you readings via live video calls. Many clients want to meet their psychic more than just hearing their voice or reading their email. If you’re one of these people, this is the right place to look. Oranum provides you with a wide range of tarot readers which gives you the possibility to choose. One of the first things to do before you start using Oranum is to look carefully at its credit system. It can be tricky to understand and it requires a little studying in order to know how to use it.


  • 10 years of experience
  • Online readings by video
  • 1-3 free minutes (9.99 credits)
  • Packages from $35.99 for 27.99 credits


  • The credit system might be confusing

Customers experience

Many of the customers find video call psychic readings helpful because they can connect better with their psychics. The level of intimacy is rising as the video calls contribute to creating a special bond between psychics and clients.

Here are the different types of Psychics!

Before you dive into the search for the best psychic, you should take a peek at the different types of psychics and the methods they use. That way you will have the information you need to make the decision that’s right for you. Psychics were popular thousands of years ago and so are today. There are countless methods that were being used in the past and some of them are still implemented today. From coin tossing to card readings, you have several options to choose from.

The “Clairs’’

Under this category fall all the psychics who use their six senses in order to meet your needs. Now, what does that mean? It means that some psychics get and give their energy through different sources, using different organs of the body, which divides them even further.

● Clairvoyants

Psychics and clairvoyants claim to have the ability to pick up information about people, objects, places, and events through visions. They are considered to have an otherworldly perception.

● Clairaudients

These psychics claim to have the capacity to hear voices that can’t normally be heard by regular people. This type of psychic can hear and communicate with dead people and connect you with your lost ones.

● Clairsentients

These psychics are known for their ability to sense the presence of dead people and their energies. Also, they can feel a person’s aura and perceive things that are not usually perceivable.

● Clairalience

The sense of smell is the main tool used to gain information about an object, place, person, or a physical event. It is also called clear smelling, which indicates that this particular sense is more dominant than the other five.

● Clairgustance

Clairgustance is defined as the ability to taste something without actually tasting it. It sounds confusing, right? Well, there is a type of psychics who are considered to possess this so-called superpower. Using this powerful tool of taste can help them identify the spirit and communicate with him.

● Claircognizance

Think of it as a sudden unexplainable thought that pops into your head. Random facts come to the surface out of nowhere and without previous knowledge of the subject. These facts can refer to the past as well as to the future.

Intuitive Psychics and Empaths

● Intuitive psychics

Psychics driven by their instinct and intuition are those who can instinctively predict what or when it will happen. They can easily predict future events and happenings and prepare you to better understand the possible circumstances you may face.

● Empaths

As a general term, empathy is known as a positive characteristic or even a trait that people possess, but only to a limited extent. People who are willing to consult an empath are usually concerned about the present, as opposed to the intuitive who specializes in predicting the future. Empathic psychics can feel on their skin the emotions you experience and metaphorically- walk a mile in your shoes. Not only can they relate to the feelings of your own, but can also tell you with clarity what people close to you truly feel.

Intuitives and Empaths draw the energies and information with the help of their intuition and instinct. So this would be a much more abstract method than the method “The Clairs” use, which is more visible and palpable.

Medium Reading

The practice of mediumship, also known as spirit channeling, is a method used by certain psychics called mediums. This particular type of psychics aims to initiate and set up a connection between the people alive and the souls of the dead.

There are different types of spirit channeling including trance, ouija, and séance tables.

● Trance

The closer term you could compare trance to is hypnosis. Trance is the state in which a person is not self-aware of their actions, but capable of realizing an aim. While in this state of mind, a person can be manipulated, so to speak, by the other person who is causing and inducing the trance. An important fact to be known is that trance may occur voluntarily or involuntarily.

● Ouija

Ouija is also known as the talking board, which explains half of its meaning. This is more of a visual and physical method used a long time ago. There are numbers and letters used on a board, which serve for spelling the conversation of the spirits present in the room. This is a method that requires more activity of the participants, meaning asking questions and requesting answers for the dead.

● Seánce tables

Also known as table-turning or table tapping, it is the act of participants gathering around a table putting their hand on it. Once they put them on the table they wait for rotations. Then everyone starts saying the alphabet out loud and the table tilts when a particular letter is spoken.

Astrology Psychics

Astrology is all about planets and their position. Psychics using astrology as a method of predicting the future and analyzing the past, are actually studying the placement of the planets the day you were born in comparison to the present day. Psychics who study astrology and apply horoscopes as a method to their psychic reading have the advantage of accuracy as they combine their planet knowledge and their intuition.

