How Difficult Are Microsoft Azure Certifications?

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Lately, an increasing number of IT professionals have been opting for the Azure certification examinations as these certificates are valuable. Azure has gained significant popularity as a major cloud platform across various industries. The widespread adoption of Azure technologies has also opened up various job opportunities. However, obtaining these certifications can be difficult without adequate preparation.

About Microsoft Azure certifications

Azure is a rather vast set of technologies where professionals can build their expertise in specific domains. Different job roles call for different skills. Microsoft has launched an array of Microsoft Azure certification exams, each one aimed to test specific skills. Upon completing a course in Azure, the professionals receive certifications that validate their relevant skills. In a nutshell, one may say that there are various Microsoft Azure certifications for different job roles. Based on the job role that the professional aims to fulfil, he/she would have to choose the relevant certification.

How complex are the exams?

The difficulty level of the certification exams varies from one certification to another. Quite naturally, an entry-level certification would be meant for aspirants with minimal experience. The examination for an advanced Microsoft Azure certification would be far more complex. Hence, the difficulty that you should expect depends on the course you pick.

Before understanding how to succeed in these examinations, it is necessary to know what makes them challenging. Most of the certifications are meant for professional job roles. This implies that the exams, too, would be testing the candidates for these skills. To obtain a Microsoft certification, an aspirant would have to possess the practical skills that he/she would use in the relevant job role. An in-depth understanding of the topic and hands-on experience is therefore necessary.

How to prepare for the certification exam?

Now that you are aware of the difficulty of the Microsoft Cloud certification exams, the chances are that you would want to know how to prepare for them. Although the skills that these certifications validate vary from one certification to another, here are some of the tips that you may follow.

  • Adequate training: To get oneself job-ready in such a complex and crucial field, one needs adequate training. Only then, he/she would gain all the necessary knowledge, both practical and theoretical. It is advisable to enroll in one of the leading institutions that offer Azure certification training for the relevant examination. Certain institutions offer training through experienced industry experts, which helps to develop the necessary skills as much as possible.
  • Experience: Several certifications require the candidates to possess certain levels of professional experience. As the exams test the aspirants’ practical skills in the relevant fields, gaining work experience is a great way to prepare for the exams. To be eligible for some of the examinations, a candidate must work for a specified number of hours in the mentioned fields. Dodging these eligibility criteria by submitting fake information may make the exam too difficult for a candidate as he/she would not be prepared for it.
  • Choose the right institution: Just like in any other academic course, it is necessary to choose the right institution for a course in Microsoft Azure. This is because you can manage to obtain the Azure certifications by developing your skills. The leading institutions offer several benefits, including excellent training facilities and the best courseware.

Last but not least, it is imperative to work hard to prepare for the necessary examinations. The hard work would ultimately pay off in career opportunities that the certification would help to open up.

How to choose the right certification?

Considering the wide range of Azure certifications, it is easy to get confused about which one would be the most suitable. As the courses are designed for particular job roles, one would have to pick a course based on the designation that he/she is aiming for. However, this requires the candidates to be aware of the exam content. Before choosing a certification exam to prepare for, check out what skills the exam would measure. Accordingly, you would also be able to pick the right training course.

What makes these certifications worth the effort?

For sure, the Azure certification cost includes the financial costs in the form of the exam fees and the training course fees. In addition to these, the candidate also has to put in significant effort in preparing for the exam. However, the benefits that come from acquiring the certifications make it worth the effort. It not only makes an aspirant eligible for specific job roles but offers an edge while applying for jobs or promotions. Together with the skills that the courses help to develop, these benefits are quite valuable for professionals.