Best Ways to Wipe Off Your Online Presence in 2021

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Have you decided that you no longer want your information to be easy to find on the internet? Perhaps you have decided that your privacy is super important, and you want to take back control when it comes to what people can find out about you by typing your name into a search engine like Google.

Whatever your reason is for wanting to wipe your online presence this year, there are some steps that you should consider taking to make sure you do it right. Continue reading for a list of tips that can help you get started.

Get Your Information Off of People Search Websites

If you have typed your name into a search engine to see what shows up in the results, you have likely discovered that a lot of websites have your information on full display. This can be unnerving at first, but it is important to keep in mind that this happens to everyone. If your information is public, people search websites are bound to get their hands on it, and they will add you to their database. The good news is that there are things that you can do to get your information taken down.

It is a great idea to visit each site and look for the opt out instructions that they provide if you want to have your information removed. For example, Whitepages is one of the most well-known people search sites, so going there and searching for the Whitepages opt out page is one of the first steps you can take.

But don’t just stop at Whitepages because there are a lot more of those people search sites. Another example is BeenVerified, so once again, you’d simply search for the BeenVerified opt out section of their website for instructions.

If you don’t want to browse individual databases for instructions, you might be able to perform a search on Google for opt out instructions for certain sites. Yet another example is Intelius opt out instructions.

Remove Your Social Media Accounts

Another step you can take when you want to wipe your online presence is: delete all of your social media accounts. Try to remember if there are any accounts that you created years ago that you might have forgotten about. For instance, you might still have a Myspace account that you forgot all about, and you’ll certainly want to have that taken down.

Go to each social media platform to look for instructions on how to have your account completely removed and disabled. That way, no one will be able to search for you and find you on there any longer.

Get Rid of Old Accounts and Emails

Finally, consider if there are any other accounts that you need to remove in an effort to wipe your online presence. Are there any forums that you used to use, any shopping accounts that you no longer need, or any accounts that you used to use for work? This could take some time, but try to remember, perhaps by going through old emails. Then, work on deleting those accounts.

And, speaking of emails, to further remove your info from the internet, go ahead and delete any email accounts that you no longer plan on using. After all, email addresses that are associated with you might make it easier for people to find you online.