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A guide for phone psychic readings, counting down the best online phone psychics sites of 2021 offering reliable & accurate psychic reading services, tarot readings, fortune telling, dream analysis, astrology readings, career forecasts and more.

Life is an unpredictable set of events in which we’re often thrown off our game precisely when we think we have everything well under control. Other times, when we assume things can’t get any worse, we’re proven wrong yet again as we realize how little control we really have over our own lives.

That said, people who believe in the world of mystics know better than to wait for the good times to roll in while they stand aside aimlessly. Instead, they take it upon themselves to take the necessary steps that put them closer to their goals as they skip over the obstructions in life at every blind turn. Free online psychics have made this possible for everyone to remain informed at all turns of life, no matter what situation.

While it is in our nature to doubt our capabilities at the best (or the worst) of times, receiving free psychic readings by phone can keep us from spending another sleepless night and restless day. After all, the spiritual guidance mystic advisors can provide us with their uncanny ability to detect things before they even happen can be a life-saver at times!

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Therefore, whether you’re looking for enough financial stability to mortgage your own house, searching for your one true love to spend your entire life with, or wanting a career change that you’ve longed for far too long, psychic reading is always the answer. While life might be far from perfect at times, it’s the tiny sparks of lights that act as our sight, helping us through the darkness and leading us to the possible happily-ever-after.

However, are you wondering now what are the best sites to gravitate towards for receiving the most accurate and reliable readings? If so, we have you covered in that aspect as well. But before we begin reviewing our top four suggestions to receive free psychic readings by phone, let’s get one impending question out of the way. That is, why should one go for the phone or chat psychics when they can receive a psychic reading session physically?

Best Phone Psychic Reading Services to Call in 2021

With multiple online services to offer psychic phone readings these days, making the final call can be more than challenging. Not to mention, you have to remain wary of the platforms that scam people and run off with their money after giving them false hopes in the name of a psychic reading. Therefore, to make things comparatively easier, we have articulated a list of four top-rated phone psychics sites based on substantial client reviews.

Here are our handpicked options:

  • Kasamba – The best phone psychics platform for psychic readings on true love, relationships, and faith.
  • Psychic Source – Best interactive platform to get psychic advice on finances, career, and job opportunities by phone & chat psychics.
  • California Psychics – Best online platform to get live psychic readings and navigate crossroads of life.
  • Purple Garden – An excellent site for inexpensive psychic phone readings on finding passion of life.

Kasamba – The Best Phone Psychics Platform for the Matters of Heart

Kasamba is usually the first name to pop up when you search for online phone psychics. This is especially true when you want to seek spiritual guidance regarding matters of the heart. Moreover, since this platform has been operating for several decades, most of the psychics you’ll see working here have decades’ worth of experience in the world of mystics. In case of point, the top-rated clairvoyants have thirty to forty years of practical experience, and their online profile clearly speaks for their reputation.

Furthermore, Kasamba is one of the best online platforms to offer multiple modes of phone communication, including chats, voice calls, and video consultation. Their global chain of experts is especially renowned for offering the most accurate love readings, making it the ultimate love advice center.

Clients also appreciate the website’s successful attempt to offer privacy with an encrypted log-in and registration process, ensuring 100% confidentiality. This means you get to keep your identity disclosed, if that’s what you prefer, by using only your initials and putting in your astrological details to carry on with your psychic phone session. It’s specifically ensured that the readings’ accuracy rate wouldn’t matter either way as well.

Finally, the platform is known for hiring only the most exceptional psychics who pass the initial screening tests to get selected. In addition to everything, you can also visit each psychic’s profile anonymously before making your choice by taking in their expertise, ratings, and testimonials.

Kasamba Price Plan

The first three minutes of the initial consultation session are free of cost for the new clients at Kasamba. Moreover, the rest of the session is charged on a per-minute basis at low prices, starting from $1. However, if you’re new to the platform, you can avail 70% discount on your first session, which gives you an excellent and budget-friendly starting point.

It’s also imperative to note that the price structure may vary from psychic to psychic, based on their level of expertise. Case in point, you’ll see some of the premium psychics charging extra dollars for their service. Therefore, it’s best not to skimp on reviewing each psychic profile with their rate structure before making the final call.

Lastly, the best part about Kasamba is that you can always ask for a full refund if your initial session doesn’t meet your expectations.

What We Like About Kasamba

  • Customers get the opportunity to converse and seek help from a global network of psychic readers online.
  • A number of communication modes are available to clients, such as phone psychics, chat psychics, email psychics, and video psychics.
  • 24/7 customer support service is offered to clients.
  • You can get a free subscription to daily horoscope reading sessions.
  • The first three minutes of consultation are free of cost for the new customers.
  • New clients can avail 70% discount on their first session.
  • You can demand a full refund if the psychic services offered are not to your liking.

