6 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers (Real & Active)

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Instagram is now regarded as one of the most famous social media platforms in recent times due to its pull for brand awareness and social media influence.

This is because many users spend most of their time daily surfing through the contents made available on the network, which is somewhat corroborated by the recent researches that depict that people are more likely to more interested in images than text; which is why Instagram has earned its rightful place at the top of the social marketing world as the best place to grow your online marketing business or build your business into a household name.

It is guaranteed to help social media marketers to develop their business and bring in significant traffic to their page, which could further improve your reach as a brand manager and social media influencer.

Growing your brand would require some level of financial commitment from you in terms of commuting funds to the growth of your profile on the website.

It is no news that people often require social proof that your account is already deemed attractive before they commence looking at being affiliated with the name of your account.

Therefore, buying followers is considered more of a necessity if you intend to grow your account significantly and quickly, as this would help you start on the journey of building your brand and getting your content to the world at a faster pace whilst assisting you in growing more organically as people who are inclined to like the content you put out would most likely follow you and assist you in creating the right Fandom and improving your brand’s visibility.

You can commence your ultimate journey to gaining the right popularity on social media when you buy instagram followers.

This is considered a good option for you and would serve to improve your account visibility and generate the right traffic to your account and help you get the right followers and if you are advertising for a brand assist you in getting the potential customers.

It is not uncommon for you to feel the heat in recent times from the competition on Instagram recently, which has led to a clamour by many brand promoters to be in a race to grow their account quickly in a bid to maintain existing customers and win new ones.

Therefore you might be on the lookout for the right site to buy Instagram followers and other engagement measurement metrics such as views, comments, and likes.

We would be taking a look at the best place to buy Instagram followers on Instagram. That is why we have conjured this article to help you in making this decision.

After all, you would want the best for your Instagram page in terms of engagements, follower-ship and other engagement metrics as you snark on your journey of social media profile growth and development as you set the tone for brand development on social media.

Below is a list of the best possible websites for you to buy Instagram followers.

We will be looking at their features, pricing, reviews, and the frequently asked questions about these sites as we aim to guide you towards making the right decisions:

Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers


Growthoid is an Instagram growth company that is tipped to help your Instagram account to the highest level with followers that are completely real, meaning that each of the followers that you purchase from them would be real and active and, by implication, going To successfully increase the prospect of your profile while enhancing its visibility.

They have been known to be committed to helping their clients grow their accounts to the optimum level that you previously thought was unattainable. Their service comes with unique features that are well customised for your needs.

They set out on the path to help you grow your accounts rather organically; they have made sure to promise their clients they are not a bot, and all of their actions on your accounts are carried out using automation.

Generally, they can help you attain your intended heights in the social marketing world if you trust your account growth to them as they cover everything when you buy Instagram followers from them.

Thousands of clients trust the service rendered by Growthoid; agencies, and influencers based on certain features, which includes:

  • 14-day money-back guaranteed
  • 100% satisfaction
  • 903 plus five-star reviews on Trustpilot
  • over 10,000 happy users
  • Maximum Organic Growth
  • All Targeting Features
  • Priority Support
  • Maximum Speed
  • Follow & Unfollow
  • Hashtag Targeting
  • User Targeting
  • Auto Blacklist
  • Custom Blacklist
  • Whitelist
  • Campaign Improvements
  • Story Viewing
  • Comment liking
  • Location targeting

Employing the services of Growthoid doesn’t come cheap and could be said to be majorly for those committed to the growth of their account and who aim to get the best possible results from account growth.

Their services can be enjoyed for $99, which is the premium offer that guarantees you all of the above features or depending on your budget, you might opt for the standard version at $49, considered to be an affordable option for those who are just starting on the path of brand development.

Growthoid provides you with an opportunity to cancel your plans when you deem them not working sufficiently for you, and a fair refund policy even compliments this.

Growthoid has an experienced team on hire Who ensures that you are always satisfied with the service being rendered, which is bound to guarantee you are sticking to the fantastic offers that they have for you as they are committed to creating services that would help you stick around and not wish to halt the excellent service you enjoy.

