College Paper Writing Service Choosing Guide: The 4 Best Websites Reviews

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Paper writing services are professional websites that provide in-depth knowledge and information online to help you achieve any writing assignment or research with fast time delivery and quality content. A lot of students are confused about choosing the best writing services for their assignments or research papers. Meanwhile, when choosing any writing services, many factors should be considered.

Are you a student seeking the best college paper writing service? Do you have a hard time getting a reliable writing service that could kill your deadline—giving you a professional delivery experience for your research work and projects? You’re definitely at the right place.

In this article, you would be able to choose from the top six professional websites that could help you when seeking top rated writing service. You’ll also get to know the price of their writing services. Going further, you’ll get to know student’s opinions about the websites, the pros and cons of buying online papers from those websites. Here they are:

1. 99Papers

This is a US-based professional writing company also known as 99papers. If you are seeking a custom writing service, 99papers is your go-to company. The company has proficient writing experts who could offer you tons of assistance for your writing services and assignments. The service and products offered by 99papers writing agency include: Academic College Paper, Admission Essay Help, Assignment Writing Help, Research Paper, Dissertation, Coursework, Case Study, and other writing services.

Meanwhile, the SEVEN main factors that make 99papers standout are:

  • Time Delivery: One of the main features of professional writing services is their ability to deliver quality work while beating deadlines. This is what makes 99Papers a unique writing company. The company has a unique system of managing your assignment so that you don’t worry about late delivery. So, when you’re on the lookout for a writing service company that is characterized by quality content with maximum time delivery, 99papers answer to the name.
  • Level of Services: It doesn’t matter the level of program you are enrolled in school. Whether you are a college student, an undergraduate, a master or PhD student, 99papers is known for its specialty in rendering services at all levels. The company has a perfect fit for you at any level of professional program you’re looking for. Hence, irrespective of your level, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’ll get your assignments done when you seek the writing service of 99papers.
  • Quality Content: The goal of writing—assignment, reviews, essays, research papers, and more isn’t in the number of words. But the quality of what was written. Quality writings are characterized by excellence, a sense of satisfaction, the passage of meaning and understanding, correct use of grammar, adherence to the rules of punctuation, management of sentence structures, brief yet rich paragraphs, and ultimately, getting more value than what you have paid for. This is a great quality about 99papers writing agency. 99papers specializes in offering professional and quality content that provides you with what you need. In terms of serving you excellent dissertation, you can trust the writing service of 99papers. Beyond excellence, 99papers also makes sure you receive non-plagiarism content. The company achieves this by following the policy given by anti-plagiarism activists. And your papers are adequately scanned before being worked on.
  • Professional Writers and Editors: In 99papers, there are writing experts specialized in various writing genres to satisfy your needs. Most of the writers are US-based and are majorly native writers. Before getting hired, the company’s writers are trained to have a good command of grammar, plus gaining an astute editorial skill, and also required to take professional courses, such as GRE. An added advantage is that you can choose to hire from the company’s top-performing writers, or you can hire a specific writer for your order. This could be a writer you have worked with previously.
  • Powerful Reviews: 99papers has overtime gotten beautiful reviews from students and researchers who have had their assignments solved by the company.
  • 24-hour service and Money Back guarantee: This is one of the biggest factors to consider when looking for a writing agency. 99papers offers a 24-hour service that allows you to send your assignments anytime you need help. And if you are not satisfied with the company’s work after submitting your assignment, you can request your money back. To reach out to 99papers, here are three easy steps:
  1. Place an order for the writing service you’re interested in. You would then be required to fill in a form that contains the payment gateway.
  2. After making your payment, a dedicated writer is assigned to you for regular updates—anytime you have questions or comments.
  3. Once the professional writer assigned to you is done with your assignment and your work has been approved, you can download your paper or assignment anytime.
  • Price Estimate: Depending on your level and duration of time (per hour or days or even weeks) for completion of assignment, 99papers offer the following estimated prices for their writing services:

From High School, Undergraduate, Master and PhD Levels: The Price ranges from $10 to $60.