An interesting fact about these psychics is that they can to a certain extent play the role of a psychotherapist and for some clients even to replace one.


Cartomancy can be defined as the simple process of asking and answering questions with the help of cards. Psychics analyze the positioning of the cards and how they are related to one another and form the answer you are looking for. This is one of the oldest and simplest practices of fortune-telling.


Can one’s life path be reduced to a single number? Number experts say it can because the symbolism of the number is as old as man. And every man is born on a certain date from which one can calculate and see his main life trajectory. Your life path number is one of the most influential numerological aspects within the complete science of numerology.

All a numerologist needs are your full name and your date of birth. By combining letters and numbers he gets a clear picture or an idea of important events and periods in your life.


The Iching has long been used as a method to predict the future, and it is arguable that the system is still as influential in the modern era as it was thousands of years ago. The structure is made up of hexagrams. All hexagrams are composed of different numbers which have different meanings. You must ask simple questions and then a coin is tossed six times. With each coin toss, you will build the hexagram from the bottom line to the top.

What to consider when consulting a psychic Reader Online?

Every now and then you face bumps on the road but you can’t really identify the source and what is provoking them. Uncertainty is becoming more and more present in making important life decisions and as any normal person, the inconsistency is bothering you. Even so, you can’t make up your mind about contacting a psychic.

There are a number of things you should pay attention to before seeking help.


It is advisable not to have high expectations since they can doom the process before it even begins. It is okay to have a dose of positivity and enthusiasm about the whole idea, but it should be done with patience and calmness. Being patient is part of the process.

As time goes by and the sessions continuously proceed, you will have a clearer picture of the process you will go through. You should take baby steps in order to achieve your goals. Looking at the bigger picture from the very first meeting will definitely mess with your head. Wait until the time is right so you can go into depth and dive deeper into the matters of life.

Release control

As you’ve put your expectations to bed, now it’s the time to let someone else in the driver’s seat. The psychic you’ve chosen should be the one to guide you through the sessions and lighten the path for you. You might find yourself too excited and bomb her with questions and suggestions, which you may regret later. Give only the information required by them and nothing more.

Giving too much information to an unprofessional might result in them manipulating you later in the process. You should perceive your main role during the sessions as an observer of your own life.

Trust the process

Your first instinct will probably be to rush things and get an online psychic reading straight to the point. That is the less advisable thing you can do. If you run into a fake psychic or someone who just wants to take your money, this will definitely help them out. They will give concrete and precise answers to your even more concrete questions and get rid of you easily. This is one characteristic of fake psychics.

The reality though is quite complex. It is not that simple to sort all your problems in one or two sessions, or by answering a couple of questions. Don’t put pressure on your psychic and give them the space they need. Step by step, you together with your psychic consultant, will examine the issues bothering you. From the top down to the bottom. Have faith and stay calm during the whole period and you will get what you’re looking for.

Guidance vs Instructions

Don’t mix these two terms as it can really confuse you in the process of healing. You have to be clear about what you can and what you cannot expect from the psychic. Their job is to guide you and make you realize on your own the steps you should take. You have to decide by yourself what your next step will be. They can surely help you and bring the answers closer to you, but you are the one calling the shots.

Stay open-minded

When approaching a psychic a huge factor is the attitude you do it with. Being open-minded is a must if you consider working on yourself. This will be very beneficial for you in many ways. As the psychic gets to know you better they will be digging deeper and deeper into your mind and emotions.

During this process, many subjects will be touched and some of them even are brought into question. You may start to reopen old matters and relieve certain memories. This is where you must stay open to new perspectives and possible new conclusions. If you do so, you’ll get the chance to explore new ways of dealing with old matters and coping better with upcoming ones. Flexibility plays a huge role so before deciding to consult a psychic make sure you are not a stubborn person and you’re open to self-criticism.

Are psychic readings Online accurate?

So, should you completely trust and believe what a psychic predicts? It is important to mention that a psychic can perform a very accurate psychic reading in predicting future events, future circumstances you might experience, tell you what kind of period is coming next for you, and so on. They can also predict the birth of a new soul and the loss of another. Psychics can help to provide you with the stability you need, the guidance you’re seeking, and the support you need to continue fighting battles in life. However, it isn’t possible to predict the future with great precision. That means that either time will vary, or some other detail will happen in a different manner.