The safety of your account is what Growthoid strives for, as it aims to ensure that the security of your funds is maintained, although it is not automation or a bot company.

However, the caveat is that they cannot predict or guarantee the safety of your accounts because they are not affiliated with Instagram, and they cannot control their actions.

Growthoid does not employ the services Bot for the growth of your account; instead, they use AI technology that has been effectively grown and tested with a wide array of actions on different accounts to ensure that you get the best and safest AI technology for your account growth.

The AI technology is well equipped to provide not just safe account growth but also help you in increasing your Instagram followers to the highest possible number.

The speed at which your account can grow boils down to the contents you put out on your accounts amidst other few variables. The team will engage your content with likes profiles based on the targeting instructions set on your account.

However, the onus falls on you to put out high-quality content on your page every time to guarantee you the desired account growth that you aim for. Clients who have trusted Growthoid with their account growth have experienced growth ranging from 800 to 1500 new REAL Instagram followers every month.

Below are some of the reviews that have been given on Growthoid, which can guide your decision towards making them your Instagram account growth partner

Growthoid Reviews:


Restaurant – Waffle house

I’ve been using Growthoid for over six months now, and safe to say they know what they’re doing. Way to go, people!


Motivational Blogger
It’s been seamless from beginning to end! I’ve worked with similar services and have never encountered a better system than at Growthoid. 5 stars from me.


Apparel Brand
I’ve had nothing but a great experience with Growthoid! I’ve got only real followers who care about my content and profile. Awesome.


Growthsilo has carved a niche for itself in the business of Instagram engagements. The company has managed to build a reputation around its services which has led to it being recognised by social media influencers.

Growthsilo is tipped to be perfectly equipped to assist you with the growth of your account, and they make a promise to their prospective clients that the development promised are genuine and organic.

The site claims that they only offer clients manual growth through their wholly managed service, and to start with enjoying the benefits they have on offer, all you need to do is select the plan that matches your budget.

Then you proceed to tell them about your target audience, to which they would sign you as a personalised account manager, and this would help you get in touch quickly with a support person who would ensure that you get the best responses concerning anything that has to do with your account.

They have gotten some excellent customer reviews which we will be looking at later in their reviews. Growthsilo is guaranteed to help you with any niche you intend to develop or any account you intend to grow your followers on.

The team on Growthsilo are guaranteed to help you get the best results you are paying for through their ever attending customer receive personnel.

Growthsilo has the proper infrastructure in place to ensure organic growth. Their service is highly rated, as evidenced in their dashboard, where they integrate natural development for your account.

The team of developers at Growthsilo have to be right expertise and experience to develop the best possible site that would ensure that users enjoys the best customer experience when entrusting their account growth to the site.

Below are some of the features that Growthsilo possesses that makes it a viable option in your quest for the right site to buy Instagram followers from:

  • Maximum growth speed
  • Dedicated Account manager
  • 60 targets
  • 14-day guarantee
  • VIP email support
  • Location Targeting
  • Gender Filtering
  • Blocklist

Committing your account growth to the services of Growthsilo doesn’t come cheap as it implies you would have to commit some amount to the achievement of your account growth; the benefits of Growthsilo can be employed for as low as $49 for the Launch package, which comes equipped with certain perks but lacks the total package that the Accelerate is renowned for.

The accelerate option includes all of the above options, which allows us to get the whole experience of account growth with personalized service. At the same time, the launch package is the best startup package for those just starting on the path of brand development. The Accelerate package can be sourced for $99, while the Launch package goes $49 monthly.

Growthsilo is an outstanding growth service for Instagram that is well equipped to help you grow your account organically.

To put in the context of what they have to offer, Growthsilo offers you actual results by manually increasing your accounts for you while facing you time that you’d have otherwise committed to account growth, and all you need to worry is to improve on your contents and let Growthsilo focus on account growth.

Regardless of what niche you belong, you should note that Growthsilo is perfectly poised to deliver the best quality service to you as they work with almost everyone in the Instagram business ranging from Agencies, companies, influencers and everyday users whose intervention is to grow their audience with more real followers or to bring their business to better limelight and attract new customers.

