15 Best Essay Writing Services (Verified by Students)


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Are you just burnt out dealing with your academic life while simultaneously working and living up to the burden of expectations put on you? Do you want to take a small break from the regular stress you get and relax for a while? Imagine paying someone a certain amount of money to take some of the workloads off of you. These people can churn out high-quality papers that can keep your grades up – we would even go so far as to say that they can improve your grades as well. They can change the way you manage your academics for the better and give you more free time to pursue whatever you like. Essay writing services can be varied and you would need to check out many sites before you select a few. They are viewed as a lifesaver by many students with deadlines looming over their heads.

These writing services can write your school assignments and go up to writing your Ph.D. thesis for you. So it is fair to assume that they are in huge demand in many circles. And if you are here, you are undoubtedly searching for a reliable site that can help you deal with the stuff you have in your academics.

Many websites have cropped up that claim to offer quality writing services. Very few of them can be deemed trustworthy. That’s why we have compiled this list of the best essay writing services in the industry that can be a game-changer for your life. So strap on your seatbelts, because you are in for a ride!

List of Best Essay Writing Services


EssayFi is a wonderful essay writing service that has been established recently and has been on the receiving end of rave reviews. They have an extensive range of writing services in both academic and creative categories. EssayFi has services such as the completion of homework assignments, editing, proofreading, thesis, and dissertation writing among many others. They have also been known to write speeches and reports. You can read the positive reviews they have on many sites as well.

They have a very helpful customer service center that is eager to solve your issues and make the purchasing process smooth for you. That’s why it is known to be one of the best essay writing services in the market. You also get regular updates regarding your paper and they will forward your requests to your writer quickly so that there is no error in the writing.


GradeUp has a bunch of professional writers with high qualifications in many subjects who will write your paper for you. You will never have an issue with their quality as they are one of the best in the field. They also provide a lot of free tools that come in handy such as – spell checker, plagiarism checker, etc. You will also get access to free revisions so that you can improve the quality of your document if needed. You will have safe and secure payment gateways for financial transactions.

They also have a 24/7 customer service center that will help you out. It is an amazing site for students who wish to avail essay writing services to keep up with their academic life. You also have a 30 day revision period in which you can ask for a re-write of the paper. They have an individual approach to each client and concentrate on specific requirements as well.


It is a great essay writing service, the company values all its customers equally. Whether you place a large order or a small one, they will see to it that you get the best quality of work that improves your grades. Their main goal is to provide cheap essays which are well-written and fit into the budget of the average student. You certainly won’t regret it if you decide to go with them. You can count on them to keep your data safe, there won’t be any misuse of it whatsoever.

Their professional writers can help keep your grade up when you are feeling low on energy. They provide services such as – writing assignments, speeches, reports, thesis, and dissertations, etc. They also ensure that every piece of paper is free of plagiarism and fully correct in terms of grammar.


EssayR is yet another one of the best essay writing services in the industry. The writers are professionals who adhere to deadlines, but still, it is better to give an order soon so that you get time for revisions and such. You can rely on them to contribute to your essays, regardless of whether you are in high school or college. They have experts in every field working for them as writers, so you can be sure that your paper will be written by people well-versed with the subject.

It has been highly appreciated by many for their pocket-friendly prices as well as the quality of the services they provide. If you have an urgent deadline, you can count on them to meet it. You might have to give it a few extra bucks due to the time constraints, but it is worth it as they give it their all to give you the best paper in a short time.


WriteGrade has a marvelous team of writers who go above and beyond to match your requirements. They deliver more than what was promised, ensuring that none of their customers are left disappointed. The writers over there are great at research and the ability to compile their research into a well-written document. They also have plagiarism software to check the papers before they are submitted to you. They know how important it is that you remain anonymous while availing of their services, so they safeguard your data very well.

The writers make use of scientific journals, essays, and papers to form your document and also give you the sources for the same. You can easily recommend them to your friends as well, they are very accommodating and friendly. You can track the progress of your order and also give specific instructions to the writer as and when you wish to.

Pro Essay Writing

Pro Essay Writing service comes with tons of positive reviews. Having received plenty of praise from their loyal customers, it is easy to say that they are one of the most reliable sites in the industry. They adhere to deadlines and also ensure that the quality of the work doesn’t suffer due to it. Pro Essay Writing has been featured on many websites for their amazing services as it has helped a lot of students keep their grades up even if they are feeling low. They offer a bunch of services and in some cases even have discounts if you are ordering a lot of work.

For first-time customers, they have a giant 20% off deal, which you can take advantage of right now if you visit their website. This sort of deal helps in gaining customers and the quality of their services helps in retaining the old ones.

