Free Psychic Reading Online Top 5 Sites for Reliable and Accurate Psychic Advice


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1 out of 3 Americans claims to have experienced psychic moments in their lifetime.  On the other hand, 22% of the population has consulted an expert through a psychic reading online or from a neighborhood fortune teller.

The past year has increased an average American’s faith in psychic readings of all kinds. From tarot cards, crystal balls, spiritual healers to swinging pendulums, each medium unfolds a specific aspect of your life story. Learn the secret of getting an accurate free psychic reading online to ensure that what you hear is the real truth.

This article lists the best psychics and mediums for your mystic adventure. Our main focus here lies in teaching you how to receive reliable and accurate psychic advice as you step into this side of the world.

Let’s begin.

Top 4 Sites for Free Psychic Reading Online by Phone & Chat

The accuracy of your online psychic readings depends on the reliability of the psychic expert and the network they are affiliated with.  We have scoured the internet to find top-rated virtual platforms for online psychics. Each site has the qualities and rules required to make your clandestine conversations enlightening and entertaining every single time.

So without further ado, here are our top picks for online psychics:


· The Ideal Choice for Love Psychics and Relationship Psychic Reading
· Free Psychic Reading (First 3 Minutes + 50% Off for New Clients)
· Kasamba Psychics Available via Live Chat and by Phone
· Best Rated Psychics Platform for Accurate Readers

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Keen Psychics:

· A Budget-Friendly Site for Spiritual Psychic Readings
· Enjoy 10-minute introductory psychic readings for Only $1.99
· Sign up for Phone and Chat Psychics

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Psychic Source:

· The #1 Platform for Career Forecasts and Psychic Readings for Financial Advice
· Get First 3 Mins Free for Your Psychic Reading + 75% discount for First-Timers
· 24/7 Psychic Hotline for Tarot Readings and Spiritual Guidance

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· The Go-to Choice for Free Psychic Readings by Phone
· 15-minute extended psychic reading for just $10
· 100% Accurate Psychic Readings

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The Full Disclosure: Which Online Psychic Reading Platform Will You Choose?

Find the right platform for accurate psychic readings online with our detailed reviews. We assess each site based on credibility, versatility, accessibility, and pricing. Know where to connect with the best psychic mediums, tarot readers, spiritual healers, astrologists, numerologists, etc.

Let’s have a look.

Kasamba: Free Psychic Readings on Love & Relationships

Kasamaba started its mystic journey in 1999 and has since then become a formidable force in the online psychic world. You’ll find its name pop up whenever you search for ‘free psychic reading online’ or ‘love tarot reading’ and in all online discussions about virtual consultations with psychic experts.

Unsurprisingly, it caters to an audience of over 4 million people who are interested in learning everything they can about what the future holds. You can choose Kasamba to receive accurate answers to life questions about your professional and personal pursuits. Top psychic services include love tarot reading, angel card reading, dream interpretations, crystal gazing, astrology readings, numerology, daily horoscopes, etc.

As a pioneer and frontrunner within the psychic community, it ensures that clients receive premium-quality services from fully-certified mystic advisors and spiritual healers. They make this possible by enforcing strict rules for registration and running thorough background checks. These efforts keep fake psychics and scammers away. Encrypted passwords and reliable payment methods maximize your security whenever you log in to your account.

Moreover, it keeps the registration process simple and asks for limited information to keep your identity under wraps. You can also opt for confidential chat psychics or psychic readings by phone for private consultations. All payments happen through a third party to ensure that your social security number and confidential details don’t fall into the wrong hands.

Besides this, Kasamba builds your trust through its transparent conduct. It guarantees a 100% accuracy rate on its psychic reading online.  Positive customer feedback and online reviews for online psychics back its claim of being the best in this business. These testimonials along with complete psychic profiles on all registered consultants give you a better idea of what to expect during your online consultations.

The 24-hour psychic hotline offers sound customer support to resolve real-time issues. These can be regarding anything from technical glitches, problems during registration, for more clarity, and a better understanding of how psychic readings online work. You can choose between chat psychics, phone psychics, and video chat sessions for your live psychic reading online.

Besides this, you can download the Kasamba mobile app (available on Android and iOS phones) to stay connected with online psychics all day long. The user-friendly app makes live sessions accessible for everyone. It allows you to give psychic advice anytime and anywhere you want without any trouble.