Once you’ve entrusted Growthsilo with your intended targets, they immediately focus on building your localized traffic; whether you’re targeting by location or gender, they are the best fit for you.

The service rendered at Growthsilo is not conducted by a Bot or automation tool; instead, it is rendered by manually growing your accounts carried out by growth experts. They are considered a social media management company that is focused on developing your account for you.

The company does not post your content on your behalf; therefore, there is a need for you to continue with building suitable content, which should be exercised by adhering to an excellent posting strategy.

The safety of your account is what Growthsilo is built to ensure the safety of your account and for it to ensure that the security of your accounts is maintained even though it is not automation or a bot company.

Though the caveat is that they cannot predict or guarantee the safety of your Instagram account as they are not affiliated with Instagram, and they cannot control their actions meaning that you have to keep your account credentials secured to prevent unauthorized access.

The two plans on offer by Growthsilo offer you authentic, robust Instagram growth to your Instagram account; however, they differ in terms of the speed and the level of quality service that they offer.

The Accelerate plan, just as its name implies, is guaranteed to help you accelerate and maximize your account growth process, which is done by providing robust features and more targeting which is guaranteed to give you 10x faster results on account growth and reach speeds, the premium service also comes laden with a dedicated account manager who is committed to helping you gain the optimal performance. Aside from This, the premium accelerated plan is equipped with priority support if you ever need help managing any aspect of your intended follower growth.

Growthsilo provides you with an opportunity to cancel your plans when you deem them not working sufficiently for you, and this is evidenced in their 14 days return policy. A fair refund policy even compliments this.

Growthsilo has an experienced team on hire Who ensures that you are always satisfied with the service being rendered, which is bound to guarantee you are sticking to the fantastic offers that they have for you as they are committed to creating services that would help you stick around and not wish to halt the excellent service you enjoy.

Growthsilo Reviews:

Amanda Sigfried

I thought for sure this was another one of those “too good to be true” growth services. A lot of companies promise the world and never deliver. I’m satisfied, thank you.

Nicole Finley

My fashion insta was just stuck where I’ve been follower-wise. Growthsilo was able to help me break through that and helped me in much more than just growth.

Kyle King

My account manager cared about my account, and I did see the results. I was skeptical from a bad experience in the past, but I was surprised by the results.


Thunderclap is another followers purchase site guaranteed to offer you the proper followership for an account and help you build your account to the optimum level.

Their site features a disclaimer that would be seen immediately if you visit their webpage where they toot their horn about having the best Instagram followers that would help you get the traffic that you intend for to grow your accounts to the required levels and help you get more traffic on your content. The developers have equipped their services to near perfection as their services have been tooted to be great at helping you buy Instagram followers that would help you grow your account. Thunderclap is deemed to have in its coffers individualized solutions that would ensure that you get the requisite control that you desire for the features that you would eventually end up working with.

It is important to note that only a few companies are out there that offer the kind of customized service that Thunderclap is known to offer, so having the option of choosing everything for yourself would be to your advantage. As a social media account manager, especially on Instagram, it can be not easy to keep track of everything and expand your account simultaneously, so why the best is to hire the service of a company that is committed to offering you the desired growth for your account so that you can focus on creating the content to keep your followers.

There is power in social interaction. And the term Viral implies that people would share your content and strengthen it, which would help spread your information. If Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks determine hot topics, they are based on what everyone shares.

Thunderclap is a built-in marketing tool that is based on social reinforcement. They create an avenue for you to connect with your followers by helping you create an event, and you would ask your followers to schedule social media posts for publishing. At the scheduled time, your followers on all other networks will see the same message and then help you grow the account. The above review practically helps you with all you need to know about using Thunderclap for social media.


Are you looking to buy Instagram followers in a way that will keep your Instagram reputation for a long time? Then it would be best if you went for UseViral. The developers at UseViral are committed to growing your account at a tremendous rate. The site has an extensive network of seasoned professionals who are committed to the growth of your accounts, as they are willing to do their best to ensure that their clients’ content is well promoted. Their services transcend just helping you with your account on Instagram as their services are also possible to assist you on your other networks as they are equipped to provide you with these options at a reasonable price.