2. PaperHelp

PaperHelp, also known as the universal writing solution agency, is a professional US company that offers 15% discounts for your first order of their service. It’s quite amazing. PaperHelp provides services such as academic writing and essays, editing and proofreading services, selling of project works, academic review writing, selling of poems. And ultimately, calculations and problem-solving offer. Unlike other writing agencies, PaperHelp distinguishes itself from others by providing solutions to complex mathematical calculations. Also, one unique advantage you get from PaperHelp is their free yet quality samples of their writing services before deciding to hire them.

For ease, Let’s see the four easy steps on how the PaperHelp writing service actually works:

  • Log on to PaperHelp online and place your order, either for your academic writing, editing, or proofreading service.
  • After creating and filling in your account details, you’re permitted to track the progress of your assignment or papers.
  • Finally, you can get a sample of what your work looks like upon completion of your papers. If the work suits you, you can place a final order for approval. And if your needs are not met, you can choose to reject the paper for a money-back guarantee.

Top Five Qualities to look out for when placing your Order in PaperHelp:

  1. Secured Payment Gateway: PaperHelp has one of the best payment options and gateways for their writing services. The company has a reliable system for accepting payments from local and international customers, which keeps your money secure.
  2. 3-hour Time Delivery: Submit your assignment or place a request for your research papers, and PaperHelp gets them delivered to you in less than three hours.
  3. 24 Hours Customer Support: You don’t have to worry about when you could reach out to PaperHelp. Customer Service is always available to help, answer your questions or grant any approval you might have, even in terms of emergency.
  4. Professional Proofreaders and Writers: PaperHelp offers a great selection of writers before allowing them to join the company. In fact, the company has a minimum standard of employing writers, which is a first degree. Talk about the company’s editorial crew; your papers are subject to proper scrutiny before delivering them to you on final approval.
  5. Unique Price for each Service: Unlike other writing agencies that charge their customers per hour, PaperHelp offers you the opportunity to bargain as low as $10 per page. The price is unique enough to save you some extra bucks.
  6. Opportunity to get Employed: PaperHelp, although with strict rules for employing writers, is always willing to employ skilled and professional authors to join their writing services. This is one massive opportunity to maximize, as few writing agencies provide such. You can contact the company’s support team if you’re interested in getting employed as one of their writers.


As the name implies, EssayPro is truly a professional writing service that offers you free citation upon completion of your assignment or research papers. Their professional services are not limited to Writing Business plans, academic essays, writing ad rewriting college essays, sales of poems, and research papers. You can go ahead and trust your mathematical assignment with the top-notch writers in EssayPro. One of the uniqueness of employing the service of EssayPro is their ability to sustain the privacy of your work before and upon completion. Also, the company pride itself in its juicy free services such as:

  • Free Turnitin plagiarism report; this is attached to your work upon request to ensure that you have an original outcome of your assignment or papers.
  • Free 24/7 customer care service that offers you maximum and professional support anytime you need help.
  • Free outline for all your work, research papers, practicals, assignments, and essays.
  • Unlimited Revision of your work; this is done by their top-performing writers upon your request.
  • Free title page and cover for your papers; here, you don’t have to worry about having a single page. EssayPro offers you Free optional pages to choose from. Amazing right?
    The estimated price for the services above is $65, but they are given free when you make your payment of $10 per page for any writing services you are in need of.

The Three Easy Steps For Placing your order in EssayPro Writing Service

  1. Create an account on EssayPro; place a request for a professional writer perfectly fit for your assignment and send the writer your work. You also have two options when placing your order: (I). You can choose to submit your personal essay. (II). You can place a request to have your essay written from scratch by EssayPro expert writers by sending the word “Write my Essay” in their support service chat box or email address
  2. Select a Professional Writer according to your price, customer rating, review of the writer’s work and ultimately, his area of expertise.
  3. Upon completion of your assignment or essay, the professional writer working with you will send you a message via email to have you download while you make your payment.

