Photo Stick Reviews – Is The Photo Stick Scam?


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Your photos are precious memories that you don’t want to lose. How can you be sure they will stay safe for years, even when you change computers or laptops?

Cloud storage isn’t secure, often getting hacked and many cloud users suffering from an invasion of privacy. It can also be kind of pricey, so there needs to be a better way to keep your photos secured and stored.

Photo Stick attempts to provide a better way, giving people a portable, secure storage option for photos of all kinds. With some Photo Stick reviews not giving very detailed information about this product, customers are left wondering is it a scam or is it legit?

This review is to help you learn more about this product and determine if it is legitimate or not. Is the photo stick really worth your money, or is it a way for the manufacturer to make some easy money?

Photostick Explained

First of all, what is the photostick exactly? It’s a method for storing your digital photos, but there is more to it than that.

This is a small, portable device that looks like a flash drive. It’s about the same size too. It holds digital photos (thousands at a time) and allows you to transfer them from one device to another. You can also transfer them from a device like a computer or laptop onto the photo stick and just keep them there. Your photos will stay safe for as long as they are stored on the Photo Stick.

This device is more than just a flash drive or simple storage option. It provides an intelligent, specialized storage option that allows it to find files on your computer without you having to put in any effort. Have you tried to transfer files from your computer to another device, like a flash drive? You probably got tired of sorting through all of your files looking for your photos. You may have had trouble finding all the photos you were looking for, with some seemingly lost forever even though you knew they were still on your computer somewhere.

What Photostick does is find those “lost” files for you and sort through all of your files to find what you want to transfer. It does a lot of sorting and searching to find files that could be transferred to the Photostick, and that can save you hours of searching. Imagine how quickly you would transfer files from one device to another if all the files were automatically filtered and pulled out for you.

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Photo Stick – How It Works?

The Photo stick has some powerful technology behind it. The software needed for it to work and find files is already on it, so there isn’t any need for an additional download. It’s designed to find files very quickly, looking through all of your computer’s folders. It does all of this automatically after you start the Photostick program.

It also works with pretty much any kind of computer, and that same file finding software will work whether you’re using Photo Stick on a Windows or Mac system. The files are copied from the computer onto the Photo Stick device. Those files can then be copied from the Photostick onto another computer, if you wish.

The technology that powers the Photo Stick allows for transferring files from one computer to another, using the PhotoStick as a go between. You can also use the Photo Stick as a flash drive storage device, keeping your pictures there until you’re ready to use them. It can be used as a backup, or you can just move all of your photos there to free up space on your computer.

The way this device finds and copies files will actually filter out duplicates. If you have two of the same photo, with the same name, the Photo Stick will only copy over one item. This ensures you don’t have any duplicates of the same file or photo. It also saves space for more photos on the Photo Stick. It’s pretty easy to end up with duplicate copies of the same file when you’re storing photos on your computer, but the Photo Stick gets around that problem and ensures that none of those duplicates end up on the portable storage device. This also means you have less confusion when you’re sorting through the save files. There will be duplicate files to wade through and make sense.

The powerful file-finding technology of the Photo Stick looks deep into your computer. It can locate files that you didn’t even know were there or ones that you’ve had trouble finding before and weren’t sure how to locate. It retrieves all photo files for you, saving you the work of having to look for them yourself. Imagine how many hours you saved by letting the Photo Stick do all the work for you, pulling out files from all across your computer and condensing them in one place for easy access and safe, secure storage.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Photostick

Not all Photo Stick reviews will tell you both the advantages and disadvantages of using this device. This review aims for a fair and honest approach, so I’m going to share some of the good things and the not so good things about this product.


  • Very easy to use- designed to be easy enough for anyone to use, whether they are tech savvy or not
  • Affordably priced- offers a great value with its file-finding technology and its price compared to the competition
  • Find photos fast- can find hundreds of photos in a matter of minutes, much faster than what a human could do, and it even finds files outside of the folders you might expect them to be in
  • Works automatically- you won’t have to find files on your own as this device has built in programming that locates files for you no matter where they’re located and then copies them to the Photo Stick
  • Saves you time- you can do something else while the Photo Stick is working on finding files for you, and it finds them faster than you would be able to
  • Works with almost any computer- the Photo Stick is compatible with most Mac and Windows computers and works on desktops and laptops


  • Does not work on mobile devices- you need Photostick mobile for that, and you want to make sure you have the right kind of Photo Stick for the device you’re using
  • May not work with older computers or ones that have no USB port- their operating system may be outdated and not compatible with the Photo Stick, and this device needs a USB port to plug into
  • No organization for files- the files are not ordered on the Photo Stick or arranged in a particular way to organize them, which can mean that you may have some trouble finding the exact file you’re looking for among all the Photo Stick saved files

What Customers Have to Say about Photo Stick

I did a lot of searching online to see what people are saying about the Photo Stick. It would be very helpful to read what other customers have written about their experiences with the stick before you decide to buy it. In my research, I found that the majority of Photo Stick reviews were very positive. There are hundreds of these online, so having a majority of them being positive is encouraging for anyone interested in this product.

