Media Mister Review & Its Alternatives that Won’t Scam You!

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We are all aware of the pros and cons of the internet and especially, the aspect of social media. Although it gives several users the opportunity to grow and succeed, not everything you come across is reliable and credible. The rise of social media has made it a hub for entertainment and marketing, but it has also led to a dependency on third-party tools that may or may not be reliable. One such example is Media Mister. It’s true that you cannot judge a book by its cover, as the image portrayed by the tool for its own MediaMister review is quite distant from reality. So if you were planning to buy Instagram likes or considering buying YouTube views or any other metric, here’s what you need to know beforehand.

Media Mister is a social media tool that promises to deliver social media metrics for people who want to buy Instagram followers, YouTube subscribers, or other engagements. But all these claims are merely fanciful lies and empty promises. There is no substance in this tool for several reasons, as discussed below in this MediaMister review and Media Mister alternatives.

Media Mister Customer Reviews

Why Not Buy From Medi Mister?

● No return on investment

When it comes to the output of Media Mister results, the tool is worth nothing. Although the tool promises a lot of growth for users to go viral on social media, it doesn’t do even a quarter of what it claims. Even the results that it will deliver to you will not help you in the long run because of its high drop-off rate and poor retention, making it unworthy of your investment.

So it is suggested to not pay any amount to such scammers and invest your money in other Media Mister alternatives that are reliable and have built credibility for themselves.

● Unreliable and safety concerns

No matter what the cool clams, the payment portal of Media Mister is not SSL encrypted which increases a lot of risk for online payment scams. Moreover, the shady methods used by Media Mister to help you grow can, in turn, harm your credibility and make you lose your existing authority.

The tool has scammed several accounts with bots and fake followers, which has led to suspicion from the Instagram and Facebook communities. This may also lead to your account temporarily banned or restricted. Several clients have raised concerns after noticing suspicious activity on their social media and payment methods so steer clear of this shady tool to secure your name and funds.

● Fake results

If you are expecting engagements from real and authentic users from Media Mister, you are making a gigantic mistake. Media Mister has a history of delivering clients with fake engagements from bots and shady accounts as we mentioned above.

Your money is going down the drain that you will not receive any real and authentic users in your followers or likes. Long-term results are a distant dream, your campaigns won’t be able to benefit in the short term as well as there will be no active engagements.

● Slow results

Media Mister ensures that the users will get timely results after completing the transaction, however that is not the case as vouched by several of its old clients. Their results take ages to deliver and by the time you start noticing a difference the hype of your campaign will already be diminished.

This is not only limited to the larger or bulk plans, but also an issue for smaller plans. You cannot expect to see timely results as their results are not just slow, but also inconsistent. On the other hand, there are several other tools that ensure to deliver instant results to clients.

Sites Like Media Mister

One unreliable tool does not mean that you need to put a full stop to your social media marketing plans, as there are several reliable tools that do what they claim and can actually help you grow your social media.

So if you are looking for credible social media tools to buy Instagram followers or perhaps to build your YouTube community, here are some of the best Media Mister alternatives.


For rock-solid results to nail your social media campaigns for maximum output, Viralyft is one of the leading tools to accelerate your social media growth. They assure to deliver you high-quality results in less time and at the most competitive pricing. Their packages have the ability to help users gain a wider reach and exposure on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook. Spotify, SoundCloud, Twitter, Clubhouse, and Facebook.

Their SSL encryption makes the tool safe for any payments and information, making it one of the most reliable tools to buy YouTube views, Facebook likes, or any other engagement form. Moreover, their amiable team works round the clock to provide you with solutions and to address your concerns.

Social Pros is considered one of the best social media marketing tools in the industry, with its exceptional services and high-quality results. Although the site is best known for users who want to buy Instagram likes or other engagements, it also offers services to help you grow on other social media platforms like TikTok and Facebook.

All their methods are tried and tested, without any risk. Their team consists of highly skilled and professional freelancers with years of experience in social media marketing, and your virtual assistant provided by Social Pros can guide you the best. Their platform also has several tips to help users grow organically and get real engagements.

