TOP 6 Legit Websites to Ask ‘Write My Paper’ and Get the Best of It

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College students pushed to virtual learning might be less prepared for the academic classes to come, admits the consolidated review of various studies published by the Brookings Institution. While this prognosis could or could not pan out, the fact is that higher education was dramatically affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and students might need more help with studies than ever. This is particularly true regarding written assignments that make the lion’s share of the overall study load.

So, what could be the solution when you catch yourself thinking, “That’s it, I’m done, I just cannot and, frankly, I don’t want to write my paper”? If you must come up with a paper despite any circumstances, addressing a respectable writing assistance website might be the best remaining option. Fortunately, the online writing help industry is booming nowadays, offering plenty of alternatives to choose from. “But how do I know which service is legit, dependable, and proficient to help me write my paper?” you might wonder next. Below, you will find the TOP 6 reliable custom writing websites that you can ask to write your paper and be confident about the end result and your confidentiality.

But First… Can I Pay Someone to Write My Paper Legally?

All writing services showcased in the list below are legit companies, based and registered either in the US or in offshore areas, which is standard practice, mainly for tax optimization. At the same time, approaches to the legality of buying a custom-written paper online vary in different countries. For example, it’s outlawed in Australia and New Zealand but completely legal in the UK. As for the US, submitting papers written not by a person who hands them in is considered a wrongful activity in over a dozen states, but there are no federal-level legal regulations on the subject.

Another aspect you must factor in when about to pay someone to write your paper is that the vast majority of online assistance services claim to provide custom-crafted samples or unique templates. Basically, this means that students aren’t supposed to submit works they paid money for as their own but rather use them for research and reference purposes or as models to follow. On the other hand, respectable writing services (such as listed below) use the latest technologies (i.e., SSL encryption) and most advanced security solutions (i.e., PCI DSS) to ensure their customers’ full confidentiality and payment safety. This means you can address a service, asking “Write my paper for cheap and send it to my email” and remain anonymous at all times.

TOP 6 Services You’re Positive to Ask Write My Paper for Me

As mentioned above, today, choosing a trustworthy writing assistance service can be confusing due to a seemingly vast number of similar-looking websites. The list of companies below was formed based on accurate, independent research, customer reviews on platforms like Trustpilot and Sitejabber, Reddit user comments, Quora, and Yahoo Answers. This selection is a perfect place to seek an answer to the question, “Where can I find someone to write my paper safely, fast, and at an affordable price?” Moreover, if you’re new to the game, the provided information will allow you to see into a matter of prices and deadlines (i.e., what can be done in 3 hours and how much it is gonna cost), writer categories (in other words, who will write your paper for you), free stuff you can count on (a penny saved is a penny earned, right?), and other things worth considering before you order a paper online. Read on, choose the right service to fit your needs, and start kicking college’s ass! – Old But Gold

It seems like PaperHelp has been around forever. Indeed, being one of the industry’s pioneers and keeping the level of services up to a high mark for over a dozen years of operation is not a joke. That said, PaperHelp remains a middle-sized company with around 300-350 writers in staff, which allows them to maintain a near-perfect ratio of comprehensiveness in services, flexibility in pricing, and ability to provide an individual approach to every customer. Based on customer reviews and overall online reputation, many students’ motto could be articulated as follows: “If I’m going to pay experts to write my papers, it better be PaperHelp experts.” That rings the bell, doesn’t it?

  • Main features: any type of academic assignments; writing from scratch, problem solving, editing, plag check, etc.
  • Lowest price per page: $10 / $12 / $18 / $20 (high school / college / university / PhD)
  • Deadlines: min 3 hours; optimal price – 8-14 days; lowest price – 14+ days
  • Peculiar features: PCI DSS-compliant; useful and interesting (!) blog
  • Notable facts: operates since 2008
  • Weak spots: no PayPal/Bitcoin payment options; small sample directory
  • Promo codes & discounts: WRITEFORME – get 11% off the first order; 5% and 10% discounts for orders over $500 and $1000 – Breaking (the System) & Entering (a College)

Before you start dealing with all the challenges higher education will mount up, you must first enter a college or university, right? That’s when you might want to visit for writing assistance from experts who specialize in crafting application letters, personal statements, admissions essays, and other papers needed to put together a great application package. Besides colleges and universities, you can also get help with applying for post-graduate programs, scholarships, internships, and even job openings. The best thing is that you can keep turning to MyAdmissionsEssay for advice and assistance during your time in an educational establishment.