There are a number of sites you can use to track down customer reviews. I have pulled out a few examples for you here so that you can have an idea of what people are saying about PhotoStick.

Over on Amazon, customer Fashion Gal says The Photo Stick worked very well at finding all her files for her quickly, transferring thousands of files and storing them securely. She also mentioned that the Photostick didn’t delete anything or damage files already on the computer. She said the product is a lot of work for her, saving her time and effort.

Another Amazon user, Pat Chisolm, said that the Photo Stick worked really fast, transferring 3,000 files in about 10 minutes. One thing that really amazed her was that the Photo Stick was able to find files she had deleted but did not empty from her computer’s Recycle Bin completely. The Photo Stick knew where to find those files and retrieved them for her just in case she still wanted them.

Cyril B. said that the Photo Stick helped to transfer thousands of photos and provide secure storage at a good price. This customer was pleased with the independent storage that the device provided, keeping the photos safe from damage and corruption.

There are plenty of other customer reviews to be found online on sites like Amazon and more, and it’s not a bad idea to search these out for yourself to see what people are saying about Photo Stick before you put down money to buy it.

If you’re interested in the Photo Stick mobile version, you’ll find plenty of PhotoStick mobile reviews for laptops as well. Like the regular stick, this one has been around for a long time and has a number of positive reviews. Check those reviews for yourself to see what people have said about the mobile version and you will get an idea of how well it might work for you.

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Is Photostick a Good Purchase?

Once you look at what people are saying about Photo Stick and you read some Photo Stick reviews, you have a pretty good idea as whether this is a good purchase or not. The Photo Stick has been around for a while, which is why there are so many customer reviews out there. It’s proven itself over the years as a device that’s reliable and functional and an excellent cost savings and time saving device.

If you’re looking for a way to store your photos securely and independently of your electronic device, the Photo Stick can be very helpful. If you want a photo storage method that’s very secure and doesn’t cost extra money each month for a subscription, this product has you covered. The fact that it’s well reviewed, easy to use, and compatible with just about any device is all icing on the cake.

Why should someone buy the Photo Stick over other digital storage devices? What the Photo Stick offers is fast and convenient storage and a powerful file searching and filtering program that eliminates duplicates and locates files for you. By working automatically and very quickly, the Photo Stick can offer an unprecedented level of convenience.

How Fast Is The Photo Stick?

I’ve said already at the Photo Stick is quite fast, how quickly does it work? How fast can it find hundreds of thousands of files and transfer them over onto the Photostick to be stored remotely or to be transferred to another computer?

If you’ve read some of the Photo Stick reviews, you’ll see that customers are saying it can transfer thousands of files in the matter of minutes. The number files you have will determine how long it takes to transfer them, but at a speed where thousands of files are moved in 5 to 10 minutes, you’re talking about some incredible speeds. That’s a lot faster than most file storage devices, especially when you factor in that the Photo Stick is not just transferring files but also locating them for you as well.

In the process of transferring your photos from your laptop or computer onto the Photo Stick, this product is also looking through your many folders and drives on the computer to find photos wherever they are located. It’s doing a lot of work in a short amount of time at a fast pace so that you’re not spending a long time waiting for them to transfer.

The Photo Stick mobile for iPhone moves similarly fast, with a very quick transfer rate, moving a lot of data at once. No matter which of the Photo Stick devices you’re using, it works very quickly and efficiently. It won’t constantly be stopping and asking for input from you, instead operating smoothly and automatically to move your files.

One of the reasons I think this product is worth reviewing and worth a look for customers is because of how fast and convenient it is. How quickly it finds files for you is very convenient for the customer. It saves people time, and they’re spending less time waiting on the photo storage device to do its thing.

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What Kind of Storage Capacity Does the Photo Stick Have?