Best Essays

Best Essays, just as their name suggests, they are one of the best essay writing services around. They have a large pool of writers with various qualifications, willing to lend you their expertise and talent for a reasonable price. There are many positive reviews about it online, so it wouldn’t be surprising if you have come across this site before. This U.S based company employs only native English speakers so you can be sure of the quality of the language that shall be used for your paper.

Based on data, it is seen that many students have relied on this paper writing service over and over again, so you know that their quality and service are unparalleled. The paper is completed by a writer, editor, and proofreader – so you know the thought and effort that has gone into each paper.

99 Papers

College is a tough gig and not everyone is cut out to deal with it. Even if you assume everything else in your life to be alright, sometimes it is just impossible to write a good paper. 99 Papers has been declared the best writing service by many review agencies and we can see why it is so obvious. The team at 99 Papers is extremely helpful and their customer service reps are always ready to answer your questions. They have plenty of writers, all experts in their fields, which can bring some quality work to your academic life.

They help to edit research papers, assignments, reports, and whatnot. By being consistent with their work, they have managed to meet narrow deadlines as well, making them one of the most reliable writing services in the industry. Even if you have no time to submit papers, this company has affordable options for you without bringing down the quality of work they deliver.


GradeMiners is one of the premium websites on this list and has been so for many years. They know how to provide papers of good quality and their user interface is simple and easy to understand. The best part – they have a 100% guarantee to give you a refund if you are not satisfied with their work. You also get to select your writer after going over the reviews, and the company connects you with them so that there is no miscommunication and the workflow remains smooth. You also have a calculator on the site to help you stay within the limit of your budget.

They have a slightly higher price but it is worth it as their writers pass several tests to show their proficiency in a subject and are hired only if they pass those. They have proofreading and editing services as well, which are also pretty high – but hey, that’s the cost of a perfect paper.


This writing service is remarkable and known for focusing more on college-level essays rather than those at a school level. They offer help with assignments, reports, speeches, thesis, dissertation, etc. You can see their many positive attributes that have been highlighted by their loyal customers on some review websites. They have native English writers on their team so you know that the quality of your work will never suffer in terms of language. EssayBox also offers a wide range of diverse subjects, you are bound to find your field of study with them.

They have secure payment gateways to safeguard financial transactions. They also ensure that your data is not leaked, because they know how important anonymity is in such a business. We would advise you to place your order before time, as some of their writers tend to miss a few deadlines.


This is quite a popular website among students for academic papers. They have a team of brilliant writers that are ready to give you the best essay writing services. The only issue is that being a rather old website, they might seem a bit outdated, but that does not reflect on their work. They are one of the pioneers in the field of essay writing, are one of the first few to establish it as a service. RushEssay offers help with papers like – research papers, speeches, reports, and whatnot.

They have a team of experts in various fields so that no customer of theirs returns empty-handed. Their prices might be a little heavy, but they match it with their top-notch quality. They are pricey, so only go for this company if you have that kind of cash to spend on writing services.


This website has thousands of reviews from students for being one of the best writing services in the field. They are true to their name and never miss a single deadline. You will not disappoint if you decide to go with them as your writing service. They started their operation long ago, being one of the pioneers in the field of essay writing services. You already know that social proof is a pretty important factor when it comes to deciding on an online service and they sure have plenty of that.

They also offer hefty discounts for first-time and repeat customers, so if you are looking for an excellent writing service that falls within your budget – you’ve found it. You can avail of their services for a reasonable price and also be assured of the quality at the same time.


If you want to hire a writing service for UK English specifically, this is the one to go. Although you might think that the UK and US English are the same, professors are quick to catch on with the subtle differences. You get a team of expert UK writers on this website who have passed several tests to be featured on it. The price is a little steep, but completely worth it because of their years of experience in the field. They are also well-known in the student community for keeping up with the deadlines and not making their clients wait for revisions.

They have a helpful customer support center that is ready to assist you with your questions and purchase. For first-time buyers they have some discounts and their service will make you want to keep coming back.


This is a site that has been established quite recently, but their rave reviews and vast scope of services make them worthy of being featured on the list. They have ample writing services and their prices are comparatively lower than that of other websites. You can explore their website for customer reviews and the profiles of the writers. You also get to keep track of your order and add additional instructions which will be communicated to the writer by their team.

They do not compensate for the quality of the work they submit and ensure that it goes through multiple checks before reaching you. You get a lot of help from their customer service in selecting the writer that is suited for your requirements. They also have a few samples of work on their website that you can go through before making a choice.


This service was founded over a decade ago and has been showing consistent growth in the number of clients they have each year. They have a variety of writing services for low prices so that any average student can afford them without burning a hole in their pocket. They offer a load of free revisions – so you know that you will end up with a paper of the best quality. Their essay writing services also have a loyalty program that comes with discounts. They also ensure that your data remains safe with them and not misused under any circumstances.