  • Main features: focuses on admissions assistance; also, can help with all major types of academic assignments
  • Lowest price per page: $11 / $14 / $18 (high school / undergraduate / PhD)
  • Deadlines: min 3 hours; optimal price – 14-20 days; lowest price – 20+ days
  • Peculiar features: free US college admission info database; PCI DSS-compliant; blog
  • Notable facts: you can hire 1 of 10 TOP writers directly from the “Our writers” page
  • Weak spots: no PayPal/Bitcoin payment options; just 3 academic levels
  • Promo codes & discounts: BESTGRADE – get 11% off the first order – Setting an Example

At first sight, is an unlikely participant in this selection as writing assistance services are not a priority on their website. Instead, it’s all about setting a good example with one of the largest free sample databases on the Web. It turns out that, if given a choice, many students would still try to craft a paper single-handedly while using free samples as a source of ideas, writing techniques, and models to follow. Of course, WowEssays isn’t going to give up on students who don’t have time or zest to write by themselves – their essay writer service is truly remarkable and as effective as any other on this list.

  • Main features: vast free sample database; comprehensive writing, research, and assistance services
  • Lowest price per page: $10 / $14 / $18 / $20 (high school / college / university / PhD)
  • Deadlines: min 3 hours; optimal price – 14-20 days; lowest price – 20+ days
  • Peculiar features: several dozens of free writing tools; meaningful blog; PCI DSS-compliant
  • Notable facts: also has a paid sample database with over 1 MILLION downloadable papers
  • Weak spots: free samples aren’t downloadable; no PayPal/Bitcoin payment options
  • Promo codes & discounts: WOWRESULT – get 11% off the first order – A Rising Star?

Studdit is a relatively young writing service, but there’s already lots of buzz around its name on Reddit and Quora. Customers who seek practical writing assistance endorse Studdit for straightforwardly focusing on the core task – fulfilling clients’ orders – and not scattering resources on things like a blog, sample directory, online tools, etc. Perhaps, these things will get their share of attention in the future, but now it’s all about delivering high-quality custom papers on time – and students seem to like that a lot.

  • Main features: writing from scratch, editing, problem solving, Q&A
  • Lowest price per page: $10 / $12 / $18 / $20 (high school / college / university / PhD)
  • Deadlines: min 3 hours; optimal price – 14-20 days; lowest price – 20+ days
  • Peculiar features: writing services only
  • Notable facts: can write for 100+ subjects
  • Weak spots: no additional services; relatively young company
  • Promo codes & discounts: 5OFF – get 5% off the first order and a 10% bonus on the next order – Wind of Change?

Much like the previous resource, EvolutionWriters focuses on custom writing. At the same time, it pays more attention to ensuring that every customer gets an individual approach and, eventually, a fully personalized paper polished to perfection. Perhaps, this is the reason behind the above-the-market-average prices that this website features. Many customers do mention that the service is quite pricey, but the next thing they usually write is something like “the paper quality and customer care are well worth it.”

  • Main features: writing from scratch, editing, problem solving, Q&A
  • Lowest price per page: $10 / $19 / $23 (undergraduate / bachelor / professional)
  • Deadlines: min 3 hours; optimal price – 9-14 days; lowest price – 14+ days
  • Peculiar features: 10 TOP writers can be hired from the “Our writers” page; blog
  • Notable facts: the company was founded by students
  • Weak spots: prices above the average
  • Promo codes & discounts: EVOLVE – get 11% off the first order – Great for the Short Run

As the statistics show, students mostly order essays, research papers, reviews and other relatively small-sized papers with simple structure and need them delivered in 3-4 days. is praised by users and reviewers for handling such kinds of tasks quite effectively. Another company’s attractive feature is its pricing policy – they have the lowest rates out of all websites on the list. On the flip side, if you need a more complex assignment done on a decent level, you might want to choose some of the other above-mentioned services.

  • Main features: writing from scratch, editing/proofreading, multiple-choice questions, problem solving
  • Lowest price per page: $9 / $13 / $17 / $19 / $21 (high school / college / bachelor (uni) / master / PhD)
  • Deadlines: min 3 hours; optimal price – 7-10 days; lowest price – 14+ days
  • Peculiar features: 5 academic levels; samples; blog
  • Notable facts: great for short and simple papers
  • Weak spots: no sign of compliance with PCI DSS; small sample directory
  • Promo codes & discounts: NEW15 – get 15% off the first order and 5% bonuses on the next orders

How to Know Whether It’s the Right Service to Write My Papers for Me?

Choosing a service to order papers from is solely your business. As is the overall determination to hire someone to write your paper. Yet, as a bottom line, we’d like to point out the main traits a good writing assistance service should possess (apart from a discount code for new customers, of course). By the way, if you’ve already ordered papers online, you can see if the website you used is the right for the job:

  • Years of operation, guarantees of papers’ originality, customers’ confidentiality, payment security (ensured by PCI DSS), and refunds are signs of a service’s reliability and trustworthiness.
  • An individual approach, native English writers, degreed experts, quality assurance procedures, and adequate support are signs of high-quality services provided by a company.
  • Broad range of services (writing, editing, proofreading), types of assignments (papers, Q&A, problem solving, etc.), supported formatting styles (MLA, APA, Chicago) are signs of professionalism.
  • Flexible pricing instead of “the cheapest papers and the lowest rates on the market” is a sign of honesty.

If on top of these features, a service has a positive vibe in customer reviews, you can confidently address it with your ‘write my paper online’ request!