Timing is everything! You must have heard that saying before. It is true that timing is important, and the time when something is happening can make a huge difference. For instance, the very same event might influence a person’s life differently if it happens during adolescence, and later in the middle of their life. We understand life differently during different periods of life and good timing is crucial for a successful life. Unfortunately, psychics can’t tell you the exact time of future happenings.

The timeframe can vary and you should stay flexible in understanding their predictions. This prediction can happen sooner than you would hope for, but also after days, months, or years. Especially if you’re consulting a numerologist, you should know that numbers can be interpreted in many different ways. If the prediction says something will happen in 3, that could mean 3 hours, days, or even weeks.


People mostly search for concise, clear instructions to live their lives. Consulting a psychic will probably not help you the way you think. Their predictions and advice are not that specific and you have to put in a lot of effort to achieve your goals. They can see in the future and communicate to you what to expect, but they won’t tell you how to react or what attitude to take towards something.

However, a psychic should open possibilities and options for you to explore so that you can decide what’s best by using your own head. As previously discussed, timing can vary, but also details. Details cannot be predicted with accuracy. A lot can change depending on the time when the prediction is actually happening.


Thinking about the influence a psychic can have on you and your life? Now, this is an interesting topic to delve into. What we expect is, of course, a psychic to have a positive impact on someone’s life and their choices. But here we are talking about a different kind of influence. When they give you a prediction for the future you start to consciously or unconsciously anticipate that in your life. The prediction alone can change the perception of how you visualize your future.

This is why a psychic is expected to be positive, cheering and supportive of their client, so that they can form the best attitude to carry through life. When you have good thoughts you will make the right decisions. The point is, if the prediction never happens you might get a different outcome in a particular situation.

FAQs about Psychic Readings Online

Q. Can an online psychic “read your mind”?

There is no such thing as literally reading minds and instantly knowing what a person thinks. Psychics get the deeper truth by using all kinds of methods previously mentioned in this article. The most common is the tarot readings method. Your psychic can ask you to choose one or more cards from the deck and interpret your choice so you can better understand your thoughts and emotions. Since each card has its own unique symbolism and meaning, picking a specific card says a lot about a person. This is one of the tools they use to get through the walls of the unknown.

Another very specific method is trance which we associated with hypnosis. By putting you through the process of trance, a psychic gets the deepest truths out of you. Actions that you’ve already taken, or that you’re willing to take come to the surface and can be further explored. People in this state of mind can be very bold and unpredictable so a lot of unconscious thoughts are said out loud.

Q. How to make sure that a psychic is legitimate?

There are various ways to recognize a fake psychic. Their approach is different from that of the legitimate one. Fake psychics usually rush into things and to conclusions. They often give general answers to your questions and don’t even try to dig deeper or analyze your statements and reactions. They might offer you precise predictions assuring you about the timing and the way everything will happen.

A legitimate psychic would have a lot of customer reviews from current or former clients. You can read clients’ results and you can estimate if the psychic is worth your time and money. A lot of things can be understood from these reviews. The prices, the experience they have, the levels of satisfaction reached in clients, psychic’s characteristics, and so on.

Q. How to contact the best psychic readers?

You can find a psychic literally everywhere on the internet. Facebook, Instagram, Google, and sometimes even email. Firstly, you have to google the best online psychic readings and the entertainment begins! You should be prepared to run into a countless number of articles and psychic services.

This is when you need to start your research and use your filter before choosing the best psychic for you. There are all kinds of psychics on the internet and choosing the first one that comes in front of you might not be the smartest choice. Read the reviews and take into consideration the time of working experience they have.

Once you find your best match and decide on a specific psychic, you can discuss a way to proceed with communication. A lot of them do accurate psychic readings by phone call, email, and live chat. If our preferable choice is video calling, then you should specifically look for a psychic offering those services. It might cost more than email readings but at least your wishes will be satisfied.

Conclusion : Best Online Psychic Reading Sites

If there are things bothering you and you can’t get rid of bad, negative energies in your life? With the best online psychic readings, you’ve been offered a way out! With all the options presented in this article, you can find what best suits you and start your consulting with the right psychic. Anyway, careful thought should be put into the choice-making, as all of these different methods and types of readings can be confusing. If you have decided to start a new exciting journey with your chosen psychic, here you have all the information you need to make the best choices currently available for you.