Best Online Tarot Card Reading Platforms of 2021


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A user guide for the best online tarot card reading services, counting down the most accurate and trusted tarot card reading platforms for love, career and destiny predictions.

Seeking the assistance of future forecasts through tarot card readings is a prevalent practice for numerous individuals. The conviction that people get through tarot readings benefits various people across the globe get a grasp of their life and dispense with the contingencies of life and remain patient in the time of turmoil. The religious use of tarot card readings helps individuals gain a more solid knowledge of the chaos around them. Tarot card reading specialists have likewise guided millions and billions of individuals to a track of composure. Tarot card reading is additionally an excellent branch of psychic reading for people who are looking for solutions to the purpose of life. It builds a feeling of contentment and self-awareness, that assists them in understanding the forces of the cosmos more beneficially.

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Determining an authentic tarot card reading specialist can be challenging, however, once discovered, people encounter extraordinary variations in the way they see and experience life. Apart from this, online tarot reading platforms have made it feasible for even individuals dwelling in isolated areas to have access to proficient tarot card experts and acquire estimable insights into their future. Nowadays, finding an expert tarot reading specialist is at your fingertips due to the widespread prevalence of online tarot card reading websites. While these online platforms have unveiled the scope of receiving detailed tarot readings from the comfort of your place, it has also opened up a space for impostors to trick individuals and extract money from them.

Therefore, it is imperative that you cautiously choose only the most trustworthy tarot card reading websites instead of frantically settling for any tarot reading platform you see online.

Top 4 Online Tarot Card Reading Websites

The following online tarot card reading websites present the most dependable readings on all significant life matters.

Keen Psychics – Most low-priced tarot card readings platform with highly skilled experts. Get ten minutes of online tarot readings for just $1.99 over a phone call, email communication and live chat.

Kasamba Psychics –  Most competent love tarot card readings performed by experienced professionals. At Kasamba, you receive primary three minutes free and a tremendous 50% off via phone call, emails and live mobile chat.

Psychic Source – Highly commendable online tarot card reading website for overall life decisions. Psychic Source presents primary 3 minutes free with a 75% discount for readings received via live video calls, telephone conversations, and online chat.

California Psychics – The best online tarot card reading platform to receive gainful acumens on future and career-related matters. At California Psychics, patrons get initial 5 minutes free if they use the promo code ‘ADD5’, and all initial readings at $1 per minute.

Keen Psychics – The Most High-Grade Platform for Accurate Life Predictions

An esteemed psychic interface that extends many more assistance other than online tarot card reading, Keen Psychics assists millions and billions of individuals across the globe to get over the most troublesome moments in life. With adequate tarot reading experts available to take an enrolled member’s phone call and lead them through a tarot reading concourse at any given moment of the day, this round-the-clock divine consultation platform holds some of the most reliable tarot readers in the industry at pretty inexpensive prices.

With more than two decades of expertise, Keen Psychics have strived hard to gain a name for themselves in the business of online tarot card reading, with several individuals requiring that their supervision when they undergo some of the most troublesome moments in their lives. Keen Psychics additionally holds stellar evaluations from its patrons, which is why the client recommendations get highlighted as soon as potential customers access their web portal.

Providing a diversity of assistance other than just love and profession-related tarot card reading, this best online tarot card reading platform extends some of the most competitive tarot readings online. The inexpensive rates and the lucrative offers presented to newly registered patrons have made it a popular first choice for hundreds and thousands of people worldwide. With online tarot reading priced at only $1.99 for initial ten minutes, Keen Psychics is the most affordable tarot and psychic reading website that exists in modern times.

Because the readers at this tarot reading platform present readings via phone call and live chat, their assistance has grown much envied, particularly for people not technologically outfitted to handle complicated video call methods. However, Keen Psychics further presents video call readings so that patrons can experience the perfect feel of the tarot card reading session.

Keen Psychics successfully brings together a vast number of approximately 1600 psychic and tarot card readers under the umbrella of one platform after screening them rigorously. Every psychic or tarot reader found on this online tarot reading website gets picked meticulously from various shortlisted candidates after ensuring that their claims of psychic abilities are authentic.
Any person can log in on the Keen Psychics website with merely an email address and a passcode so they can skim around the website, which has been appreciated for being effortless to manage. Once the user account creation gets done, patrons can browse the main webpage of Keen Psychics and take a look at the tarot card readers prominently listed on the principal webpage.