They have writers with qualifications of masters and doctorates in various subjects, so you are bound to find one that matches your requirements. You will also be helped by their customer service every step of the way while placing an order with them.

Services Offered By Writing Agencies

There are several services offered by essay writing services that are affordable and regular with deadlines. At any stage of your career, they can help you out with their vast array of services, making them a must-have on everyone’s list. You need to find a good writing service for yourself that can keep up with your requirements, even if you have no plans currently to pay for a paper.

In the academic zone, you never know when you will need the help of a writing service and you certainly don’t want to scramble to find a good one at the last minute, and somehow be stuck with a poorly written paper because you didn’t take the time to make plans.

They ensure that clients can turn to them for help at any time when it comes to writing and showcased a vast array of services:

Literature Review

A literature review analyses the scientific sources of the paper you write, in whatever subject it might be, and relates it with the theories of other subjects. It makes it easier for people to find related cases and theories, making it good to work with for many.

This service saves you the time you would have spent otherwise hunting down sources.

Admissions Essay

We all know how essential an admissions essay is, as it determines your future in academics which is going to affect your career as well. It must have the qualities that are required by a college – it should not be boring where you ramble on about your life, it should highlight your achievements in a smooth manner and be compelling enough that the reader finishes reading it completely, and it stays on their mind long enough to decide in your favor.

Business Plan

Business plans should be precise and compelling, captivating the audience and make the presenter look professional. This is a document that essentially summarizes the work done by a company.

This is a very important paper, as it can determine the entire fate of your company, whether your investors will put their money or not lies in this one document. Your investors need to be happy and satisfied with this document, so be sure to supply the writer with accurate stats for when they are making your business plan.


Presentations are a part of every office worker’s life and they seem to not be going anywhere. People like to see data in a pictorial format as it helps them understand it better and leads to them making better decisions.

Even for s small deal, presentations always come in handy as they show the client how much work and thought you have put into it. It also helps in creating a professional work environment and shows your ability to make presentations as well as your skills of communication.

Custom Writing

This is a type of writing that customize to the client’s requests. It can be personal or professional and is tailored to fit the needs of an individual client when there are any particular requests from them.

You will have to give a lot of input to ensure that the writer can understand what you require and can deliver the write-up in time. Order this service long before the deadline if you want to have a good piece in your hands.

Annotated Bibliography

This refers to a collection of citations and their descriptions. They are a slightly expensive service to avail, but it is a fair price as it takes up a ton of time to hunt them all down and perfectly arrange them at the end of the paper.

This is a must-have service for academicians – no one wants to be the one sneezing in the library in the late hours of the night because they can’t find all the citations they need.

Research Paper

A research paper is a piece of writing that is centered on a topic in a particular subject that has been taken up by a student and they have presented their views on it after doing deep analysis and evaluation.

This paper can determine your worth in academic circles so you better be sure that you have a great paper in your hands. A good writing service can have it delivered to you within a day as well, this shows the amount of experience the writers have.


A thesis/ dissertation determines the completion and grade of your post-graduate and doctoral studies. They have to be good, as in the future many people will read it to determine whether you are up for the role for which you are applying.

Be sure to invest in good writing service for this paper, it is a pretty big deal to have a well-written thesis or dissertation. You may need to book this in advance and be in constant touch with the writer you hire so that the result is impressive.

Editing and Proofreading

If you want to submit a paper or an article, you should edit and proofread it first.

Thankfully, the best essay writing services come with this option, so that you don’t need to worry about correcting the punctuation and grammar of your paper or improve its readability, as they have experienced workers who will do it for you. This ultimately makes the written paper look better and improves the result dramatically.

Creative Writing

This is a piece of writing that requires you to have imagination and the ability to perceive and deduce a character accurately. Creative writing takes a lot out of a person, so be sure to make your order well in advance as it takes time for experienced writers as well to tap into their creativity.

Communicate your needs well, so that you get exactly what you paid for and there is no miscommunication in the making of your order.


Is it okay to purchase writing services?

Yes, it is completely okay to do so. However, we would advise you to be discreet while doing so, because many people frown upon it and it may hamper how your peers and colleagues look at you. Writing services are amazing as they will help you save a lot of time and de-stress yourself. We all know how hectic the common student’s life is, and more so if you have to keep up with a job. To make sure that your academic grades do not suffer due to other work commitments, it’s handy to keep a well-known and reliable writing service selected beforehand, in case of a deadline emergency.

The best essay writing services will always be ready to help you out whenever you are in a spot. They are also capable of sticking to deadlines, so you don’t need to worry about your submissions at all. However, we would still tell you to order a paper a long time before the deadline so that you get enough time to order free revisions and make some improvements to your paper. You should also look through the profiles of the writers you wish to select so that you pick one that matches your requirements.