Subscription Prices & Special Offers 

Kasamba exceeds customer expectations by offering an accessible platform for psychic reading online. Despite its popularity, you receive mystic consultations at a reasonable price here. For instance, each new member can take available psychic experts for a ‘test drive’ with a free psychic reading that lasts for three minutes. Make the most of this offer by consulting multiple mystic advisors through introductory sessions. You can continue the live consultation by paying $1 per minute if you want to learn more from your designated psychic expert.

Besides this, all new customers get 50% off on their first consultation. Alternatively, you can request a full refund if you’re unsatisfied with the services.

The Best Features: Why Should You Choose Kasamba?

  • Brings decades of experience to your psychic reading online
  • Connect with qualified psychics online from around the world
  • 24/7 customer support for online psychics
  • Specializes in tarot readings, love psychics, fortune-telling, astrology, dream analysis, and career forecasts
  • Sign-up for real-time psychic readings by phone and chat
  • 100% trustworthy and accurate predictions
  • Safe and secure payment options for online transactions
  • Free psychic reading trials are available for three minutes
  • Paid psychic services start from $1 per minute with a 50% discount offer for new clients
  • Full money-back guarantee
  • Download mobile app for live psychic chat services (compatible with Android and iOS devices)

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Keen Psychics: Best Value Pick for Psychic Readings Online

Keen Psychics has been operating in the mystic circles since 1999. It’s a reputable site for affordable psychic readings online. Many online psychics on this platform specialize in free love tarot readings, astrology, and numerology. The trusted psychic website is equally suitable for other forms of psychic consultations. Including, crystal gazing, energy healing, aura reading, and more.

With over two decades of experience in online psychic readings, Keen Psychics has mastered the art of mystic consultations. Due to this, you can trust the psychic experts here to answer your life questions with highly accurate readings. Additionally, the website makes psychic reading online accessible by offering phone psychics, chat psychics, and live psychics for convenience.

Besides versatility and reasonable pricing, Keen Psychics sets itself apart with its well-vetted team of psychic experts and spiritual guides. Each consultant undergoes a strict screening process to ensure that only qualified and certified mystic experts with professional experience get hired. You can scroll through detailed profiles for each online psychic before you choose your consultant.  Read customer testimonials and feedback to select a compatible psychic expert.

Best of all, Keen Psychics operates around the clock with a 24-hour customer support service. That means you can call in or start a live chat whenever you want to receive the best psychic service available online. The user-friendly interface makes this virtual platform easier to navigate and use for beginners.  Adding to this are some spectacular deals that make monthly psychic subscriptions worthwhile.

Subscription Plans and Special Offers

Before fully committing through paid services, Keen Psychics lets first-timer users take a free psychic reading online as a trial. Introductory sessions last for three minutes with an online psychic expert of your choice. Later on, you can pay $1.99 to continue the session for another 10 minutes if you’re interested in hearing more from the mystic advisor.  After that, you can sign up for frequent psychic readings and try more services for a reasonable price.

The Best Features: Why Should You Choose Keen Psychics?

  • Over 22 years of experience in the mystic industry
  • A reputable virtual platform for psychic readings online
  • Seek psychic consultation from certified mystic advisors and psychic guides
  • 24/7 phone psychics and chat psychics
  • An excellent customer support team for queries and emergencies
  • User-friendly interface for tarot readings, crystal ball gazing, dream analytics, zodiac compatibility, and more
  • Free psychic readings online (Max Duration: 3 Minutes)
  • Enjoy a 10-minute-long extended trial for $1.99
  • Get a budget-friendly psychic reading online with discount deals and seasonal offers

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Psychic Source: 24/7 Customer Support for Online Psychic Readings

Psychic Source has served the online psychic reading industry for over 30 years, starting from 1989 to date. Its dedicated team has won hearts and transformed many lives through reliable and accurate psychic consultations.

People use its psychic services for free psychic reading online, tarot readings, career forecasts, dream interpretations, horoscopes, etc. They offer zodiac compatibility tests and spiritual counseling as well through psychic practitioners from near and far.

It sets the highest standard for online psychic reading with its reliable psychic mediums and secure services. Having a global community of online psychics, energy healers, tarot readers, and other psychic professionals. Each applicant undergoes a rigid screening process to eliminate inexperienced practitioners and fake physics from the platform. The appointed individuals get rated according to experience, qualifications, specialty, and skills. These practices help the service providers in retaining the overall quality and accuracy of their psychic services.