Also, every tarot online reader holds small profile sections that hold their introduction,  the languages they converse, approach on specific topics, and other relevant data. This helps customers choose the readers most suited for their problems so that they remain comfortable during a reading session. Once patrons have sifted across the tarot card readers’ online profiles, which describe their pursuits, methods employed and user recommendations, Keen Psychics enables clients to receive a free tarot reading session of initial ten minutes with their expert of choice.

This time is normally more than sufficient for individuals to receive an impression of how online tarot reading gets carried out and they can decide whether to proceed or not. Also, for people who are new to the world of online tarot readings, Keen Psychics extends a beneficial feature on their web portal where they upload videos that assist new users in navigating the website and understand how a usual tarot reading session works. Keen Psychics likewise takes its client assistance quite earnestly, because its reliability depends on it.

Clients who feel like they were not content with a tarot reading session, can connect with the patron assistance crew working round the clock to get their complaints addressed and refunds initiated. Hence, it might not be wrong to say that Keen Psychic is a transcendent choice for patrons who would prefer getting a flash into the fascinating world of online free tarot reading and the psychic sciences.

Key Highlights:

  • Affordable and competitive prices – 10 minutes of tarot readings at just $1.99
  • The website is pretty simple to navigate, even for people who are not tech-savvy.
  • Initial three minutes complimentary once registration gets completed.
  • Tarot card readings are performed through phone calls, video conferencing and live chat.
  • Performed more than 20 million tarot reading sessions across two decades, making them one of the most accomplished names in the industry.

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Kasamba Psychics – Most Reputable Portal for Excellent Love Tarot Readings

Kasamba Psychics is yet another online tarot reading platform with more than twenty years of knowledge in the realm of psychic sciences, established in 1999. Over the past twenty years, Kasamba Psychics triumphantly earned four million visitants to its web portal. With more than 200 tarot card readers working on this website, Kasamba Psychics has grown as a well-known name amongst individuals attempting to get an immeasurable platform to get love tarot reading done.

Also, the sign-up process on the Kasamba Psychics is quick and easy. Patrons can either fill up a comprehensive enrollment form or use an Apple or Google account to sign up or log in quickly. This integration into larger tech companies articulates the authenticity of this online tarot reading website. Once enrollment gets completed, the patrons can skim through the list of highly competent tarot readers to get one that seems to accommodate them.

Best online tarot card readers working on this platform possesses a unique specialty, which gets manifested on the principal webpage, along with user recommendations, evaluations, and the cost per minute. If the client needs more specifically to go for a tarot reading online professional, they can find the search tool at the top of the page to get redirected to the segment where exclusively tarot card experts are displayed. From the 200 tarot online professionals available, patrons can go through in-depth information about the tarot readers.

After a person has picked the tarot advisor, they can get directly into the reading session, where they can choose to move beyond the initial three free minutes if they seem content or quit right before if the tarot reader seems incompetent.

This chance of encountering a tarot reading before getting into what the reader extends has enabled many initial-time advice-seekers to esteem the website more. Kasamba Psychics additionally holds an added advantage of presenting two varieties of tarot card reading assistance, from which clients can pick:

Angel Tarot Card Readings, which include getting tender and reaffirming information from angels, archangels, and other universal energies who control the divine cosmos. These communications also embrace life guidance, reassurance, and solutions to life’s complex problems. Unlike traditional tarot card readings, it is pretty unlikely that these communications will possess adverse interpretations. They simply attempt to present acumen into the person’s life path.

Cartomancy, where tarot card readers venture prediction or fortune-telling employing a mediocre pack of tarot card reading, instead of using specialized angel cards or tarot cards. Regarded as cartomancers, these tarot online card readers are specialized people who can foretell a person’s future by sensing their aura and the tarot cards they pull out from the deck. Kasamba Psychics possesses forty cartomancers on their portal, which is quite an achievement considering how rare these clairvoyants have grown in present times.