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Psychic Source – The Place Where You Find Answers to All Your Career and Finance-Related Questions

While Psychic Source first came forward as a tarot reading hotline for people looking for immediate spiritual guidance, they have accomplished a lot in the previous years in terms of extending their mystic circle. Case in point, the platform has managed to continue delivering the same quality of performance while offering multiple services to thousands of customers, including tarot reading, palm reading, and crystal ball reading. Furthermore, their highly experienced team of mystic advisors ensures 100% privacy before clients are given the go-ahead to open up about their struggles and insecurities in life.

The platform always guarantees a vigorous recruitment process where each psychic has to pass through the screening test before acquiring a position in the talented team. This is one of the factors that has led this organization to gain a consistent stream of clients from the start. Therefore, if you’re new to the world of mystics, Psychic Source could be an excellent place to start your new journey with 100% confidence.

Additionally, the customer support service offered by the platform is available 24/7 to clients since a large portion of querents and psychics here are related to different parts of the world. The representatives are officially trained to see through all queries, including resolving technical issues and invoice inquiries.

Lastly, the “Psychic Tool” and filter option integrated into the website makes it possible for non-tech savvy clients to reach out to their preferred psychics without any hassle. Not to mention, the cash refund policy is put into place so you can demand your money back if you’re not satisfied with your initial consultation session.

Psychic Source Price Plan

Psychic Source offers free online phone psychics service for the first three minutes, followed by each ten-minute interval that’s to be charged at $1.99. Plus, the platform includes seasonal discounts every now and then, so you should keep your eyes open for them to get the most out of your money.

That said, you should still know that your phone consultation sessions at this platform may cost more than what you might pay at other sites should you choose to go with the premium psychics.

What We Like About Psychic Source

  • Psychic Source provides an extensive global chain of highly recognized psychic readers.
  • The modes of communication include phone psychics, chat psychics, and video consultation.
  • 24/7 customer support service is available to customers.
  • New clients can take advantage of the first three free minutes of consultation to assess the psychics’ skill set.
  • After the complimentary session, you are charged $1.99 for the following ten-minute interval.
  • You may avail of discount offers mentioned on their site at the time of consultation.
  • The platform is renowned for ensuring secure payment methods and online registration.

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California Psychics – The Best Psychic Platform to Ensure Your Life’s Better Outcome

California Psychics can be your go-to psychic platform to receive online readings about all stages and aspects of life. Whether you require help breaking away from a toxic relationship or seek guidance entering into a new career, this is where you will experience the difference between a good and an excellent online psychic reading.

The platform has been servicing clients for over twenty-five years, and the experts working at California Psychics are best known to deliver the most accurate live readings online. Moreover, the psychics here have a unique way of unfolding people’s destiny as they identify their instabilities in life, offering advice to calm the waves. That said, this platform is a must-try if you’re looking for answers in life that strip you of your sleep and even haunt you during the daytime.

This is also a unique online organization for individuals struggling with anxiety and depression. Especially since the pandemic has taken us off-guard, several people have come knocking on California Psychics’ doors to keep themselves mentally sane and active.

Moreover, suppose you’re looking for diverse psychic mediums, including tarot reading, crystal balls, runes, pendulums, and I-Ching. In that case, California Psychics can offer it all and more to clients from all over the world with their extended range of services. Plus, their 24/7 online customer support is said to be the best in the field since they prioritize getting in touch with their clients and seeing through their problems as soon as possible.

Lastly, the hiring process at California Psychics is a rigorous one where it is ensured that no other than the well-reputed psychics enter their team of mystics. Clients are also given the opportunity to evaluate their options by assessing each psychic’s profile before making contact so that they can enter the session with 100% confidence.

California Psychics Price Plan

The introductory discount packages are tailored to each client’s needs, so you don’t have to worry about the initial sessions making a dent in your wallet. In addition, you can demand a 100% refund through the website’s 24/7 available customer service when you aren’t satisfied with the psychic’s skill set.

While the introductory price rate is set at $1 per minute, the cost structure is generally grouped into the following three categories:

1- Popular

The psychics listed in the “popular” category are mostly private fortune-tellers who have to go through an extensive hiring process before getting the job for this role. This ensures they have the required talents and qualities needed to deliver compelling predictions.