The presence of your social proof, which should be evidenced in your number of followers and likes on your content and profiles, is quite essential; building this yourself could take a long time to achieve. Therefore you could select the options offered by UseViral to assist you in making your account to the optimum level. UseViral is a social media growth company that provides different growth packages for followers and engagements; these growth offers are not just relegated to one media platform but could be made available on various other media platforms as more and more people sign up on these media platforms day by day.

Therefore, it makes it only feasible that the services that they would render would transcend the offer for a single social network. The good thing about UseViral is that you can find so many different interaction and follower packages in one place, so you don’t have to search many other businesses to grow most of your accounts.

With so many options, you can expand your Instagram followers seamlessly. Although using any growth service for social media may result in you having some fears as regards the safety of your account, it is, however, vital that you try your possible best to ensure that you select a good site for account growth where you needn’t worry about the systems trying to deceive or steal your data. The significant advantage that UseViral possesses is that they never need any of your passwords, meaning that they will only process the delivery of your order as described and not steal your information in any way.

If you buy instagram followers or participation packages from UseViral, they would never require your password, and they would only seek to provide you with your package after getting the details of your URL. Not only is UseViral safe because it doesn’t Demand your password for it to deliver your purchase. It is also safe because it incorporates SSL encryption, which makes your information safe and provides you with a secure payment method that does not reveal your confidential information.

This implies that as far as your account security is concerned, you can trust UseViral to naturally provide you with all packages, meaning that it will not display any social media sites. Your account will be kept up to date as promised, or the followers you have purchased will begin to appear on your profile gradually. This is also a compelling factor you pay cognizance to as you need to select a company that focuses on your safety and protection.

UseViral has a team of experienced managers who is always available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure that if you encounter any qualms or have any questions, they’d have someone on the ground to assist you accordingly in resolving whatever issue you might encounter meaning that this an excellent advantage for you as you can rest assured of the best customer service whenever you need it. If you intend to make the best of your social media page and monetize it to the optimum, then you would be well aware that building a strong influence on social media wouldn’t come without any financial commitment from you as you would need to commit some funds to the development of your brand, product, service, or business as the case may be. Therefore opting for the benefit of a trusted company like UseViral, whose service can be employed for as low as $23 for 250 followers on Instagram.


If your goal for your account is to be associated with one of the best companies in the market today when it comes to purchasing Instagram followers and likes, then your best bet to achieve this is to check out SidesMedia.

They might not have been in the business for too long, but they have carved a niche for themselves, and what they lack in experience they more than make up for in expertise. They claim that they can successfully help their clients purchase real social media services, and they are slowly making waves as they are being rated as the number one source When it comes to your social media engagements.

The site is well aware that your Instagram followers and likes transcend just by giving you notifications on your account. They count significantly to the growth of your curating brand and your social influencing development in general. This particular part of their business is considered one of the biggest goals as they help their clients gain more exposure for their brand while also increasing the credibility they have with their target.

Once payment is made, they can deliver high-quality engagement to you within just three days. SidesMedia is regarded as a relatively mature service well equipped to provide its customers with high-quality preferences for their target audience, assist with follow-ups and opinions. Rendering this service doesn’t come cheap, which is why SidesMedia, in its generosity, is piqued to provide these services at a relatively fair price that could be considered affordable for the clients who trust them with their business.

Its benefits come in various differentiated packages, which would ensure that you would get the requisite number and combination of services that you desire.

According to its website, it is well equipped with the suitable algorithm to provide you with high likes and followers for your Instagram page, which is provided under many different software packages for other social networks meaning that you can create reliable social channels for your Instagram account.

It is always essential that your social media page holds a large number of followers as this would serve as a push for other users to follow your account as the social proof that your content is acceptable to a large number or following is an excellent and effective strategy for you to develop your social media platform effectively.

Is SidesMedia Effective? Is It Safe?

