NCAAF teams with most championship wins

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Seeing a team’s history can tell you a lot about their future, and the NCAAF is no different. You can create more solid bets when you can predict where a team is going, and that’s what we want to help you with today. Alternatively, you can check out the NCAAF odds at Fanduel if you want a more recent reflection on the college teams.

1. Yale University – 18 Championship Wins

In total, Yale has 916 wins under their belt, which makes them the 7th biggest winner in the NCAAF championship, but 18 of their 916 wins were for the title. Who cares how many times you booted off the competition when you can show off the trophy!

Yale University is the undisputed champion of College Football!

2. University of Alabama – 15 Championship Wins

With 931 total wins under their belt, there is a reason we refuse to say that Alabama ties with Princeton University. Both these teams have won the championship 15 times, but Alabama takes the cake due to their 931 wins on the drive to the top.

Alabama’s longest string of wins was in the 1960s where they won 3 championships in a row!

3. Princeton University – 15 Championship Wins

15 championship wins is impressive all by itself, but the wins come as a greater surprise when you realize that they have won only 840 games in total, making Princeton University the 14 ranked winner of all time.

The last time Princeton won the title of Champion was in 1922, so we hope to see more action from them soon!

4. University of Notre Dame – 13 Championship Wins

With just two championship titles less than Princeton University, Notre Dame can claim their territory among the big dogs with the knowledge that they are the 5th ranked team for overall wins with a smashing 918 wins out of 1288 games!

Notre Dame’s last championship win was in 1988, though, so it won’t be long before their next win is the big one!

5. University of Michigan – 9 Championship Wins

The Michigan Wolverines have won an outstanding 966 games out of the 1352 games they have played in. Seen as a dominant power, the Wolverines started gaining traction in the early 20th century, winning the first 4 titles at the turn of the century! They have only won 9 championship titles out of the 966 wins in total, making them 1st on the overall rankings but 5th on the Championship ones.

6. University of Southern California – 9 Championship Wins

Earning their first championship title in 1931 and then keeping that title in 1932 was what brought Southern California onto the map, but the 30-year drought meant their name wasn’t and still isn’t seen as a big deal. But unlike most of our Championship Winners, USC has had consecutive wins in the 21 century, which is backed up with their total 852 total wins in the game.

They are actively aiming for another title, and their 13th ranking of total wins means you should keep an eye on Southern California!

7. Ohio State University – 8 Championship Wins

Ohio State has won 930 of their 1310 games which have resulted in 8 Championship wins! This astonishing feat makes them the 3rd ranked winners overall, even if they are only the 7th ranked Championship Winners.

8. Harvard University – 8 Championship Wins

Although Harvard has won 8 Championship titles, they have had nowhere near as many total wins for the NCAAF than Ohio state. In comparison, they have won 879 times in 1332 games, drawing 50 times.

Compared to their classic Yale rival, Harvard is in 10th place in the total goals ranking, Yale is 7th, and Ohio State is in 3rd!

9. Oklahoma University – 7 Championship Wins

Oklahoma’s history has been a little more scattered than their rivals, winning 3 times in the 50s, twice in the 70s, just once in the 80s, and the last win was in the 00s. However, they have always been in the top, having won 917 games in total, making them the 6th best team overall.

10. University of Minnesota – 6 Championship Wins

Minnesota’s 6 championship wins are a shock to most record-keeping fans, as the team ranked 39th in the overall wins list with only 709 wins out of 1281 games. Their last championship win was in 1960!