One of the questions that pop up about the Photo Stick is how many photos it can hold. The manufacturers provide some estimates, as do customers, but you have to keep in mind that these are not going to be exact numbers. File sizes will be different from one photo to the next. Some photos take up more space than others, so the larger photos or photos that require more memory will fill more room on the Photo Stick.

Even so, let’s look at a few numbers. The smallest version of the Photo Stick has 8 gigabytes of memory. According to the manufacturers, this Photo Stick can store as many as 3,500 photos. That’s a lot of photos even with its limited storage capacity, and for a lot of people, that will be adequate. If you only take photos sometimes or only need vacation family photos stored and don’t take photos professionally, this small 8 gigabyte Photo Stick could be large enough for your needs.

For people who take photos often, the 8GB one might not be enough. They might need greater storage, especially for someone who takes photos professionally. You can store up to 30,000 photos on the 64 GB Photo Stick. Remember that this is a rough estimate, and your actual photo storage capacity will vary based on file size.

If you need even more storage than that, the 128 GB Photo Stick is supposed to be able to store around 60,000 photos. If your photos have a lot of pixels, that number will likely be much smaller, but it will still be thousands upon thousands of photos. Some people buy multiple Photo Sticks at once to ensure that they have plenty of storage, but you’ll need to gauge your own photo storage requirements.

I’ve talked about some big numbers for photo storage, and before you choose one of these Photo Sticks to buy, you should look at how many photos you’re going to be transferring. Consider how many you have on your computer, and then you may want to calculate on top of that any additional photos you may need to transfer in the future. The Photo Stick can be a long-term storage device that you use to continually back up your photos. If that’s how you’re going to use it, you probably want to go with one of the larger Photo Sticks for your photo storage.

What Types of Files Is It Compatible with?

The Photo Stick is designed to work with a lot of different image files, but it doesn’t work with every single file type. There are going to be some kinds of files that it simply can’t locate or that it can’t transfer or access because they are not file types it’s designed for.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that the Photo Stick is designed to work with most image file types. It’s very likely that it will find, transfer, in store all of the image files you need moved over. As it transfers the files, Photo Stick keeps them in the original file format. It will not change or alter the files or make them inaccessible to you, and you will still be able to access your photos later on. This also means that if you need to transfer your photos back to the same computer or to new device, they’ll still be in the same file format.

What’s image file types does Photo Stick accept? It can find JPEG, PNG and Photoshop-edited files. It also finds files in less common formats, like NRW, CRW, KDC and TIF. As you can see, it can work with most image file types. It doesn’t just find photo files, though. Photostick can also look for your video files and transfer them over. It can locate and transfer files in the VID, MOV, MPEG 4 and other file formats.

As it transfers your files, it doesn’t modify them at all, ensuring that they can still be accessed later on and still function the way they used to. You can rest easy knowing that your files are stored securely and kept safe until you’re ready to use them.

How to Use the Photo Stick

With the Photo Stick, simplicity is the name of the game. It’s not something that’s complicated to use, and you definitely don’t have to be tech savvy in order to find a way around this product. It actually requires very little input from you and does a lot of things automatically. So, if you want to gift Photo Stick to your elderly grandmother who doesn’t know much about computers, she will probably be able to use it just fine. If you’re buying one for yourself but you don’t feel comfortable using complicated tech devices, there’s nothing to worry about. That’s one of the things I really like about this product, and I think you will too.

The Photo Stick is designed with plug and use technology. That essentially means you plug it into the USB port on your computer or laptop and then the computer and Photo Stick work together to do most of the work for you. Typically, once you plug in the Photo Stick into the proper port, your computer should alert you that the Photo Stick has been inserted and asked if you want to run it. Once you run the Photo Stick with the click of the mouse, the Photo Stick does everything else. It will find your photos for you, searching through files, folders, and drives throughout your computer, locating files wherever they are.

It’ll sort all these files out and copy them onto itself and then let you know when it’s ready to be removed. The Photo Stick ensures that you get no duplicate files. So, any photo or video files with the same name will not be deleted but certainly will not be copied over to the Photo Stick. This device finds both video and image files for you in the formats I listed earlier. Some people have noted that they ran into technical issues with the Photo Stick searching out files for them and needed to run it a second time to find files in specific formats. This can happen sometimes because of the differences from one computer or operating system to another, but simply running the Photo Stick again or changing the search settings on it can fix the problem quickly and simply.

Once the Photo Stick is done finding all the files on your computer, they are safely stored on the Photo Stick and you can remove the device. You can then keep your files stored on the Photo Stick or insert the stick into another computer to transfer the files there.