With more than 5 years of experience, Social Packages has worked with global clients to help their brand receive exposure and engagements through social media. Whether you want to buy YouTube subscribers or nail your Instagram game, there are a plethora of platforms covered by Social Packages, The tool helps you receive real engagement on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, Spotify, TikTok, and SoundCloud.

Their results delivered very rapidly, even if you place large orders to buy Instagram likes in bulk or other huge stats. Not only does the tool have a high retention rate, but they also provide a refill policy in case of any drop-offs. The tool is here to cater to your individual needs with a vast range of plans tailored for your business objectives.

Get Viral is one of the most reliable and credible social media tools that you can count on. The tool employs effective strategies to boost your social media authority and help you gain exposure from real and authentic users spread all across the world. They have more than 7 years of experience and have served 1, 50,000+ clients, so the experience is definitely not a concern with this tool.

Their platform is very user-friendly and their customer support is available 24/7 for your assistance. Moreover, the tool also offers a 100% money-back guarantee, but we are sure that you won’t need it with its incredible engagements.


If you want to make your content go viral on social media in a limited amount of time with a pocket-friendly budget, the Follower Package should be your go-to pal that you can always count on. Whether you are an upcoming musician, a smart business or a startup, or maybe an influencer trying to monetize your Instagram, Follower Packages has experience working with a variety of clients to help you thrive.

The tool helps you in building your credibility, gaining authority, getting your exposure, and become trending with authentic results. You can buy YouTube subscribers to go viral with your video content or buy Instagram likes to become Instagram famous, they can provide you with anting at affordable prices.


● Fake results with no engagements

Every user expects targeted growth to be beneficial for instant campaigns to help gain engagements for the long haul. But all the engagements provided by Media Mister consist of fake users, spam, and not accounts who don’t actively engage with your content.

These fake and hollow results are good for nothing, only decorative numbers that don’t stick for long. Their results don’t add any value to brand image and may do more harm than good.

● Threat to your credibility

It takes years to build credibility on social media, and only seconds for things to go wrong and your credibility to fall. Their methods have been tried and tested to shatter years of credibility in one go.

Since the methods used by them are not organic and are quite shady and unknown, there is a high probability of your credibility and brand authority being hampered. Because of their fake methods, it has led to the Facebook Community getting suspicious several times. This has led to many accounts getting temporarily banned or certain activities being restricted.

● Poor retention rate

Retention rate is a common expectation from all users, as no one wants to way for results that won’t even stick. But contrary to what reliable sites offer, Media Mister has a very poor retention rate.

Even though the tool takes ages to deliver results, the engagements that you receive will not even stick and you will soon start seeing your number fall and go downhill. Another one of its scams includes its replacement policy, which again has no retention rate.

● Unsupportive customer care

Even after all the issues that Media Mister has, you cannot expect a satisfactory or timely response from the Media Mister team. Even though the tool claims to have supportive customer care to help you 24/7, their team is unresponsive if you try to address any concerns.

You can only expect a reply as long as you haven’t made the payment. As once you complete the transaction, they are not concerned with your queries and issues.

● No returns

Media Mister has claimed to have a return policy, but their unresponsive team will not cater to your money-back request. Putting your money in Media Mister is like flushing your money down the drain, you won’t get it back.

Even after all the shortcomings of this tool, they shamelessly disappear. So if you are planning to take your chances with this tool hoping to get your money back, it would be pointless.


To outshine your competitors on heavily saturated platforms like Instagram or YouTube, paid promotions inevitable. And several websites and agencies take advantage of this dependency on social media marketing tools, Media Mister being one of them. Apparently, the website promises to over-deliver a lot of engagement but doesn’t even live up to half of the expectations that it creates. Fake results, poor retention, a threat to credibility, unresponsive customers are and the list goes on.

However, there is no need to dishearten yourself as there are several other options that provide users with incredible results in no time, and at pocket-friendly prices. Viralyft, Get Viral, Social Packages, etc. are some of those reliable examples, to begin with. So before you waste your money and hopes on scam platforms like Media Mister, we would suggest you consider these Media Mister alternatives to see the results for yourself. We hope this review helps you make an informed decision, and the alternatives help you ace your Instagram game!