2- Preferred

On the contrary, “preferred” California Psychics are further divided into multiple categories based on their unique skill sets, such as love readings and career fortune-telling. These psychics extend one-on-one online sessions as they give timely advice on relationships, careers, and finances.

3- Premium

Lastly, “premium” experts are the most expensive of all mystic advisors due to their extended level of expertise with tons of experience under their wing. They’re bound to deliver the most accurate information followed by professional advice to each client in a confidential setting.

What We Like About California Psychics

  • The psychics available on the platform undergo a strict assessment before they’re hired for the job.
  • You can expect 24/7 customer service with a fast response rate.
  • A complete 100% money-back policy is enforced for unsatisfied customers.
  • Clients reap benefits from a diverse selection of psychic tools, such as tarot cards, pendulums, and crystal balls.
  • The preliminary price plan consists of a $1 per minute charging process.
  • You can get 5 free minutes in your initial consultation by using the code “ADD5”.
  • 100% secure payment process, using a credit card, debit card, or Paypal.
  • Easy-to-use and self-explanatory website.
  • 24/7 live customer support is available to customers.
  • The platform includes profiles of all the available psychics that consist of reviews, ratings, experience, expertise, and price structure.

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Purple Garden – An Inexpensive Psychic Platform to Get Your Life Together

Purple Garden could be your go-to platform for live readings if you want an easy-to-use psychic site with the most affordable rates, comparatively speaking. The organization is also relatively new since it was only established back in 2006, unlike its rivals with decades of experience in the field. However, despite this fact, the expert team working here has efficiently managed to put their best foot forward to attract new clients their way.

Furthermore, it’s a notable achievement to have more than three thousand psychics on one platform with certifiable expertise, high-starred ratings, and thriving customer reviews. Not to mention, this is one of the few sites to offer an Android and iOS application that can be conveniently used to get in touch with your preferred psychics.

The best thing about Purple Garden’s website and application is that both platforms support a multi-lingual system, where you can choose different languages to understand everything better. These include English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Greek, and Swedish. This attribute makes the platform even more accessible for clients from all over the world.

Moreover, you can even choose your mode of communication, including phone calls, chats, and video consultation, when picking the online psychics here after filtering them according to your needs.

Purple Garden Price Plan

The fee structure for each psychic depends upon their level of expertise and years of experience. However, the overall rates on this platform are the most affordable compared to other sites, starting with less than $1 per minute.

What We Like About Purple Garden

  • Purple Garden is home to more than 3000 psychics.
  • This is a multi-lingual platform.
  • The multiple modes of communications on this platform include live chats, voice calls, and video conferences.
  • There’s a written bio and even an introductory video attached to each psychic’s profile.
  • 100% secure and anonymous payment method.
  • There are distinct price structures for chats, voice calls, and video sessions to make the readings more budget-friendly for all.
  • A strict hiring process is ensured when adding more psychics to the platform.
  • Their website is one of the easiest to use for people with no technical background whatsoever.
  • The affordable fee structure starts at as little as $1 per minute.
  • Mobile applications are developed for both Android and iOS users.
  • Clients are offered email customer support 24/7.

Why Should Psychic Phone Readings Be Preferred Over In-Person Psychics?

If there’s one thing we can’t deny about any genuine psychic reader, online or otherwise, it’s their divine ability to see through the darkness and comprehend things in a way that most people often miss. Moreover, it’s not just the potential occurrences of life that psychics can help us with. In reality, the best part about talking with a mystic advisor is their offer to bring us insights about our immediate present.

However, having said that, we also can’t deny that due to the popularity of psychics these days, many people with no mystic powers whatsoever have come forward to make money in this field. Therefore, searching for the best psychics who can give us reliable predictions can somewhat be an undesired roller coaster ride. This feeling of helplessness compels several individuals to lean toward in-person psychics, thinking they can avoid scams this way. Unfortunately, little do they know that if it’s a scam they are trying to avoid, they likely have dug an even deeper hole for themselves by doing this.

If you’re wondering how, the answer is relatively straightforward. In the hope of avoiding a fake psychic, most people find a local one since they believe it’s unlikely to encounter a fraudster in the physical. However, that’s not the case. In point of fact, since most physical psychics don’t have much of an online profile or reputation to begin with, especially the scammers, there’s no way of reviewing their rating or testimonials. Therefore, you can’t know whether you’ve made the right decision by contacting them.

On the other hand, researching phone psychics or chat psychics is far more accessible. That’s because almost mystic advisors using such mediums depend upon their online reputation to get more clients. Therefore, they’re bound to have a pronounced online profile where clients can easily read their reviews, which tells them whether it’s a wise option to go for their services or not. Contrarily, a physical psychic can trick you easily since you don’t have any idea whether what they’re speaking about is a form of natural gift or a malicious get-over.

