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Hand pipes are one of the most common consumption methods used for smoking cannabis. Today they have evolved into glass blunts. These new type of marijuana pipes are convenient for outdoor smoking (who wants to bring a bong with them on a hike? Its just not practical). These are for people looking for portability and convenience. Glass blunt pipes have emerged recently as another alternative way for consumers. Glass blunt provides the same features as a standard blunt, but even more!

There are multiple types of glass blunts available from different brands. Some may have seen these referred to as “twisty glass blunt or glunt” as well. However, not all of these hand pipes are made with the same design and efficiency. However, one brand that separates themselves is the Glass Blunt Store that uses ceramic as their mouthpiece, and twisting part.

What exactly is a glass blunt pipe?

A glass blunt pipe is shaped like a standard blunt and blown out of glass. They have a spiral piece of glass running down the middle of the tube connecting to the mouthpiece. Ours also comes with a rubber cap to easily stick it back on when done consuming, which is recommended to keep the mouthpiece clean and sanitary. The mouthpiece can be adjusted to the amount of vapor the consumer would like to consume, making for a more user friendly experience. The spiral tube going down the middle of the blunt is part of their advanced smoke technology that helps the blunt from “cherrying”. This helps the consumer to avoid having to light the blunt before everytime they smoke.

Benefits of glass blunts over standard blunt

While standard blunts are one of the most common ways to consume cannabis, there are many disadvantages they have compared to our glass blunt pipes. Rolling is a frustrating experience unless one knows exactly what they are doing. Even experienced rollers have slip ups, get frustrated, or take longer than they’d like. Why get home from work and spend an extra 10 minutes rolling a blunt when a glass blunt pipe can be packed in under a minute? The other advantage and probably the most important is safety. Various medical studies have stated that cannabis users who smoke using rolls for their blunts often still carry the toxins of tobacco and other chemicals in these papers.

These papers, when burned, also produce toxins such as chlorine. Glass blunt pipes avoid this by vaporizing the herb (heating it but not fully burning it). This gives the user a cleaner, safer and smoother method of smoke consumption. They can also be rerer to as glass joints too.

What makes carry the highest quality glass blunt pipes?

There are many retailers across the web selling users cheaply made and unreliable blunt pipes. Some websites claiming glass-made blunts are actually made of a thin metal. These have the potential of carrying lead, which when vaporized can be extremely toxic. Try to avoid sites like ebay, etsy and amazon for glass pipe purchases and check with reputable sources. All of these glass blunt pipes are CSPS certified. This verifies they are made of safe, legitimate and top-quality glass. Glass was developed by cannabis educators and smokers themselves, therefore they understand the importance of high-quality smoke technology. These blunt pipes are also made to keep the glass 30% cooler than paper hits, helping to avoid accidental burning. For the highest quality piece and most portable advanced blunt yet, check out our website.