Best Places To Buy Kratom Online: Top 5 Kratom Vendors Of 2021

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If you’ve ever tried to buy Kratom on the market, then you know how difficult it is to find the right company. Not only can you get scammed, but also you can get an inferior quality product that can hurt your health.

So, what can you do?

There are multitudes of Kratom brands in the market currently. Hence, selecting the best place to buy Kratom online might seem to be a daunting task. To make things easier on you, we have compiled the reviews of the best Kratom powder available below.

Best Kratom Vendors Online

  1. Kats Botanicals – Best Quality Overall
  2. Kraken Kratom – Highly Potent Kratom Strains
  3. Left Coast Kratom – Wide Range of Kratom

    #1. Kats Botanicals – Best Quality Overall

Kats Botanicals are a prominent Kratom manufacturer from New Jersey. They entered into the Kratom industry in 2016. They are mainly prominent for their unique Kratom blends that provide you with soothing relief from stress and alleviate body aches, if any.

These blends are highly effective, owing to the psychotropic properties of Kratom. The benefits of the fusion of 7-α-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine and their subsequent interaction with the brain’s opioid receptors have been used by Kats Botanicals.

The natural health supplements offered by Kat Botanicals have been used by users worldwide. Their amalgamation of unique strains of Kratom is one of their biggest selling points.

Several Kratom manufacturers often compromise on the quality of the product to cut down on the cost of production. It leads to the contamination of the Kratom substance, which could eventually lead to adverse side effects.

Kat Botanicals prioritize the well-being of their customers above everything else. This company does not leave any stone unturned to provide its users with the best possible products.


  • Organic Cultivation: All the natural ingredients used to prepare these blends directly come from Indonesian farms with an illustrious reputation for premium quality leaves and herbs.
  • High Potency: All of the components included in the formulation of their Kratom blends are hand-picked organically and carefully dried and pulverized. The selection of highly potent and mature leaves is yet another distinctive feature that sets Kat Botanicals apart from all other brands.
  • Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP): Kat Botanicals uses advanced and contemporary manufacturing techniques to ensure that all products are first-rate in quality.
  • Diverse Variety: The extensive range of Kratom blends offered by Kat Botanicals is a major highlight. They have several strains that are of different potency levels and flavors. As a result, you will have a vast array of options to choose from, irrespective of whether you are a beginner or an experienced user!
  • Provides Quick Effects: The products of Kat Botanicals work within a very short span upon ingestion, with the effects lasting for a long while. Their Kratom blends have also helped users cope with withdrawal symptoms of other products.


  • Blends made using non-GMO hemp
  • Removes lethargy and provides relief
  • Diverse range of products and strains
  • Varying levels of potency suitable for all users
  • Refund policy is available


  • Lab test results are not transparent
  • Products are not restocked quickly

#2. Kraken Kratom – Highly Potent Kratom Strains

Kraken Kratom was established in the year of 2014 in Portland, Oregon. It is a family-operated undertaking that primarily strives to produce completely organic and high-grade Kratom-based products.

An immensely significant milestone that Kraken Kratom boasts of is its GMP certification by the American Kratom Association. They are the first brand to be bestowed with this accolade. Therefore, the factor of quality is undoubtedly reliable with this brand.

Kraken Kratom also manufactures an expansive array of products. This substantial inventory offers you multiple options to choose from and gradually experiment with. They also offer you different products from other trusted brands on their website.

Customers have also expressed their satisfaction regarding the user-friendliness of the website and easy navigation facilities. Their customer service holds excellent reviews and enjoys a favorable reputation overall.

Kraken Kratom also believes in educating its customers regarding Kratom and its benefits. They host a lot of community programs that you can benefit from. Many resources and blogs are available on their website so that you can check them out to improve your knowledge in this domain.


  • Premium Extraction Methods: Kraken Kratom enlists the implementation of state-of-the-art extraction techniques to ensure that the quality of the blends is not tampered with in any way. They use three different types of extraction methods that provide different potencies in the end product.
  • Product Range: This brand is prominent for its diverse and all-encompassing range of products. They have strains, tea powders, capsules, liquid extracts, and so on. It provides you with several choices and refrains from becoming repetitive.
  • Strict Quality Control: All the products manufactured at Kraken Kratom undergo rigorous quality checks to certify the purity of the product. Microbial safety checks and testing for heavy metals are some of the salient tests that they perform.
  • Economical Pricing: Most brands price their Kratom products at the higher end of the scale, making it burdensome for frequent users. However, most of Kraken’s Kratom products are reasonably priced, reducing the difficulty for users on a budget.
  • Discount Coupons and Reward Programs: Kraten Krakom provides its users with multiple redeemable discount coupons and rewards schemes. It received a warm welcome from customers who participate in these programs with enthusiasm.


