20 Best Sites to Buy TikTok Likes (Safe & Fast)

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At this point, you are either on TikTok yourself, or all your friends are. Either way, you have definitely heard of the hugely popular social media sharing app, and there is a reason that most of us are addicted to it at this point.

It is a free, fun, creative way to come up with viral video challenges, and share content to our fans, friends, and family.

It has taken the younger generation by storm and is showing no signs of slowing down.

However, there is a darker side to TikTok, and that is the reality that if you actually want to do really well on the platform, you’ve got to put a lot of work into it.

For those that you see at the top like Addison Rae, they certainly were able to strike gold, but not everyone can do the same.

You have been trying for months to grow your TikTok profile, and get those TikTok likes up on your videos, but you just aren’t having any luck.

You don’t know if it’s the content that people don’t like, or the fact that you always seem to miss out on being part of a viral challenge.

Whatever it is, you probably haven’t got the time in real life to dedicate it to it completely, which is why it’s always worth seeing what’s out there in the world of social media marketing.

There are now tons of sites in the industry that can help you buy TikTok likes, and they can also incorporate every other aspect of your TikTok engagement rate.

One thing to note though is that not all can be trusted, which is why it’s worth reading up on lists like this.

With the list below, we can give you a really good idea of what a great site to buy TikTok likes looks like, so that you can stick to these and avoid working with someone who is prepared to compromise your reputation.

Best Sites to Buy TikTok Likes

TokUpgrade, as you might have been able to gather from the name, can exclusively help their clients with TikTok engagement.

We think that being able to buy TikTok likes from a company like this is a massive advantage, because you know that they are experts in the industry, and they’re specialized when it comes to their features.

They can also help you buy TikTok followers, and promise that all of their engagement is real, which means that you are going to get likes on your content that come from people who are genuine and are actually looking for video content like yours.

We love that you can choose either the tab that says, ‘get started’, or ‘how it works’ so that you can find out more about how they work, and you can also talk to them in the beginning before you register for anything about what your target audience looks like.

They want to get a really clear picture of this, so that they can help you find them, especially considering the competition is so hot right now that it can be difficult to bridge that gap.

UseViral is one of those sites that has been quietly working away at their features for quite a while now and can certainly help you buy TikTok likes.

You might think the name is familiar, but the website isn’t, and this is because they have recently had an overhaul of their site and have changed a lot of things about the aesthetics.

However, they haven’t touched their features, which we think is a really good thing.

This is because one of the standout features is the network that they have worked so hard to establish over the last few years, comprising individuals that are industry experts, who are passionate about helping their clients promote their content beyond just TikTok.

They can easily take your TikTok video content and spread the word about it on other platforms, so that you can get the TikTok likes you need, in the time frame that you need them.


SidesMedia in our opinion is one of those sites that everybody should know about, because they can virtually help anybody work out how to be successful with their TikTok profile.

They can help you buy TikTok likes, and they can help you preserve your existing TikTok reputation.

This is because they are considered among their clients one of the most trustworthy brands in this industry, which if you know anything about the social media marketing industry, says a lot.

The majority of companies like this can’t be trusted, because they are largely unregulated, and can be offering their clients spam.

So, the fact that these guys have worked so hard in establishing a reputation of trust and accountability among their existing clients goes a long way in our opinion.

They also happen to have one of the best delivery times in this business, meaning that you can get help with your TikTok likes within just three days.


Toksocial is another company that can help you buy TikTok likes that can help you only with TikTok, as you might have been able to guess by the brand name already.

Again, because TikTok is such a new social media sharing app, and is growing so quickly, it is probably wise to find a company like this that only puts its focus into one platform.

There’s no harm in giving your TikTok profile the best start it can get, so investing in a brand like this is going to sustain it for a long time.

We love that these guys talk about real targeted TikTok engagement from the beginning, and they also talk about how they don’t go anywhere near things like fake followers, or spam.

By emphasizing the use of organic growth when it comes to their clients and believe that they have some of the best features that you’ll find in the industry for growing your TikTok profile.

We also think that it is pretty cool that it’s only going to take you a couple of minutes to get set up, and you can cancel your membership with them at any point.


TokCaptain is, yep, you guessed it, another site that says they can help you with just TikTok. If you’re hoping to buy TikTok likes from a company that really knows what they’re doing, we suggest that you give these guys a go.

They believe that they are competent enough to boost their client’s TikTok accounts, and they even say that they are the number one source to help you out with this.