Ultimately, it’s always better to contemplate your online options before you start looking for a psychic nearby. This can be proficiently done by looking for online platforms that provide genuine reviews about psychic phone reading services. This way, you can take your pick, knowing precisely what each platform has to offer you.

However, before reviewing the top psychic reading services in detail, let’s go over them briefly to give you a better sense of direction. Once you know what we’ve got for you, you can choose to read about the selected psychic reading sites, as per your preference, in the next section.

How Is It Safe to Use Online Phone Psychics?

In most cases, people new to the concept of psychic reading are somewhat reluctant to use online services at first. Since they’ve always thought of psychics sitting on the other end of the table studying you with their uncanny eyes, they wonder if the online field is nothing more than a fluke to make money off them. This lack of information forces more than enough clients to seek guidance from a personal mystic guide whom they can meet personally, even though they admit it would be much better to get in-home treatment.

The truth is that choosing digital media is a much safer choice than scheduling an in-person session if you want to avoid scams and ensure a private profile. That’s because online clairvoyants already have a profile that you can review before asking for their services. This minimizes the possibility of overspending your money on fraud businesses while allowing you to compare multiple phone psychics with ease.

Not to mention, online service providers always assess psychics’ portfolios and referrals before adding them to their dedicated team of experts to avoid any mishaps. Also, they ensure a secure payment process for clients, which allows anyone to register and schedule appointments with clairvoyants as they maintain their anonymity. This is particularly helpful for individuals who do not want to reveal their identity when seeking mystical advice.

Finally, it is essential to note that maintaining your contact on digital platforms is the most practical solution these days due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, phone psychics can offer an additional layer of security to clients from this perspective as well.

How Do I Know About a Phone Psychic’s Credibility?

There can be several ways to learn about a particular phone psychic’s credibility and level of expertise. To start, you can always review their online profile to see their experience, ratings, and testimonials. If an online psychic doesn’t have a standard profile or has unsatisfactory comments, it’s best not to push your luck there.

Moreover, the top-rated psychics usually stick to specific fields when extending their services since dabbling between multiple fields can negatively decentralize their concentration. Therefore, if you’re looking to receive accurate psychic phone readings specifically about your future, it’s best to search for those mystic advisors that excel at fortune-telling.

Lastly, most online psychics offer free sessions or at least discounted appointments the first time clients reach out to them. On the contrary, the opposite is true for fake psychics since they can’t afford to give cut-down prices when it’s likely they wouldn’t have a repeat client.

Should I Prefer Chat Psychics, Phone Psychics, or Video Consultation?

It’s entirely up to the recipients to see which form of psychic readings would match their preferences the best. For example, individuals who want to maintain as much anonymity as possible don’t usually go for online video consultation, sticking to phone psychics or chat psychics. On the other hand, if you’re one of those individuals who like to interact with others one-on-one to communicate clearly, it’s best to ask for a video session.

Similarly, if you don’t have any problem either way, it will depend entirely on your mood regarding what you want. However, we suggest striving for chats or phone calls if you usually face issues with a slow internet connection during a video conference to avoid unnecessary interruptions.

How Do I Make the Most Out of My Psychic Phone Readings?

Several people don’t feel the need to ask what they can do to get the most out of their psychic phone readings. That’s because they have a clear idea about what should be done to ensure a fruitful session – that is, asking several questions to untangle the piling problems all at once! However, in their hopes to achieve the most, the opposite usually happens, and they don’t even realize it at that point.

When asking a specific question, you should give your advisor as much time as possible to get their point across. Psychic reading isn’t a “yes” or “no” game that you can play to get your life queries answers. Instead, you have to be patient and listen to your psychic, contemplating every single thing before moving on to the next question.

Furthermore, asking for a definite timeline should also be avoided. It should be noted that mystic advisors can’t pinpoint a certain date or time for any occurrence. In point of fact, a psychic can only guide you about how to surf through your present to reach the desired point in your future.

As long as you remember these things about interacting with phone psychics, you should be able to make the most out of your psychic session successfully.

The Bottom Line

Psychic phone readings are the most accessible way to seek spiritual help and guidance when encountering hurdles in life. This way, you can connect with gifted psychics, asking them to evaluate your present and read your future so that you can condition your circumstances accordingly.

That said, you can use our handpicked selection of online phone psychics to receive the most reliable readings from the comfort of your homes. We hope your future brings you plenty of happiness and joy as you turn the page around to unveil each new chapter of life!