  • Entirely organic ingredients
  • Wide product variety to choose from
  • Affordable pricing
  • Provides free shipping and same-day shipping policies
  • User-friendly website that is easy to navigate


  • Certain extracts do not produce the desired potency
  • Money-back guarantee unavailable

#3. Left Coast Kratom – Wide Range of Kratom

Left Coast Kratom ventured into this industry in 2017. They are based out of Portland, Oregon. This company was founded with the primary intent of providing premium quality Kratom products to its customers and educating them in this regard extensively.

They are certified by the American Kratom Association and abide by all the mandatory regulations, thereby using only ethical means in all of their manufacturing processes. Their ingredients are completely natural and procured from the most authentic sources available.

The product inventory of Left Coast Kratom is also pretty impressive. They manufacture various products, including Kratom powder, Kratom tea leaves, tea capsules, and liquid extracts. The potency levels of these products also differ, thereby suiting newbies as well as experienced users.

As mentioned earlier, Left Coast Kratom takes multiple initiatives to keep its customers aware of the attributes of Kratom, its usage, and its effects. They have introduced access to several resources and informative pieces of content on their website for users to refer to.

This brand pays a lot of attention to the quality of its products. Therefore, they conduct strict lab-testing and double-check all products. Hence, they assure you of a 100% satisfaction rate.


  • Favorable Customer Feedback: Left Coast Kratom and associated products are a huge hit amongst its customer base. Customers enjoy all aspects of this product ranging from its potency, customer service, and overall quality assurance.
  • Authentic Source of Raw Material: This company sources its raw material for Kratom blends from the regions of Southeast Asia. This area has a great reputation for the quality of the leaves and herbs cultivated, thereby ensuring no compromise in any of the products.
  • Diversified Pricing Options: Since the product range of this brand is vast, the pricing range of certain products may not be affordable to the majority of the users. However, that is not a problem since Left Coast caters to all sections of the economic strata of users.
  • Aids In Treatment of Conditions: Kratom blends are famous for their healing properties that relieve prolonged tension and lower anxiety levels. Apart from this, they also help users to gradually ease the withdrawal symptoms of other substances.


  • Certified by GMP and made with quality ingredients
  • Vast product range to choose from
  • All products are tested at third-party laboratories
  • Discount programs and reward coupons are available
  • Overnight delivery option is present


  • Lab returns are not displayed transparently
  • Return policies are not user-centric

#4. Golden Monk – Best Affordable Kratom Strains

Golden Monk is a leading business in the Kratom industry, focusing on Kratom capsules. This company from Canada made its way into this business in 2016 and has established itself to be a trustworthy brand.

This brand is renowned for its superior quality of strains and Kratom blends. They carefully curate Kratom strains with immense alkaloid properties, which ensures that the potency of the products is maintained uniformly.

Golden Monk also performs extensive laboratory testing on all its products to ensure the absence of harmful contaminants in the end product. They primarily check for the presence of airborne organisms and other unwanted particles. They perform a series of six tests to achieve this grade of quality.

Customers also vouch for the top-notch customer service provided by Golden Monk. They are happy with the in-depth information provided by the company’s manner, which aids them in making informed decisions.


  • Premium Packaging: One of the major highlights of this brand is its professional degree of packaging. Proper labeling is present on all products, including all the particulars such as legal compliance, ingredients, and dosage details mentioned clearly.
  • User-Friendly Website: Yet another important feature of Golden Monk Is their easy-to-navigate website. The transparency of the site is a major selling point that cements the authenticity of this brand.
  • Affordability: Most products of Golden Monk are priced at an affordable range, unlike other Kratom brands that are exorbitantly priced. This factor ensures that the accessibility of the product is increased manifold.
  • Multiple Perks: Golden Monk provides new users with sampler packages to help them get started on this journey smoothly. They also have loyalty programs with reward offerings. As a result, the customer-business relationship is well-disposed and amicable.


  • High-quality strains that come from reputable farms
  • Solid packaging that protects the product from contamination
  • Third-party lab testing done
  • Flexible payment options for users to pick from
  • Shipping policies are user-friendly


  • Refund policies are unfavorable, according to some customers

#5. Kratom Spot – Well-Known Kratom Vendor

Kratom Spot has been in the Kratom business since 2014. This company was established in Irvine, California. They specialize in dealing with Mitragyna Speciosa, which comes from locations in Southeast Asia.

The product catalog of this brand is indeed massive, with over 30 strains to pick from. They sell Kratom and Kava as part of their wide variety of blends, extracts, and capsules. The components involved in the manufacturing of these products are entirely organic and free of chemicals.

The affordability of the products of Kratom Spot gives them a significant edge over other brands in the market. Attractive discount options and reward schemes are also a part of their customer-centric pricing idea.

Multiple payment options and the associated flexibility helps customers to rely on this brand and purchase products according to their convenience. It is a feature that is generally absent in most other brands, which gives Kratom Spot an added edge.