Tarot card readers at Kasamba Psychics presents both mobile chat and telephone calls as a medium of communication. Also, the rates that tart readers levy for their readings can differ based on what they present and how good their patron ratings are – some tarot readings can be as inexpensive as $1.69 per minute to as high-priced as $25.50 per minute. Considering how Kasamba Psychics has tarot experts available at any moment of the day, their reading rates are pretty affordable.  Another exciting feature that Kasamba Psychics carries is the Best Match Guaranteed. Kasamba understands the fact that obtaining the most dependable tarot card reader can be quite the hassle, much like getting the appropriate therapist.

This is why patrons visiting this platform for the first time get initial three minutes free with a psychic expert that they can match up with based on available tarot readers. This is an extremely dependable method, particularly for those not accustomed to the website and how the business works.

Moreover, Kasamba Psychics possesses a cross-platform application available both on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store for free. For people who are always on the move, a mobile application through which tarot online readings can get done in minutes is supremely helpful.

Kasamba Psychics has discovered its position in the realm of tarot online reading by democratizing the reading system, offering many new members discounts and economical reading rates.

Key Highlights:

  • Competitive rates with initial three free minutes
  • Cross-platform mobile application available for people on the go
  • Offers cartomancy and angel tarot card readings
  • Presents a 100% Best match guarantee
  • Competent client assistance team
  • Initial three minutes free + 50% off for initial time users
  • More than 200 tarot card experts on the website.

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Psychic Source – Excellent Tarot Readings on All Life Issues

Psychic Source possesses more than thirty years of expertise in advancing detailed free tarot reading online, earning them renown for being one of the most esteemed psychic consultation and online tarot reading portals available in the present time.

Working 24/7, the principal mission of Psychic Source is to render supervision to the individuals lost to forces like consumerism and high-level technology. Using divine abilities like that of tarot card reading, Psychic Source aspires to present its users with the kind of guidance they despairingly demand, with fairness and clarity.

This thought of dependable customer assistance is shared by each tarot reader serving on the website, and this is why the previous patron recommendations are forever exceptional. Also, this online tarot reading platform carries high renown due to its affordable reading rates. However, the pricing does differ based on the ages of expertise the tarot reader holds and the specialization they advance, but it mostly falls under a fair rate.

In addition to this, Psychic Source takes privacy quite earnestly. It warrants all data entered into the chat section or inquiries by the patrons remain end to end encrypted and saved in cloud servers that guard all the clients against any sort of privacy infringement. This data cannot be obtained even by those working with Psychic Source and are only referred to when patrons raise concerns with particular readers.

Also, if the patrons have any issue with a particular tarot reading specialist such as they felt that the advice given was wrong, inappropriate, or made them uncomfortable, the client assistance team at Psychic Source operates around the clock to make sure that the patrons are delighted, and get the funds back. This online tarot reading platform further appreciates their tarot readers fairly and makes sure the clients’ accusations hold some truth in them before exercising extreme actions like suspending the expert from their company.

Psychic Source provides regular promo codes and concessions that many patrons are thrilled to chance upon. It can stretch up to 75% off on their opening session, along with initial three free minutes with any tarot card reader of their choosing. What holds many initial-time patrons back is the concern of money getting auto-debited after these free minutes. However, patrons must note that they will just be charged only for their reading span even if they go past the three free minutes and still receive an extra discount of 75%.

Another concern that patrons with social anxiety hold is that they will need to speak to a stranger reader face to face over video conferencing. Fortunately, Psychic Source knows how intimidating this can be, which is why they extend the alternative of having the video off. Here, the patrons can send in problems and difficulties through the chatbox, which the tarot expert will respond to through video. This method is far more beneficial than merely chat-oriented or video-oriented techniques of administering a tarot reading online.

Psychic Source has unfolded with the times in their three decades of expertise, accustoming to technology especially in these dire times where the pandemic wreaks plunder in people’s lives. They have further built a mobile application through which patrons can use this tarot cards reading platform with merely a few clicks on their phone to connect with a competent tarot expert and gain acumens on how to progress from a challenging situation.

