2021 DC Comics Premiers

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This year has already been an eventful one for DC Comics, with many releases of new movies, shows, and even video games. Featuring your favorite characters like Harley Quinn, Superman, and Batman, the releases have attracted thousands of viewers and gamers worldwide. DC is not quite done with providing us with entertainment for 2021. The company still has things in the works and you can expect some great premiers before the end of the year.

Green Lantern
Your favorite DC villain will be back on the screen and will be starring Jessica Cruz, Guy Garner, and Alan Scott. This premier will also introduce an original character by the name of Bree Jarta. This new Green Lantern series is set to be aired on HBO Max later in 2021, but there have been some production delays that may push it to 2022. Green lantern remains a popular choice for DC fans and is also represented on slot machines that you can enjoy at a casino online! Enjoy your favorite characters and have chances to win while waiting for the premiere of this new show!

Aquaman: King of Atlantis
This will be a three-part series that is animated and designed for HBO Max. Each episode in Aquaman will provide a unique storyline that will feature Atlantis’ greatest protector, Arthur Curry. A premier episode will follow his first outing as Aquaman while receiving help from Vulko and Mera. While no cast members have yet to be announced, Sam Register and Michael Clear are possible actors to land roles. Based on information from Khrystyna Przybylo, our Facebook expert, this series is set to premiere in 2021, though no official date has been announced.

The Batman
If you are a fan of DC movies, The Batman will be one to watch. Originally slated to premiere in June 2021, release dates have been pushed to early 2022 due to filming restrictions. This movie all takes place prior to Batman becoming a world detective. It highlights a detective side of the character, suggesting a great mystery will be the basis of the plot. Multiple Batman villains are expected to appear in this film, including Riddler and Penguin. This release will be the first solo film since DC released The Dark Knight Rises and will star Robert Pattison.

With some great TV shows and a movie to look forward to, DC fans will have an enjoyable end to 2021. In addition to these premiers, you can also look forward to a release of two video games, though these will not come until early 2022 when DC plans for a release Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice league.