Furthermore, Psychic Source strives to incorporate personal elements throughout the customer journey. That way, you have more control over how your fate gets decided within the virtual platform. The online psychic hotline service lets you talk to friendly customer support operators for any advice on how to book an online consultation within your budget. You can ask them for advice on anything from technical delays, registration queries to shortlisting the best mystic guides for you.

Alternatively, you can type in your preferences in the built-in psychic search tool. Once you add your details, you get matched with three potential psychic experts. Use customer reviews and ratings to determine which mystic mentor’s compatible with you. Also, make sure their services and specialty align with your psychic goals. Knowing these aspects increases the chances of an accurate psychic reading online.

You can choose between free psychic reading by phone, chat, and video call for your consultation. Having a variety of options makes scheduling live sessions super convenient and easy for users. In addition to this, you can download the Psychic Source app to get in touch with free psychics, receive notifications in real-time, and read daily horoscopes.  The additional service ensures that your connection with true psychic experts never falters.

Subscription Plans and Special Deals

Psychic Source offers the best discount deals and free psychics, for clients old and new. You can begin your mystic consultation with free psychic reading online via a 3-minute trial. After that, you can pay as low as $0.66 for extended consultation with the same psychic advisor. The overall package deals might vary from psychic expert to psychic expert.

All newcomers enjoy an exclusive 75% discount regardless of the psychic service or mystic guide you choose. You can benefit from this offer by exploring a variety of online psychic reading formats. These can include virtual tarot reading, energy healing, angel card healing, psychic mediums, and other popular choices.

The Best Features: Why Should You Choose Psychic Source?

  • Over 30 years of experience in the mystic world
  • A highly reliable and trustworthy site for online psychic readings
  • Consult certified psychic experts to discuss matters of heart, career, and future
  • Gain valuable insights into your future with international and local psychic experts
  • 24×7 customer service support for all types of queries
  • Receive online mystic advice via phone, chat, or video call
  • Free psychic reading online available for 3-minutes
  • Low rates and exemplary psychic services in only $0.99
  • 75% off on extended psychic services for all first-time users
  • Safe and secure interactions via confidentiality chats and trusted payment methods

Head Over to Psychic Source to Receive Accurate Career Forecasts and Online Psychic Reading for Financial Investments and Professional Opportunities.

AskNow: Meet the Best Online Psychics for Spiritual Healing & Clarity

AskNow might have started its journey a few decades late, but that doesn’t define its upward trajectory in the mystic world.  The psychic hotline opened its virtual doors in 2005 and has since then served clients in various ways. You can opt for its services to receive tarot reading, dream analysis, and precise predictions based on astrology charts and numerology symbols.

It simplifies online psychic reading sessions with a quick registration process and advanced search filters. You can seek help from an always-on customer support team that guides you through the process from start to finish. These features make it easier for you to find a well-suited mystic advisor in a few clicks.

AskNow specializes in love psychics, career forecasts, financial advice, and readings related to your past, present, and future. Find out about the connection between life-altering events and how they influence your life. You can receive spiritual guidance as well with energy healing, dream interpretations, readings from astrology charts, and other types of psychic mediums. You can receive these mystic consultations via phone psychics, chat psychics, or video call readings, depending on your feasibility.

Moreover, AskNow allows you to browse through detailed psychic profiles and bios before you select a mystic advisor. You can use this information to conduct a comparative analysis based on skills, specialty, and experience levels.  Read customer reviews for further clarity. It will ensure that your prospective mystic mentor can transfer their qualifications and skills in a virtual setting with accurate psychic readings.

Each psychic registered on AskNow has gone through a comprehensive screening to ensure credibility. Chosen applicants get grouped by experience level and ratings into three categories Master Advisors, Elite Advisors, and Top-Rated Advisors. You can select a mystic consultant based on this ranking system to receive advice from the best psychic expert for your reading.

Subscription Plans and Special Offers

If you’re interested in a reasonably priced psychic consultation, don’t look further than AskNow. True to its name, the company answers your plea for spiritual guidance through budget-friendly packages and services. You can begin with free psychic reading online that lasts for five minutes before the session ends. New clients can continue the free trial for only $10 for an additional 15 minutes.