The expert and positive approach that reflects through Psychic Source’s track record makes it a remarkably secure tarot reading platform that people can consult when they find themselves in a dilemma.

Key Highlights:

  • Most commendable privacy protection and guaranteed confidentiality
  • A cross-platform mobile application is available
  • Economical prices and extra discounts for brand-new users
  • Alternative to have video turned off during video readings and to interact through text.
  • Refund available if the patron is unsatisfied.
  • Over three decades of know-how in the realm of online tarot reading and more.

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California Psychics – Most Reliable Platform for Tarot Readings Related to Career and Profession

California Psychics is one of the most experienced players in the industry, with over twenty-five years of know-how. This is why they possess one of the most comprehensive compilations of psychic experts and tarot specialists on the online platform. This online tarot reading platform has earned immense renown and hence many experts prefer presenting their assistance on this platform. Also, tarot card readings presented by California Psychics have been eulogized for their precision and reassurance.

From the hundreds of tarot card readers, patrons can pick from, almost every soothsayer gets screened and evaluated by the California Psychics’ committee of specialists, who take precautions to ensure that their patrons are never scammed. The highly competitive and economical reading rates of merely a dollar per minute comes accompanied by various deals, discounts, and free trials that they present.

This helps many first-timers to take that primary move towards exploring tarot readings and transforming their life around. Apart from other deals and discounts, patrons further have access to a unique online promo code ‘ADD5’, that allows users to gain initial five minutes of psychic and tarot readings free.

Furthermore, the previous patron reviews that people find at California Psychics are also greatly reassuring, considering how many individuals feel spurred to give lengthy and accurate responses concerning how their tarot reader eyed into their lives and told them the solutions they required to hear frantically. Beyond reaffirming the nature of the assistance extended by California Psychics, such patron evaluations also help clients figure out more about a tarot expert’s domain of specialty.

Even if all tarot card experts rely on the corresponding psychic mechanism i.e. deck of cards to channel their endowments of clairvoyance, many specialists who administer tarot readings online have fields of specialization where they transcend in giving advice. For some experts, it can be love tarot card readings, for some, it is guidance related to property matters, familial relationships.

However, this tarot reading online platform holds more profound expertise in presenting valuable career and profession-related readings. The process of signing up at California Psychics is effortless and this platform accepts payment of all kinds such as debit cards, credit cards, and even payments via PayPal. While people are required to enter their payment details before commencing a tarot reading session, this platform ensures that patrons never get charged for the initial five free minutes.

Apart from this, the internal team at California Psychics always warrants they pick the most skillful tarot and psychic readers and make them go through an austere screening process before allowing them to work on this platform. Moreover, the 24/7 working patron assistance team ensures that users get refunded for the reading sessions they are not appeased with after they conduct a comprehensive analysis of the concourse.

Key Highlights:

  • Initial five minutes free + promo codes “ADD5” and discounts
  • Equates patrons with exceptional tarot card readers
  • Accepts payment of all kinds
  • Excellent patron reviews
  • 24/7 customer assistance that extends refunds to unsatisfied patrons.
  • Expert tarot experts with ages of know-how in the industry
  • Absolute transparency about patron testimonials.

How Does a Tarot Reading Precisely Work?

The art of tarot readings usually comes under the wider umbrella of cartomancy. These tarot card readings are the most prevalent kind of cartomancy in western culture, with many experts and pop art icons appropriating its techniques and aesthetics to improve their spiritual charm. Nevertheless, this practice of tarot readings has not stayed around for that long, at least not as much as several other parts of psychic arts.

It was solely after the 17th century that soothsayers who trained in tarot card readings began to build a name for themselves. The method of obtaining a genuine tarot card reading online relies on how thoroughly an expert knows the process. A tarot card pack customarily comprises seventy-eight cards, split into two classes: major arcana or major mysteries, and minor arcana or minor mysteries.

The twenty-two major arcana tarot reading cards dispense with the most significant life encounters and overarching problems in an individual’s life such as professions and relationships. On the other hand, the fifty-six minor arcana tarot reading cards concentrate more on day-to-day distress, fleeting emotions and trivial conflicts that take place in a person’s life.