They believe that their clients come from all around the world, and they have been able to help thousands of people at this point.

They make the signup process incredibly easy, and they also promise that they can provide their clients with immediate results, as well as genuine engagement.

We also appreciate that their entire process from beginning to end is safe and secure, so there’s no need to worry about anything happening to your existing reputation.

If you go down to the bottom of their home page, you’ll see a lot of reviews that have been left by existing clients as well, which doesn’t hurt their case.


Fueltok believes that they are the best site to help you buy TikTok likes and make you famous in general.

Of course, not everybody on TikTok is going to want to become famous, but it isn’t a bad goal or dream to have.

They have bet on the fact that the majority of their clients are going to want this level of popularity, and we certainly don’t blame them.

We love that one of their first options when you visit their website is the ability to try their features for free for seven days, and you don’t have to relinquish your credit card information to do this.

They say that their features can help generate the right attention for your videos, so that you will get more TikTok likes and comments as well as followers on your profile.

Of course, they have divided their features based on plans, so if you just want to sign up with them for one month, this is also an option.

With custom settings and advanced targeting, we think that these guys are ideal if you want to take your TikTok more seriously right now.


SMM Pal are pretty sure that they’re one of the best social media growth tools, and place where you can buy TikTok likes right now.

You might be a little bit put off them in the beginning, because their website is so simple when it comes to its design.

However, we think that what they are lacking in the aesthetics of their website, they make up for in the quality of their features.

One thing that we love most of all is that they’ve got an extensive list of FAQs, so you can learn all about how they work, and the kind of services they offer their clients before committing to anything.

Tik Boost

Tik Boost is super confident that they can help their clients fire up their TikTok profiles straight away.

Naturally, they can assist you in being able to buy TikTok likes, but they can also assist you in connecting to your target audience, and believe that with their features, your target audience is closer than ever.

As you might have hoped for, these guys can help you not only with your TikTok likes, but with your views and followers, and they even tailor-make their packages to suit their client’s needs.

They also think they offer their clients really fair prices and have years of experience behind their high-quality features.

If you feel like some of the other sites you have looked at in this industry are lacking a bit when it comes to support, these guys will definitely make up for it.

They are available whenever you need them, whether it is in the middle of the night, or the middle of the day.

SNS Real Fans

SNS Real Fans is one of the simplest approaches to be able to buy TikTok likes that we have come across, but again, we are starting to like the simple approaches, because we believe that they also happen to be some of the most effective.

They say that they offer their clients high-quality users, and all of their engagement is 100% safe.

It also comes with 24/7 support, and a high retention rate, so you never have to worry about whether your TikTok likes are going to stick around and make your videos look good.

Once you have made your payment, you can expect to have your features delivered within one to six hours and they also have a FAQ section, so you can get to know them in-depth before registering for anything.

Media Mister

Media Mister has a penchant for helping its clients buy TikTok likes, and then going beyond this to reach out to anything from Pinterest, to Vimeo, Facebook, and Twitter as well.

These guys are passionate about quantity and quality, which means that they can help you with virtually every aspect of your brand being on the Internet, without compromising on the quality of your features.

The standout service as far as we are concerned with these guys is their ability to produce a tiered pricing system for their customers, which puts more of the control in your hands.

You get to decide how much you are going to end up paying for your engagement, and in the long run are able to save money and stick to your budget a lot easier.


FeedPixel prides itself on being an all-in-one social media marketplace, that can of course help you buy TikTok likes, as well as everything else.

One of the first things they talk about on their website as far as being a great choice for you is that they aren’t going to ask for any login credentials or password when you register with them.

They also talk about how you can choose from their custom or standard packages, so if you have any special requirements when it comes to your TikTok likes, they can accommodate easily.

They also keep all order and billing details 100% private, which means a lot in a world where hackers are on the lookout for the next opportunity all the time.


Bouxtie is yet another site that we have decided to review on this list that can exclusively help you with TikTok.

This means that they know a whole lot about being able to buy TikTok likes, but they can also assist you with your fans, shares, and views.

At the end of the day, they just love everything to do with TikTok, and are chomping at the bit to help you plan your campaign.

Once you have sat down with them and planned the right campaign for your needs you can easily place your order with them, and get your features delivered straight away.

There’s not a whole lot more you need to know about these guys except that they have affordable pricing, without compromising on the quality of their features.


Tikfuel has a knack of knowing what its clients need before they even know it themselves.