How to make sure that the writing company is trustworthy?

You should look at the customer reviews mainly to check out which are the best essay writing services. And we don’t mean the reviews on their websites only, because those can be easily manipulated. You should check out popular review sites as they can give you more accurate results. If you come across a site that is praising a few sites but dissing others, close that tab because all of that has been sponsored. You need to go for a good review site that can give you the correct info because you don’t want to be a victim of a scam website.

Check the credentials of the websites and look for any discrepancies. Look through the profiles of their authors. This should give you a fair idea about the authenticity of the website and the quality of the services they offer. You should also get in touch with their customer care to see whether they are always available and how long it takes for them to get back to you. Also, leave honest reviews after you use a service, you never know – it might help out another student with similar needs.

What if I get unsatisfactory results?

If you get unsatisfactory results the first thing you can do is ask for a free revision. Your instructions should be crystal clear so that the writer or the company can’t make any excuses or try to find a loophole. If you find that even after the revision the result is not satisfactory, you can ask for more revisions. Many websites offer up to 3 revisions – which you can confirm with their customer care service. And if you think that despite all that the result is not great, you can always ask for a refund. This is why it is important to go for a reliable site and not the cheapest one – because they may often turn out to be scams and ghost you after they get the money.

You need to be sure that the company you are ordering from is willing to provide corrections and revisions, this is something you need to clear first-hand with them. You can do so by emailing or calling them and wait for their response. Go for a website that also offers plagiarism checks for every paper free of cost.

What is a reasonable price to pay for essay writing services?

Prices vary from site to site. It depends on multiple factors like – the paper you want to be written, the difficulty of the subject, and the time required to complete it. If a deadline is looming nearby, it is going to cost you more to get that paper written – so it is best to place your orders in advance. The average cost that some companies keep is around $10 per page, but if you want a paper of the best quality, be ready to shell out a few extra bucks. Don’t worry, it will be completely worth it to pay the extra cash.

And don’t forget the most important factor – your budget. As a student, your budget is probably not going to be that much for you to splurge on essay writing services unless you loaded already. It is better to keep a definite budget that you can’t cross for every month. You should also use the on-site calculator to figure out your costs, many websites have these because they know how difficult it is for an average student to manage their budget. Don’t fall for a company that overcharges – like up to $100 per page.

How do I ensure that the paper is unique?

Make sure that the company uses a plagiarism check for every paper and comes with a no-plagiarism guarantee. Despite this, some writers plagiarise from journals and books that a plagiarism checker cannot detect. Some other writers copy content from a website and paraphrase it – but that does not make it unique in any sense. The only way to sidestep these landmines is to put your money on a trustworthy website that has writers that will not compromise the quality of the content and will certainly not copy it from elsewhere.

Recycled papers don’t go well in academics, so this is something that requires your attention. You must be able to decipher which website can be trusted with the completion of your work and your money. Don’t be scared, all the websites mentioned here are completely authentic and some of the best essay writing services in the industry. You are in safe hands if you decide to give your business to them.

What are the qualities I should look for in a writing service company?

You should check the website of the company thoroughly and see that if registered with a valid address. We would say that you should ask around about it – but that doesn’t work in a service like this as many people would prefer hiding that they take external help to keep up with their academics. But you can always check review websites that can give you some accurate information about these websites. Compare the reviews with the cost and see which can meet your needs.

The best essay writing services also have 24/7 customer service so that all their customers have a hassle-free experience with them. Get in touch with them before you narrow down your options. Look at the prices as well, to be sure that they are not over-charging you while simultaneously keeping away from the services that are too cheap – as there is a higher chance of them being scams. Ensure that they have multiple payment options to suit the needs of all customers. Also, get a service that comes with free revisions and plagiarism checks, you might find them very useful.


Now you know everything – yep, certainly everything there is to know about essay writing services. Not only have you armed you with the list of the top 15 essay writing services but also answered a few questions you might have about them and shared a guide that can tell you more about these wonderful writing services. And as long as professors and universities decide to burden students with a huge amount of work, we don’t think they are going anywhere. People indeed live a very fast-paced life nowadays, especially students.

Writing services have saved students from dire circumstances, because it is always better to complete a paper by asking someone else to write it, rather than not submitting it at all. A good essay writing service will always help your career and academic trajectory, improving it tremendously for your benefit. When you invest in such services, you get more time to relax and perform better at your workplace as well. Essay writing services are a boon for anyone who wants to get out of the rat race while still keeping their score stable.

Hopefully, this article has given you a good look into the industry and you will finalize a writing service for yourself after checking out the sites above. Don’t delay it, it is better to have made a choice now than regret not making one when you have a deadline approaching.