The answer to this is Yes. SidesMedia is effective and works effectively. Their services are transaction-based, meaning that they offer you exactly what you bid for. Unlike other growth services, there is no ambiguity in the results they deliver. And the results are as immediate as you want. If you purchased a large package of followers, it is recommended that you import them to your profile gradually and also avoid tagging the Instagram algorithm as you do this.

SidesMedia services come on different packages, and they offer around 500 to 5000 followers for you to choose from, depending on your growth intention. And the estimated delivery of your purchase is 72 hours: hence it is worthwhile for you to participate depending on your budget to buy instagram followers that suit you accordingly. It is counterproductive for you to buy Instagram followers who do not engage with your content, as this may damage the relationship between you and your followers.

A direct relationship means that your engagement is likely to increase by 5% for every 10,000 followers. This has been proven to be the case, as it implies that there’s a correlation between your account growth and the engagement you get. Therefore, If you want to focus on the credibility and performance of the algorithm, then your level of engagement to follower growth is fundamental as this would serve as a more significant social proof of your account development and the fact that your account growth is organic rather than bots.

If you buy instagram followers base without it translating to your account growth, it will imply that your account growth is not organic and could lead to a decline in possible account growth. You are likely to see a significant number increase in your Instagram following, albeit not accompanied by an equal increment in your following, as these accounts would not interact with your account, resulting in zero impact.

Therefore, you should endeavor to buy Instagram followers to strengthen your account preferences and reviews as this is the only way it could be credible as it would become a vicious circle that would not help you in the long run. This is why SidesMedia advert shows that they would provide you with a real fan growth created from real people in their network, and If they are not involved and not interested in your content, they would not get a return on their investment.


Ampya is another great site to buy organic Instagram followers. They not only offer their clients a straightforward concept as they provide you with an opportunity that transcends buying followers organically, but they also offer you seamless access to the services they render. When seeking to buy Instagram followers, you would most likely need to select one of these available options, but in the case of Ampya, they offer you both, which makes working with them the best bet for you.

They assure you of getting the proper exposure from the people that matter and connecting you to the right people to ensure your prompt account growth. The best part of the service they render is that it is done manually, and you don’t have to do anything as you only need to create new content for your page and your profile.

Ampya offers you the best choice for you if you have limited budgets and you are looking to cater for the social media growth for quite a several people. This is because Ampya offers you a growth service that is unlike the others as it has lots of low-cost services and less expensive ones. Ampya is guaranteed to help you grow your account organically by helping you grow your followers on Instagram with authentic followers and also help you gain more exposure without you having to contribute funds towards advertising.

Ampya growth company prides itself as a company that doesn’t use bots nor fake followers to grow your account which would ensure that you are well-positioned for better participation and development on your account.

To buy Instagram followers alone does not cut it for most people. You would also want to be affiliated with real and purposeful Instagram followers, which Ampya is guaranteed to help you achieve your goals of gaining genuine followers on your page. They take pride in their service and do not offer you fake followers as they help you connect to your target followers with ease. To buy Instagram followers from Ampya is pretty simple as you would have to select a package, view it, then proceed to submit it, after which you would publish everything.

The service company would offer you a ten-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their unlikely service; they also corroborate this with an informative blog that would provide you with the correct information coupled with a FAQ section that would give you all the necessary support that you’d need.

Ampya possesses a reliable service and a website that is easy to understand and use. Ampya offers you a seamless process to buy Instagram followers on their website, and they believe that their impressive GI score is the first thing that people will notice once you visit their website. They have also reached an excellent point where you can buy instagram followers up to 100,000 with varying delivery times depending on the quantity you purchase. They offer a one-year warranty on all the purchases that you make through followers.

Trusting Ampya with your account growth means that you have charged your service to a site that does not believe in offering you false followers as they would help you grow your account with followers who would care about the contents you put out there. The account manager dedicated to you would ensure a seamless onboarding process and ensure that your followers are authentic and account growth seamless.

They have a. 24/7 available customer experience agents who would ensure that your issues are resolved and that you get the best possible expedite from their service by helping you target followers who are more likely to be interested in your content.