If you are relatively new to the world of TikTok and you’re not sure which direction to take your page, then you definitely need to align with an ally like this.

They say that they are the leading provider in TikTok engagement in general, and judging but what their customers have said so far, we think that they are doing pretty well for themselves.

They make it super simple to not just buy TikTok likes, but to buy TikTok followers, and they have put them into different categories so that you’re not having to spend money on engagement that you won’t use.

They say that all you need to do is choose the service you need, and then provide your username and you’re well on your way to successful TikTok engagement.


SocialPackages is going to put you off in the beginning, only because they will have you thinking that they can just help you with Instagram.

This is the platform that they market the most on their homepage, but don’t let this fool you – they can definitely help you with TikTok as well, and we think that they have some excellent features that can help you take your page far.

They ultimately want to help their clients find a solution that suits them the best, and if you scroll a little bit down, you can get assistance with your Facebook business page at the same time.

They offer a guarantee of a refill, as well as quick delivery and live support that you can get a hold of anytime in the day or night.

They also believe that their services are free of risk.


Viralyft knows that there are a lot of other companies out there that want to get your attention with their services, which is why they have been quietly working away on their TikTok engagement for a few years now.

These days, they believe that they have what works and what is going to keep you in business for a long time, and they’re so good that they almost don’t need to even market their features.

They can assist you in being able to buy TikTok likes, and they can also help you promote your Facebook business page, as well as help you get on top of your YouTube marketing so that you’re never falling behind the YouTube algorithm again.

They have a helpful ‘how it works’ section on their homepage, and they also promise that they offer their clients fast results.


GetViral goes beyond the simple when helping its customers with their growth on TikTok.

They can assist you in being able to buy TikTok likes, but they can also help you boost your authority in social media in general.

They know that the more authority your brand has out there, the more likely you are to be successful in general.

They say that they offer their clients exclusive support, and they also say that they can help you out with real YouTube views, as well as Twitter followers, Instagram comments, Facebook likes, and of course TikTok likes.

If you need any help from them at any point, you can talk to them on their website through their chat page, and they divide their services into different categories, making it super easy for you to decide what you buy and what you leave behind.


Socialpros.io says that they recommend a personalised, dedicated pro manager to help you with all of your needs, including of course those coveted TikTok likes.

They say that they also want to help their clients learn more about TikTok marketing, and they can help you get more TikTok likes and followers for your page organically.

They are all about real engagement and being able to help you get thousands of new likes on your videos every time you upload a new piece of content.

They even have growth hacks that you can tap into, so we think that these guys have the know-how to make your life a whole lot easier when it comes to your TikTok page.


StormLikes is another company in the game that is going to have you believe that they can just help you with your Instagram likes and followers, but they can of course assist you in being able to buy TikTok likes at the same time.

In fact, if you talk to most of these companies, they will tell you that Instagram and TikTok go hand-in-hand, and the more you can leverage one for the other, the better.

They talk about how other companies are going to send you ghost engagement, which is something that they wouldn’t dream about doing.

They also accept Bitcoin as payment, which we think is pretty cool.


If you haven’t heard of Followersup at this point to assist you in being able to buy TikTok likes, then we suggest that you see what they’ve got going on.

This is because they are one of the oldest companies in this industry that can help you with your TikTok growth, and they make it so that you get to decide how much you are paying for their services.

They have a slide bar that you slide across to see how much their engagement costs, so that you are only purchasing the engagement that is going to benefit your TikTok page.

TikTok Fame

TikTok Fame, as the name suggests, can help you exclusively with TikTok, so that you don’t have to worry about anything else but TikTok.

There comes a time in the journey of your brand being online where you just need to focus on one platform, so if this is what you’re looking for, then you need to opt for TikTok Fame.

As well as being exclusive, they also say that they have some pretty great pricing, and we think that their customer support isn’t too shabby, either.

If you want to make it really easy for your TikTok page to be successful, then get on board with a company like this.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it, what we believe to be the best sites to help you buy TikTok likes.

As you can see, there are quite a few to choose from, but for every one site that we have reviewed above, there are ten other sites out there that don’t have your best interests at heart, and only want to ruin your existing reputation.


Because the industry is unregulated, and they would much rather make a quick profit and disappear again then have to stick around for a long time and have razor thin margins.

This is why you need to keep up with your homework and make sure that the sites you are considering working with really care about you, and your long-term goals for TikTok.

Good luck!