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I don’t think I need to tell you this, but a creator who has garnered trust from hundreds or thousands of network users on social media platforms goes by what is known as an “influencer”. And, yes, a digital advertising practice called influencer marketing can effectively help your brand achieve your objectives – create brand awareness, sell your products, drive traffic to your website, etc., by capitalizing on the popularity of the influencer. According to Forbes, 60% of millennial agreed to have based their buying decision on an influencer’s recommendation.

However, influencer marketing consists of complex activities that a business cannot undertake without external help. Hence, they depend on an influencer marketing agency like GryNow to handle tasks required to manage the project and ensure that the venture yields satisfactory outcomes for all parties involved.

This article covers the goals a brand can achieve with the help of the right agency and influencer. We will also discuss the traits of a top influencer marketing platform.

What Business Goals Are Achieved by GryNow?

Build Brand Loyalty
Brand loyalty is a concept seldom remembered by businesses. Instead, they dedicate so much of their time and efforts to finding new customers that they often forget the ones currently loyal to their brand. According to Harvard Business Review, it cost 25 times more to acquire a new customer than retain those you already have.

With the help of an influencer marketing agency like GryNow, businesses find and work with some of the most relevant social media influencers.

Because the influencers proved beneficial for their cause, brands continue to include them as part of their campaigns. As a result, they continue to interact with the Influencers, following on several occasions – retaining their loyalty towards the business in the process.

High Website Rank
From all the goals that a brand wants to achieve, getting more traffic to their website is listed amongst the major ones. More visitors to their site means better visibility and positioning.

According to a report by big commerce, 69% of marketers plan to spend a significant portion of their marketing budget on influencers. At the same time, only 11 % agreed to do the same on YouTube, the second most attractive destination. Thus, it is hardly any surprise why the preferences of many businesses are shifting towards these social networking sites.

When a top influencer marketing agency like GryNow suggests an influencer that promotes your brand on their social handles, you are guaranteed a high influx of traffic to your website. Consequently, your site ranking on search engine result pages also increases – resulting in more organic visitors.

High Conversion Rates
More traffic to your business website has the potential for increased conversion rate – this is also one of the critical objectives of a campaign.

By partnering with an influencer marketing agency, you can find your potential customers and collect more leads than other traditional forms of advertisement.

Influencers included in the partnership program are given special links or discount codes that they share with their audience. Since followers trust their social media celebrities, they won’t hesitate to click the link and sign up to the brand’s newsletter or use the promo code to purchase. As per the report by mediakix, 64% of marketers want increased sales from influencer marketing.

Brand Awareness
Your target audience needs to be made aware of a new product or service launched by your brand as a company.

But promotions take time. Running social media marketing campaigns by yourself can deplete your resources and may not give a satisfactory outcome. To that end, venturing into the influencer industry is the right choice for achieving your goal.

In the digital era, your consumer trusts recommendations from someone they look up to on the internet. These are famous social media stars who have extended reach and receive high engagement on their posts. As per a report by Cure Media, 85% of Marketers consider brand awareness as their No.1 priority.

Influencers recommended by a top influencer marketing platform like GryNow are the real deal. These people have built their audience from the ground up and have won their followers trust through their efforts. And because they have immense faith in these Influencers, your target customers will listen to what they have to say about your products and services.

What Makes Grynow The Best Influencer Marketing Agency?
Influencer marketing was not easy before, and the situation has not improved by much today. There are no standardized steps one can take to execute a campaign. However, since many brands are engaged in cutthroat competition for the same audience, there is an increased need for campaigns to be optimized, adapted and scaled. This is where Influencer agencies like Grynow enter the fray. According to AdLift, the influencer marketing industry in India is valued at $75 – $150 million, which is a significant number when you see that the worldwide market stands at $1.15 billion.

The agency is engaged in various activities, starting from understanding a business target audience, analyzing brands goals, finding the right influencer, content designing, planning and executing successful campaigns on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Tiktok.

Grynow is India’s top influencer marketing agency that gives the brand access to multiple Influencers with varying degrees of reach and followers on different social media platforms. They are a company with a rich history of running successful campaigns and possess a ton of experience when it comes to selecting relevant Influencers.
The agency focuses on developing marketing and positioning strategies, which are optimized based on data acquired from different sources. The information they collect helps find influencers that are the best fit to achieve a brand’s goal.

Unlike a web-based platform where a software algorithm is responsible for matching a brand with an influencer. The professionals at Grynow, an influencer marketing agency, bring advertisers closer to famous personalities capable of incorporating the businesses’ advertising needs in the content they create.

After forming a partnership with all parties, the agency ensures that the project executes without hindrance. They take it upon themselves to deliver an inclusive report once the campaign has run its course.

To Sum Up
Although Influencer marketing is advantageous, it also can be equally challenging.

Every business has different goals. You may want more traffic on my website, generate brand loyalty, create more brand awareness? Or maybe you want visitors to convert to your objective. You can achieve everything you desire with the help of the right agency and influencer.

Grynow is a top Influencer marketing in India that helps marketers utilize the reach of Influencers in their content marketing strategy. With over five years of experience in the industry, they can connect brands with their family of 50,000 + artists, bloggers and influencers and execute profitable campaigns.

We hope you have found value in the time spent reading our article.

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