Split into four groups (wands, cups, swords and pentacles), the minor arcana tarot reading cards ascertain the direct impact of an individual’s energies on their life. The Suit of Wands symbolizes enthusiasm, motivation, tempers and creativity, that conform to shaping a person’s journey in life and their goals.

The Suit of Pentacles or the Group of Coins is employed to provide career-related guidance or advice concerning economic circumstances. While becoming attached to material properties is not something that is presented by the spiritual society, the suit of pentacles is still employed to assist troubled people. The Suit of Cups dispenses with sentiments – anything encompassing love, desire, relationships and artistic pursuits is dealt with this group of tarot cards and are employed the most in love tarot readings.

The Suit of Swords deals with personal behaviors and choices that can create the trajectory of a person’s life to change and turn. This suit dispenses with philosophy, wisdom, inspiration and constant interaction that takes place around people.

On the contrary, the major arcana cards are pretty rarely employed, and for significant reasons. Due to the greater association, these cards have with the cosmos and its ways of operating, they are deemed too powerful to be utilized daily.

This is why tarot reading experts seldom bring out the major arcana cards for their reading sessions. Hence, people must always ensure that they exactly understand the questions they aspire to ask before communicating with a tarot expert as every minute counts.

What Are The Tips To Prepare for An Online Tarot Card Reading Session?

Once people have scheduled an online tarot card reading session, they must start planning for it beforehand. Meticulous and thorough preparation can assist people in ensuring that they get the maximum advantage from the tarot card reading and can magnify the experience of their reading. Mentioned hereunder are some significant tips to keep in mind while preparing for an online tarot card reading session.

  • Examine the problem that you are encountering

You must have a fair idea concerning the predicament you are facing. Also, you must never have any uncertainties or ambiguity when it comes to identifying the problems. If the problem is concerning your career, then choose upon a precise question.

Moreover, one must never go into a tarot card reading session and just begin with that you need career advice. Narrow the quest without knowing their problems as it can create confusion and waste both your and the expert’s time.

  • Make a list of issues

Now that you know precisely what problems you are encountering, the subsequent action is to make a list of some questions that can assist you in breaking the ice with your chosen expert and get on with the tarot reading session. Do not feel shy or conserved when it comes to asking questions.

Also, you must always make it a point to ask questions that have been bothering you and do not beat around the bush. Moreover, to understand how to create a list of questions, you can skim through the internet and browse through some of the sample topics. It will assure that you are adequately planned for the tarot reading and comprehend exactly what you want from the reading process.

  • Never expect too much from a tarot reading session

You must comprehend and admit the fact that not every tarot card reading can present you with the outcome you were anticipating. This is because tarot card readings will always present you with an answer that is accurate and aligns with the spirit that has been encompassing you.

If you get into a tarot card reading session while awaiting a definite answer from the expert, it will impede the reader’s progress and thought process. Also, the tarot reading professionals will not be able to present any substantial and appropriate tarot reading and you will be left with no relevant solutions for all your problems.

Are Tarot Card Reading Beneficial?

It is a natural human behavior to question assistance that they have never exercised before. Nevertheless, by exploring and reading about the method and functioning of tarot card reading, people can readily understand and appreciate this ancient psychic art.

Also, this process of tarot card readings can assist people in interacting with their inner self, comprehend how they are dispensing with the circumstances taking place around them and let people have a peek in their eventuality.

In addition to this, with the help of a detailed tarot reading, one can understand their true aspirations and how they can subdue their concerns. Furthermore, an enlightening tarot reading session also benefits people by guiding them towards the track of complete delight and contentment.

Hence, it might not be wrong to say that with the advice of a tarot reading expert, people can understand how to better deal with life, handle their love relationships in a manner that they are refreshing, and progress in every path and profession.

Final Words

To sum up, we can say that proficient tarot card experts can be available to present people with their assistance and assist them in attaining their goals in their life. Also, nowadays online tarot card readings have made it effortless for people to receive readings with just one click.

Moreover, people can now readily get answers to all their pressing life questions. Apart from this, online tarot card reading websites make it simpler for people to connect with the appropriate tarot card reader and receive the most laudable reading session to progress ahead on their life path with certainty and conviction.