Iowa legislature called for special redistricting session

Gov. Kim Reynolds is convening a special session on Oct. 5 to consider and enact a plan of legislative and congressional redistricting.



Gov. Kim Reynolds prepares for the State of the State Address within the house chambers of the Iowa State Capitol Building on Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2021 in Des Moines. Tuesday marks the second day of the 2021 Iowa legislative session, in which Gov. Reynolds will give her address in the evening.

Natalie Dunlap, Politics Editor

Gov. Kim Reynolds signed a proclamation on Tuesday convening a special legislative session to consider and enact a plan of legislative and congressional redistricting. 

The special session will begin Oct. 5. 

Lawmakers will receive new congressional and legislative maps on Thursday, Sept. 16.

Chapter 42 of Iowa Code states that at the earliest possible time, the legislative services agency will publicly share copies of the bill delivered to the general assembly, maps illustrating the plan, a summary of standards for developing the plan, and a statement of the population in each district and how each district’s population deviates from the ideal district population. 

According to an Iowa Supreme Court decision shared on Tuesday, lawmakers have until Dec, 1, 2021, to prepare the apportionment. 

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