Apart from this, AskNow charges $1 per minute for in-depth psychic counseling or reading that can last for approximately 30 minutes. The total cost of each service depends on the experience level and type of psychic medium you selected. That means you will notice a significant difference between the price plan for Master Advisors, Elite Advisors, and Top-Rated Advisors.

Nevertheless, this virtual platform will offer premium quality at the lowest rates.  That’s why it has created psychic categories to ensure that you receive mystic companionship without burning a hole in your pocket. Making it a win-win situation for you.

The Best Features: What Are the Reasons to Choose AskNow?

  • Begun its services in the early 2000s
  • Connect with a thriving online community of psychic experts and mystic advisors
  • Popular mystic services include tarot reading, crystal gazing, astrology, numerology, etc.
  • Free psychic reading online with a 5-minute introductory session
  • 15-minute extended psychic reading for only $10
  • You can opt for a longer consultation session for $1 per minute
  • Scroll through thousands of certified psychic expert profiles to find a compatible consultant
  • 100% accurate psychic reading online via phone and chat
  • Mobile app for more accessibility and around-the-clock usage

Visit AskNow to Discover Your True Purpose in Life and Secrets about the Spiritual World via Free Psychic Readings by Phone.

How to Get an Accurate Psychic Reading Online?

If you want to get an accurate psychic reading online, you should learn everything you can about psychic mediums and how they work in a virtual space. Knowing these details can help you steer clear of unreliable sources. You can also learn how to avoid fake psychics who are only interested in ripping you off through sinister means.

Here are some frequently asked questions and tips that can help you:

Q1. How to Find Genuine Online Psychics for Your Virtual Consultations?

Psychic readers have been dubbed as the new-age wellness coaches for people struggling with every day stressors, mental health issues, heartbreaks, and financial crises. Due to this, the post-pandemic boom in psychic readings online seems to surpass searches for psychics near me. Amidst the chaos and uncertainty surrounding the new normal, psychic powers and spiritual guides instill hopefulness and faith in our lives.

Despite these benefits, you can never be sure whether the person at the other end of the screen is a real psychic or not. Hence, you might have to adhere to some online safety tips before you schedule your first online psychic consultations.

Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Do Your Research 

Spend a significant amount of time researching psychic readings and how they work. Learn about different psychic mediums and what they do to choose someone you’d be comfortable with during heart-to-heart sessions.

Step 2: Work with Acclaimed Online Psychic Reading Platforms 

Choose a reputable online psychic network instead of an independent practitioner. These interactive platforms reduce the likelihood of meeting fake psychics. That’s because they appoint professional experts with experience and training after conducting a detailed background check to detect and then reject scammers.

Step 3: Read Online Reviews and Client Testimonials.

Go through customer feedback to get a glimpse of what you can expect from each reading. Positive reviews explain the process and advantages each psychic advisor offers. Negative feedback seems just as important. They serve as warning signs to inform you about what you may expect from a specific site or mystic advisor.

Use these reviews to eliminate online psychics that don’t have the skills or training required to assist you.

Apart from this, go with your gut feeling. Sometimes our sixth sense and natural instinct are sufficient enough to identify an imposter from a group of gifted psychics. Use free psychics to find a practitioner you can vibe with and who speaks the truth.

Q2. Can Online Psychic Readings Be Accurate?  

Yes, a psychic reading online can be accurate regardless of the setup. Gifted psychic experts have the ability to tune into your feelings and aura over the phone or chat. They form a deeper connection once they learn more about you after a short Q and A before the reading.

For more accuracy, you might want to consider the following things:

  • Start your session with an open mind and open heart to ensure that your intuitive advisor doesn’t get distracted by your negative energy.
  • Don’t lead the psychic by giving too many details or leaning towards a specific type of answer. Let them tap into their psychic powers to uncover secrets about your future and information related to your past.
  • Remember to choose online psychic reading formats and techniques you are comfortable with. That way, you are less likely to get nervous and uncomfortable during the sessions.

These small details have a significant impact on how well your reading goes. Also, know that the accuracy of your reading can rely on how you interpret the advice and implement it in your life. That’s because our future is not set in stone. You have the power to change your pathway through your intentions and actions. Not acting upon what you heard will reduce the chances of a predicted event taking place.

Therefore, we advise you to do what your mystic mentor advises you to do and have faith in your future.

Q3. Phone Psychics & Chat Psychics: Which One Should You Choose? 

Online psychic readings by phone and chat are the most popular choices on the web. Each mode of communication has its pros and cons.

