Top Five Most Complained About Companies

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With the popularity of online review platforms and their huge engagement, there is no longer any place for companies to hide if they can’t keep their customers happy. Unhappy consumers have a stage upon which to voice their concerns and share their experiences if they feel hard done by and are not getting heard.

According to the latest consumer trends on the online review website,, the five most complained about companies are as follows. Let’s see what issues consumers report.


Average rating: 2.1/5 stars

Consumer complaints about Facebook generally focus on the shortcomings of Facebook customer service, password issues, accounts being hacked, scams, and locked accounts.

Many Facebook reviews spoke of losing access to their personal Facebook account, whether by third-party hacking, as in the example below, or having access to their account restricted by Facebook themselves.

“I can’t even get into my account because someone changed my password! Three different people have hacked my account! I didn’t even know that was possible! I want my account back! I want it fixed! I want to be able to use my Facebook, messenger and Instagram! I can’t use the last two because of the *** of the first two!..” (Review 2886551).

Information gathered from 36,700 consumer reviews shows Facebook to have caused approximately $38.8 billion in claimed losses, with 227 issues being declared resolved by users.

Compensation provided for inconvenience is primarily a discount on future orders with the company.


Average Rating: 1.5/5 stars

Information gathered from 27,300 UberEats reviews shows the company to have caused approximately $4.3 million in claimed losses, with 102 issues being declared resolved by users.

The majority of complaints are concerned with late delivery, food quality, and account issues, as one reviewer shared:

“I have multiple charges on my card from Ubereats that I did not make. I have not ordered anything today, and yet I have payments from here. Furthermore, I also removed both of my debits cards yesterday and I still have 3 transactions processing today and 3 from September 17 and 3 from September 16. Charges from the 15 have already went through. I would like to get my money back and have all my Uber accounts deleted please.” (Review 2883202).

Feedback shows that many issues are resolved with a full refund.


Average Rating: 2.4/5 stars

Information gathered from 13,700 consumer reviews shows Shein to have caused approximately $1.1 million in claimed losses, 1,800 direct responses from the company, and 71 issues being declared resolved by users.

Shein reviews mostly speak about customer service and delivery issues. One reviewer shared their experience of not receiving the goods she had paid for:

“…im just really really really upset , i spent a lot of money and i feel played. i have friends that have also ordered from shein just recently, a week or 2 after i ordered & they just received all of their stuff just this week. im really really disappointed i just want answers , i need to know what my options are and if my package was stolen then i need to know if i get everything replaced or get my money back and how.” (Review 1964462)

Reviewers report resolved issues as mostly being dealt with by providing a full refund.


Average Rating: 1.7/5 stars

Information gathered from 12,400 consumer reviews shows Uber to have caused approximately $3.8 million in claimed losses, with 39 issues being declared resolved by users.

Most Uber reviews involve account issues and overcharging. Here is one of the lately posted reviews by a consumer:

“I was charged $216 for a 37 minute ride – a week later I took the very same 37 minute ride and paid $86. I have tried to get a refund but Uber has never gotten back with me.” (Review 2886931)

As seen from reviews that are marked as resolved, Uber have generally included a full or partial refund to fix consumer issues.


Average Rating: 1.8/5 stars

Information gathered from 9,900 online reviews shows eBay to have caused approximately $8 million in claimed losses, with 44 issues being declared resolved by users.

Consumers leaving eBay reviews have a variety of complaints, mostly concerned with fraud, account issues, and poor customer service:

“eBay does not have customer service all they will do is write you to their materials online that you can look up for yourself and if you don’t find your answer there you’re just *** you will not receive any help I absolutely refuse to do business with companies that do not have customer service…” (Review 2883104).

The ability of a customer to make a complaint is important. From the business side, listening to that complaint and taking the feedback on board is crucial. Whether companies choose to ignore this or engage with it, the age of the vocal consumer is here, and you can be sure they will have a say in the future of online business.