  • Extensive Variety Of Strains: This brand specializes in manufacturing a huge variety of strains that are absent in other leading contenders in this industry. Customers tend to prefer a brand that gives them many options rather than severely narrowing down their choices.
  • Wholesale Dealing: Kratom Spot also provides bulk products and deals in a wholesale manner. Therefore, if you wish to stock your dosage of Kratom blends, this feature will help you a great deal!
  • Great Customer Support: Kratom Spot ensures to solve all the needs and requirements of its customers in a supportive manner. They address all your queries to help you gain more insight into the particulars of the product you consume.
  • Refund Policy: A 100% money-back guarantee is offered for customers if they are unsatisfied with the product and wish to return it. Most brands do not offer this freedom for their users. Therefore, Kratom Spot users can avail themselves of this exclusive feature!


  • Most wide inventory of strains in this industry
  • Completely organic ingredients that are free of contaminants
  • Affordable pricing structure
  • Website is easy to navigate and provides a lot of useful resources
  • Lucrative discounts and reward programs are present


  • Certain users have observed inconsistency in quality
  • Orders handling is faulty at times

Buying Guide For Kratom

Let’s face it, even when you have all the information about a website, choosing the right one for you and then a product is overwhelming. If you’re especially new to the substance, then you’ll need some help with buying Kratom.

So, here is a helpful guide to see you through the process!

Even if you know what kind of product you want, choosing the right company to purchase from is critical. Here are a few factors on which to evaluate your companies!

● Product Quality

While you might think there’s no way to judge product quality correctly, we have a few tricks to help you do it without a single penny spent. Certification is the best way to decide quickly whether a company has quality products or not.

While Kratom isn’t regulated, there are still associations such as the American Kratom Association, which provide GMP certification. The certification ensures that the products are above a certain quality and the ingredients are correctly sourced and properly stored.

If you can’t find GMP certification anywhere, avoid the site like the plague.

● Transparency

If you can’t find the certification or any other information about the product, such as origin, harvesting process, screening, storing, accreditation, manufacturing, or even concentration, then avoid the product.

Test results of every kind should be readily available on the website. You shouldn’t have to go on a treasure hunt for something that isn’t a prize.

● Customer Reviews

While customer reviews are extremely important, they can also be fake. When going through the customer reviews on any page, you have to make sure that what you’re seeing is real.

Legitimate customer reviews are generally a mix of good and bad. Consistently high or 5-star reviews are a sign that the website isn’t honest. Make sure the account names don’t sound too much like a bot. Too many spelling mistakes is also a bad sign.

Even when going through customer reviews, make sure to read the average rating ones. They are often the most truthful and comprehensive.

● Product Variety

A website or company that provides free samples is probably more legitimate than one with an unbelievable discount.

Since Kratom is so diverse, people generally require free samples to test the product and see what works for them. Legitimate companies understand that and cater to customer requirements.


Q. Is Kratom safe?

Kratom has been used for years as a medicine. So, when appropriately used, it is safe. However, no safe is 100% risk-free. Consuming Kratom depends entirely on your willpower and monitoring of usage.

There’s a chance of addiction when it comes to Kratom, so monitoring usage and dosage is essential. If you’re not monitoring how much you take, it’s easy to become dependent on the substance.

It’s also best to avoid Kratom if you have:

  • Underlying medical conditions
  • Mental health problems
  • Already on other medication
  • Pregnant or lactating

Q. How do you take Kratom?

Kratom is created by drying and pulverizing the leaves of the Kratom plant. Once it becomes a fine powder, it is put into food or beverages and consumed that way. Since Kratom is already a bit earthy and bitter, it’s usually added to sweet foods and drinks.

The usual ways to take Kratom involve adding it to orange juice, coffee, or tea. Nothing is stopping you from adding Kratom to any other drinks or food you’re consuming.

If you’re not keen on adding it to your food, you can always swallow a capsule that is faster acting – like an Advil.

There’s also the option of using Kratom in liquid or extract form. Adding it to food, beverages, or just swallowing it directly is a popular method of taking Kratom!

Q. What are the side effects of Kratom?

The different side effects of Kratom include dry mouth, nausea, vomiting, aggression, hallucinations, constant urge to urinate, and constipation.

Apart from these reactions, another prevalent consequence is the risk of dependence. Prolonged users of Kratom who suddenly stop the intake will suffer from different issues like muscle aches, muscle spasms, anxiety, fever, diarrhea, and sleeping trouble.

In Conclusion: Should You Consider Buying From These Kratom Vendors?

Kratom has been around for generations, but it’s necessary to be on high alert when using such products. Since it is steadily gaining popularity and the government hasn’t chosen to regulate it, there are inferior quality products by the hundreds to choose from.

However, choosing the right company and product doesn’t have to be hard. With this handy list, you can easily find the best place to buy Kratom online and get your Kratom today!