Resume Writing Services to Land on the Right Company

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Are you looking for someone who can help you create your resume for your next job? Then you are just a few minutes away from having the best resume. With the different professional resume writing services that are ready to help, for sure, your resume will capture your next employer’s attention.
We have done our best in researching and picking out the 3 best resume writing services in the marketplace. In this guide, we cover both free and paid resume services, so you can pick and choose the right one based on your unique and specific needs.
With these leading resume writing services we have listed, your future will land on the right company, and your desired work will be yours. So, check it out!

3 Best Resume Writing Services

1. Resumeble Review
This site is top-rated for offering the best professional and convenient packages along with resumes, cover letters, and Linkedin profiles, with its excellent user interface.

Resumeble Key Features: Free expert review, ATS score and insights, and super-fast delivery (within 24 hours or less).

Resumeble Pricing: Resumeble is arguably one of the best resume writing services for people searching for the perfect quality-price ratio. Their prices start from $129 only. Don’t forget to use a first-time client discount of 10%.

2. TopResume Review
Reputable resume writing service with outstanding online reputation and free resume review tool provides resume writing help in more than 65 industries.

TopResume Key Features: Strong team (1200 professional writers, many of whom hold certifications) and strong guarantees (free revision, interview invitation guarantee).

TopResume Pricing: Resume ($149), Resume+Cover Letter ($219), Resume +CoverLetter+Linkedin Profile ($349) packages are available and there is no need to pay at once. You can pay through Affirm that allows you to split the payment.

3. Resumojo Review
Resumojo is quite a new resume service on the market with reasonable prices and all the necessary guarantees. The hallmark of Resumojo is the option to order different types of resume services separately, not to overpay for packages.

Resumojo Key Features: Easy ordering procedure (up to 10 min) and direct contact with your writer through a messaging system.

Resumojo Pricing: Prices here are more than affordable and depend on the level of the desired position. You can get a resume for an entry-level position just for $86.4.

Why is Your Resume So Important?

The resumes show how well the employees can introduce themselves, showcase their skills, experience, and their strongest qualities. If you can handle a good resume, it’s a kind of message to the employer – you take responsibility for everything you deal with. These days the diplomas or some other “papers” that confirm your education do not look appealing to companies.

If your skills are excellent and it’s time to move up through your career ladder, just listen to this advice and get to work. But if you’ve got no time to search the templates then save it! You can always call for online help from professional writers. Contact them at any time to get help with your diploma, resume, paperwork, or on-time essay.

For the freshers, who have never done it before, it looks unfair – they pay money for the education, work and study hard, gain their knowledge, but employers don’t pay much attention to that!

Stop complaining – there’s nothing serious and unfair at all! It doesn’t matter if you have over 5 years of experience behind your back or you’re still a novice – you need to produce a high-quality resume.

How to Make a Professional Resume

People nowadays recognize that productive and hard work relates better with optimism and creativity. But the strict paper style and official look are not cancelled yet and still used among the writing makers of different spheres. So here they are – the requirements and tips to succeed in professional life.

1. Formatting
Depending on the position you’re looking for, your resume paper has to be designed with a special format. A proper form is made of numerous parts, where every part includes certain information.

Let’s say the first paragraph is about your education, while the second is about your skills or experience. Put these pieces onto the sheet of paper harmonically. Every second part should be a continuation of the previous one and free from excessive structures.

2. Avoid “boring” and Watery Phrases
Employers are not interested in your everyday duties or every part-time job you had. You may describe yourself as responsible and hard-working, but the sales still won’t go up. That is not an attractive part of the employment process.

Mention your success in a certain sphere, but use less “abstruse” and more “recruit-friendly” words (achieved, managed, created, improved, etc). Being a creative and responsible writer should be much more effective.

As you see – it’s a paradox. You have to be serious with an employee, but the more creative you are, the sooner you can get a position! Use the assistance of positive vibes and smile!

3. Fewer Plans, More Achievements
Sharing your plans with the employer, especially putting them into a resume, is almost the same as telling about your priceless experience and valuable skills. An employer wants to see actual practice first. If you came to get the position of QA Tester, then the companies want to see a QA experience. Concentrate more on that position as much as possible and share your plans and results.

4. Don’t Lie
Most of the employees try to impress employers with their skills, education, experience, and so on. But when it comes to the interview (online or face to face) the truth bobs up and the chances to pass dissolve like sugar in a hot tea. An employer’s vast experience in conducting interviews is a result of great psychology knowledge. Effective resume writing is lie-free.

5. Rename the File in Comfortable Manner
It looks like it makes no sense, but really it sets the tone of the whole interview. While the title is interesting and easy to perceive, the reader wants to read the rest. Mention your name, surname, and the word “resume” in the end.

We hope this guide was useful for you and now you know how to write a resume that will make around 50 percent of your success.

Good luck with the interview!