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Does the Photo Stick Download Anything onto Your Device?

Another advantage to using the Photo Stick is that it won’t take up a bunch of memory on your device. It doesn’t need to download any files or programs on your computer in order to function. It can do everything it needs to without adding memory for downloads to your computer.

That’s good, especially for people with limited storage space. A lot of people will purchase a Photo Stick in order to clear up space on their computer, using it to transfer files from one device to another or from one device onto the Photo Stick. So, if you are concerned about the Photo stick needing to use some of your memory, that won’t be a problem.

If you are concerned about the Photo Stick needing to connect to the Internet or to download programs on your computer that could be harmful, that is not an issue either, since you can run the Photo Stick without an Internet connection. Of course, if there’s nothing to download, there’s no risk of infection or computer viruses.

The Photo Stick is completely harmless for your computer, and it’s designed to work with most operating systems flawlessly. You should not receive any alerts about harmful files or the need for downloads when you insert the Photo Stick, if you are buying the authentic product. If you’re unable to connect to the Internet or you’re having connection issues, the Photo Stick still works perfectly, as it doesn’t require an Internet connection.

Will It Work with My Device?

The Photo Stick is designed to be compatible with most types of devices that people store their photos on. It’s going to work on mot computers, including Macs, PCs, and laptops. As long as your device has a USB port and isn’t a mobile device like a tablet or a smartphone, the regular Photo Stick should be perfectly compatible.

If you have a mobile device and you want to store things on a Photo Stick, you’ll have to get the photo stick mobile. That one works with Android devices, as well as iPads, iPhones, and most smartphones. Make sure you’re getting the right Photo Stick for the device that you have- either the regular photo stick or photostick mobile.

For the photostick to work, you will need a USB drive on your computer and need to be using a Mac or Windows operating system. It works with the majority of Windows or Mac systems, including Mac OS X version 10.7 and all of Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Vista, and XP. It’s a good idea to check your device and its operating system first before buying Photo Stick

Some people will till run into compatibility issues from time to time when they are using Photo Stick with the right operating system. If that happens, you can contact the Photo Stick customer support hotline. They can help you to troubleshoot any issues you might have.

What Will I Have to Pay for the Photo Stick?

There are a few different sizes of photo sticks available. You can choose whichever one you need based on your storage requirements. The smallest one is just 4GB, and that costs $34.99.

If you need a bigger size with more storage capacity, you can go with the 8GB one instead. This one will cost you $49.99.

The largest Photo Stick available is the 128 GB, which costs $79.99. It saves you the most money overall based on its storage size and overall cost. The more storage you get, the more money you save per gigabyte.

A lot of times, there are discounts available. You can get the photo stick at a decent price if you wait for a discount, which would be offered by the manufacturer periodically.

There are no additional costs with this product. You only need to pay the one-time cost, and there is never anything additional to sign up for or pay for. No subscription plan or cloud storage fee is needed at all, so it is cheaper than other methods of digital storage.

My Verdict on the Photo Stick

There are so many different ways you can store photos from your computer somewhere else to keep them safe and clear up space on your device. However, the Photo Stick is a storage device I would highly recommend for a number of reasons.

It is very easy to use and designed to be simple enough for anyone to operate. It also has a lot of storage space and is great for clearing up extra room on your computer by keeping your photos and videos stored separately. It also functions as reliable hard storage, and you can keep it separate from your computer to ensure your photos can be stored securely for a long time. You won’t have to worry about anyone hacking into your computer, stealing your files, or corrupting your files If they are stored on the Photo Stick.

I definitely recommend the Photo Stick because of how cost effective it can be. There’s no subscription price to pay or additional fees or equipment to buy. You pay the one-time price and get everything you need for the Photo Stick to store your photos and videos securely.

I recommend it as a great time saver as well. If you have files stored all throughout your computer and you aren’t sure where some of your photos are located, the photo stick can find them for you. It automatically searches for photos and videos that may be hidden away on your computer and even sitting in the Recycle Bin waiting to be deleted. You might have accidentally tried to delete some files or saved them in the wrong location. It can find files located in your downloads folder and put in improper locations on your computer. Instead of you having to spend hours searching for all your files and sorting them onto a flash drive, the Photo Stick does the work for you in a matter of minutes.

You should give the Photo Stick a try for yourself and see how you like it. I think you’ll be pleased with how easily it works and how smoothly it functions and all the little features it offers that typical flash drive storage does not.