4. 1Essay
1Essay writing service is a topnotch among it’s colleagues with prowess writers who surpass competitors. Their success is neither luck nor a piece of cake but they attain the pinnacle of writing space by hiring professional native English graduates around the globe. They have zero tolerance for incompetent writers and editors but rather go for the excellent ones.

The complexity of a subject is not a barrier to 1Essay as their writers brainstorm in phantoming solutions out of problems. Over the years, they have offered the best among all in professional content creation, this has impressed their clients including professors. 1Essay employees are graduates of notable universities with sky scrapping grades from different fields, they also include MA and Ph.D. holders, this is an edge in having solution to different kinds of writing problems that may be tendered by clients, they solve the clients’ problem at the click of a button. Also, due to their numerous and diverse qualified employees, they have offered the best term paper service reviews lately.

Students across the globe have put their total trust in 1Essay writing service, this has served as one of their source of inspiration in delivering perfect jobs to clients. They offer plagiarism-free service through thorough checking with pen, applications and softwares.

1Essay doesn’t limit itself to quality service but also engaged in affordable service charge. Their service is one of the cheapest among competitors. For example, an essay of 275 words/page costs $13.28.

Also, they have good reputation with clients, that’s why they rarely lose clients but rather gain more clients especially through referral. A lot of clients are confused on the kind of data suitable for their job, the appropriate format to be used. In fact, most of them don’t know the green button to press in selecting the needful research paper and even lack the knowledge of correct citation.

1Essay provides solution to this confused state of clients, they help them navigate their ways into correct and well citated research papers. 1Essay is one of the best writing services that can handle complicated work as report paper writing. 1Essay is filled with seasoned writers with fluent language and native speakers to provide valid information and creativity with the result. 1Essay writing service appoint the best and most suitable writer to meet the clients’ needs. They handle multiple projects at a time. Pulling back on any project is not the last option as 1Essay insures their clients’ work. They offer quality, well-researched and plagiarism free jobs within the nearest minimum of time.

Many people are confused about buying college papers online due to the reasons best known to them, notwithstanding, these are the pros of buying papers online. Teachers always give assignments and tests to write essays based on one’s thinking capacity. To avoid dubbing content from the internet, most teachers require unique content from each student.

This requirement becomes a burden on the students as it will affect their work and hinder them from writing the essays as quick as possible, especially for those who have the intention to dub. Many students are concerned about the integrity of writing websites online as they think they are scams. The first thing to do is to choose your website wisely. Before giving writer your task to do, test their knowledge by asking for their previous works.

Also, go for a reputable company whose integrity has been tested and trusted, such companies are guaranteed for top-notch writing. These professional writers are skillful than you do. They have the ability of giving your paper the final professional look in which your teacher would commend.

Pros of Buying Papers Online

  • Most of what you are searching for are actually online, hence for ease and to keep up with time, buying paper online could be considered.
  • Most times, students find it difficult to understand the assignment given by their instructors in school, hence, buying paper online seems to be beneficial than solving an assignment they do not understand.
  • Purchasing online papers also promise to give you an immediate access to download your paper immediately.
  • Some students opt for online papers bearing in mind that the online professional writer has more grasp on research communication terms and vocabulary.
  • Buying papers online also means ability to work with different experts and writers which might be impossible if the students a given the assignment wants to do it by himself offline.

Cons of Buying Papers Online

  • If your school management discovered you copied your essay online, it could literally shatter your academic career.
  • As much as purchasing online writing could be fine, you might want to consider your integrity, and for the sake of morality—you can avoid it.
  • Many times, the quality of work or research done by yourself could be more acceptable than what you purchase online. Since your the writer, you may have a good eye for spellings, punctuation any control over your writing.
  • Money is need to purchase a custom essay.
  • You may find it difficult to get a native professional writer fitted for your assignment or research papers.

Therefore, online writing companies are not option for students who want quality essays on time. One of the best benefits that online writing companies provide you with is the facility of proofreading and editing. When the writers complete your work, they proofread your paper to ensure that it is flawless.