We discuss them below:

An Online Psychic Reading by Phone.

Phone psychics convert traditional fortune telling techniques into a modern setup. Here you cannot see your psychic advisor but simply hear what they have to say. It’s an excellent choice for people who might get nervous during face-to-face meetings. Additionally, this communication style allows you to keep your conversations anonymous as your psychic never sees your face.

Moreover, many people prefer phone psychics because it allows them to talk freely and be expressive. Online physics might find this beneficial as the tone of your voice and inflections heard over the phone can help intuitive advisors connect with you better. In turn, this can increase the efficiency of your reading.

In addition to this, you can always ask follow-up questions in real-time when you’re on the phone.  It’s an excellent way to retrieve relevant answers to vague responses and in-depth explanations of answers and insights already shared during your reading.

An Online Psychic Reading by Chat. 

Chat psychics work for people who find it difficult to open up to a stranger over a phone call. Typing questions and receiving text-based information provides you with a specific level of authority and control over the consultation. You can also keep a record of your online psychic readings to assess their accuracy.

Text-based psychic readings are shorter and straightforward compared to video calls and phone psychics. The only downside is that you might not get a chance to ask follow-up questions. Or, you might find the too-the-point conversations unsatisfactory as they won’t meet your expectations.

As you can see both communication styles have something to offer during your virtual consultation. Select an option that aligns with your individual requirements and suits the type of psychic reading you plan to use.

Q4. What Type of Questions Should You Ask During Your Psychic Reading Online?

Questions play a pivotal role during psychic consultations. The inquiries you make direct the course of these clandestine conversations. Hence, it’s better to think things through and have a list of questions in hand before your psychic reading online. Not only will this ensure that you don’t forget anything important but it saves your time too. That’s because you no longer need to take a few seconds to think of things you want to ask your psychic.

Here are some questions you may ask from a psychic expert:

  1. How long will it take for me to find my soul mate?
  2. Is it a good time to get into a relationship (or get married)?
  3. How can I find the true purpose of my life?
  4. Is my late (partner/relative/friend) okay? Have they crossed over to the other side?
  5. Can you pass on a message to my dearly departed (relative/friend)?
  6. Why do I feel negative energy around me?
  7. How can I connect with my spiritual self?
  8. What does my zodiac sign say about the X event?
  9. How can I get over a heartbreak?
  10. Am I on the right professional path?

As you can see, online psychics can answer all types of questions about your personal and professional life. They can even disclose events that might happen in the future and how your decisions can alter those incidents.

If you have limited time, you may consider focusing on one aspect of your life as opposed to asking questions about three different things. Doing this will keep your online psychic sessions on track and allow you to make the most of this mystic experience.

Q5. Can You Ask Yes/No Questions During Psychic Readings? 

It’s not advisable for you to ask yes or no questions during psychic readings online as they ‘stump the reading’. That means these questions often lead to vague and generalized answers. Due to this, you might waste your free psychic readings on a series of questions that lead you nowhere.

In contrast, specific open-ended questions can help you learn valuable information about your past, present, and future. You can use these signs to make life-altering decisions and avoid hidden dangers that you’re predicted to come across in the coming years.

That said, there are times when yes or no questions do work. It’s suitable for situations where you have limited time and you only need confirmation about things you might already know. For instance, maybe you need to know whether or not an investment will prove profitable for you.  Or, you’d like to know if it’s safe to shift career paths at your age (or designation level).

In other words, asking yes or no questions depends on the situation. Consider the circumstances and what type of information you need before your consultation. Make a list of questions accordingly to ensure you don’t miss out on anything important.

In a Nutshell

Long story short, a free psychic reading online can be as accurate as in-person mystic sessions. The only difference lies in the setting. You can increase your chances of receiving a highly accurate reading by booking a consultation with an experienced psychic online. Using reputable platforms for virtual psychic readings stacks the odds in your favor. They allow you to gain access to thousands of qualified psychic experts from a single source.

Additionally, asking the right questions and choosing psychic mediums compatible with your query can prove equally advantageous. As a consequence, you gain interesting insights into your future. You may also learn how to make decisions that bring you closer to opportunities laying in your path and tackling challenges to prevent misfortune.

So whether you’re looking for love or a lucky break in your career, online psychics can help. Book a consultation with them today to embark on a journey of transformation and enlightenment with the best seers and spiritual guides by your side.

Best of luck!