NCAAF: College Football Players Who Will Change The Game

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The NCAAF is used to source the best talent from student-athletes all over the country, so it makes sense that everybody looks to the college teams to find the next big thing. Here we have listed some of the most promising collegiate football players active right now. These young men have distinguished themselves in their collegiate careers and look ready to make waves if they hit the big league.

If you’re a gambler, you should know that you can sometimes bet on the performances of collegiate players too. Sportsbooks online pay attention to NCAAF picks and other relevant events to the collegiate football industry so that you can wager on and support players from their humble beginnings to NFL stardom.

Bryce Young

As quarterback for the Alabama Crimson Tide, a team that has historically provided a lot of great talent to the NFL, all eyes are on Bryce Young as the next promising NFL pick. Coach Nick Saban has alluded to Young’s name, image, and likeness deals tallying almost seven figures, so many movers and shakers in the industry are putting their money where their mouth is.

He tops the list of many expected NFL picks, much in the same way that Trevor Lawrence or Joe Burrow were hyped up before being picked first at the draft, so we’re expecting something similar for Young. As an Alabama alumnus, Young has big shoes to fill if he’s going to make his mark on the modern NFL and the football industry as a whole.

Spencer Rattler

Alongside Young, Spencer Rattler is another quarterback who’s received some love from industry media throughout his collegiate career. Rattler is QB for the Oklahoma Sooners, who have had a great off-season and recently offered a #1 pick to the NFL with Kyler Murray in 2019. Some think Rattler could do it again.

Last year he scored a 172.56 efficiency rating, the lowest for an Oklahoma quarterback in some time. This is part of the reason that he’s playing for second place, in many people’s eyes, as he still has to prove himself worthy of being the next big QB over Young.

D.J. Uiagalelei

Alongside Bryce Young and Spencer Rattler, there’s a third quarterback that’s getting hyped up by the football press, and that’s D.J. Uiagalelei. Uiagalelei is the QB for the Clemson Tigers, meaning he’s stepping into a more immediate legacy than Young or Rattler since last year’s #1 pick Trevor Lawrence was also a Clemson QB.

Anybody who follows collegiate football knows how much hype followed Lawrence into his #1 position at the 2021 draft, so it remains to be seen if Uiagalelei can get as much attention. Of course, he doesn’t need to get that #1 spot to make waves in the NFL, and many think he’s poised to become a great player going forward.

Breece Hall

Enough about quarterbacks, let’s take a look at some players in other positions, starting with Breece Hall of the Iowa State Cyclones. Last season, Hall ran the most yards in a season – 1,572 – and he also scored 23 touchdowns, which is only rivaled by Heisman finalists from Alabama. Some think this puts Hall in the running for the Heisman trophy, which would put him in a great position to advance into the NFL and change the game.

Chris Olave

After DeVonta Smith made a big impact on the NFL as a wide receiver, we may see other wide receivers change the game in the future. That’s why Chris Olave of the Ohio State Buckeyes is on some people’s radar and a potential Heisman Trophy candidate. As far as collegiate running backs go, Olave seems to be one of the more likely star players as long as he doesn’t get overshadowed by team QB Garrett Wilson. He’s sure to get snapped up by an NFL team hungry for a new wide receiver.

Kayvon Thibodeaux

As a defensive end for the Oregon Ducks, Kayvon Thibodeaux was acquired after a recruiting coup of Los Angeles talent. He has since demonstrated himself as a competent player during two Pac-12 championship games, over which he racked up 23.5 tackles and 12 sacks. It’s not all about his stats, however, he also has the physical presence and the disruptive force that makes for an effective and demoralizing defensive end. He’s on many people’s radar as a top-five pick when the 2022 draft comes around. As a defensive end, he won’t need to contend with the quarterback talent covered above.